Sleeping Hot 101: What are Night Sweats?

Summer 2019 Update: Do you sleep hot? 

This is a common condition which perspiring or sweating at night when you sleep or commonly called Night Sweats based on my personal experience currently.

Most people have this condition to varying degrees as this is normal for the human body. In Women menopause is the #1 cause of Night Sweats.
Personally in the Summertime I find after returning from going to bathroom in the middle of night I find I need to move to the other side of the mattress since the bed sheet is all wet from the perspiration. Same goes for my pillowcases and I turn the pillow upside down to get back to sleep. If you almost suffer from Night Sweats, make sure to:

1) Use high thread count 100% cotton bed sheets and change them frequently. Same goes for your pillowcases as you won't wear the same sweaty clothes would you?

Natural 100% Cotton allows your sheets to breath and absorb moisture unlike microfiber or polyester which is not breathable.

2) Find ways to cool down your sleeping surface and sleeping environment. Try opening a window or sleeping with a fan on. I personally prefer not to sleep with the air conditioning on all night unless it is extremely hot and humid.