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The Best Wool Bedding: Reviews And Why You Need It

Wool bedding is warm! Isn’t this the first thought that comes to mind when we think about wool? But this is not it, wool has so many more benefits which makes it an ideal choice of bedding!

Would you believe me if I told you that your bedding choice affects the quality of your sleep, which is why you should switch to wool bedding if you find it a suitable choice for you! Let’s go through the various benefits that wool bedding has to offer.

Are you planning on purchasing wool-filled bedding and want to know more, you have come to the right place!

Did you know? Wool is also known as “miracle fiber” (as quoted by dormio organic beds) because of its amazing capabilities. Along with keeping you warm during winters, this fiber also has many other incredible qualities such as being hypoallergenic, flame resistant, temperature regulating, and many more.

Benefits of Wool

Do you like wool bedding for your room? Or do you just prefer it as a winter clothing option? Regardless of why you choose Wool, there are many reasons to love it even more! Wool bedding choice has many more benefits than down, feather, and other synthetic blends do not offer.

How Does Wool Bedding Work?

Wool bedding helps regulate your body’s temperature by absorbing moisture from your body and desorbing it from your bedding. This makes it a perfect choice for all seasons! Wool bedding can keep you warm during winter and cool during summer since it has incredible temperature-regulating properties.

Wool is known to be an effective fiber that absorbs moisture as compared to down and feather-filled products. Are you someone who suffers from night sweats like me? If you answered yes, then this is a go-to option for you!

Its unique temperature-regulating properties make it an ideal choice for cold and hot sleepers, as with wool bedding, you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night. What are you waiting for, take a look at the amazing wool bedding options here!


Warm Up with Wool!! Or Better Cool Down!

Yes, Wool is known to be super warm, yet also breathable! But did you know that it can also keep you cool during the summer??

I bet you didn’t know this! Ha, a new fact you learned today!

Yes, wool has incredible temperature regulating quality, making it ideal for summer and winter. Wool is naturally capable of wicking away moisture from your body and keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night! As well as, it can help keep you warm by trapping hot air and moisture when needed. Wool's unique ability to help wick away the moisture vapor released by our bodies, to help get us a comfortable sleep.

This capability keeps you dry and warm for better sleep quality while eliminating dampness in your wool bedding.

If you share your duvet with your partner and one of your feels hot, yet the other is always cold, then wool bedding is a good option. As it adapts to your body’s temperature to ensure you can get a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Do You Get Night Sweats Or Hot Flashes??

As we mentioned, wool has natural temperature-regulating abilities, which make it especially helpful for those who experience night sweats or hot flashes.

Tip: It is most effective when the entire bed is made of natural, breathable fibers. 

Advantages of wool fill

Why Is Wool A Good Option For All-Seasons?

Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties which means that during winter wool easily warms without any overheating issues. In spring and summer, it helps keep you cool by wicking away moisture from your skin. This capability makes wool the ideal material for bedding, as it helps your body to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, regardless of the season.

Make An Impact: Wool Bedding Is Environmentally Friendly

Wool is the best natural choice for the future as it is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. As you are aware, wool comes from the fur of sheep that requires air, water, sunlight, and grass which is all renewable. Once the wool is disposed of, it can easily decompose, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Merino wool is one of the top choices of organic wool you may find out there. Wool mark prides itself for merino wool to be a naturally sourced fiber grown by Australian sheep.  

Our Down Under Australian Wool Duvet is crafted with a lot of love and is 100% natural.

Did you know?

Sleeping under a wool duvet reduces discomfort and movement, which in turn leads to a reduced heart rate, giving you and your loved ones a deeper and calmer sleep. 


Wool Bedding Is Fire Resistant!!

Wool fibers are known to have a protective lanolin coating; which gives them flame-resistant qualities. You do not need any excess chemicals in wool to get this quality, as it is natural for wool to be flame-retardant!

Yes…. Wool comes with self-extinguishing qualities and low flame spread. Another great feature about wool is that it never melts, so it does not stick to the skin, unlike many synthetic fabrics. Wool fiber is also used for many military uniforms, aircraft, and even to make uniforms for firemen! Also, most outdoor (camping) gear has some form of wool in it. 

Is Wool Bedding Odorless And Chemical-free?

Wool bedding is thoroughly washed several times to remove lanolin and eliminate the risk of bad odors. Organic wool prides itself on being naturally odorless and chemical-free.

Do you count country sheep while sleeping….1….2…3….Zzz, Gone off to sleep!

Naturally, you would want to sleep in an environment that is best for you, which is why wool bedding offers a natural and healthy sleep environment.  

Wool Bedding Helps Reduce Common Bedroom Allergies

Wool being naturally hypoallergenic is an ideal material for those suffering from skin sensitivities/ irritations and allergies. Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. It quickly absorbs and releases moisture, and thus doesn’t allow the damp conditions that molds and mildew thrive on. Other fibers, such as down, don’t readily release moisture and are therefore more susceptible to collecting allergens. 

This hypoallergenic quality of wool makes it a perfect addition for babies as well as adults suffering from allergies. You might find that some people experience irritation to wool fibers when they wear a wool sweater, but wool bedding is different. Wool fibers for your bedding choice are much softer, and higher quality, also a cotton layer protects wool fibers from coming in direct contact with your skin.

Our Down Under Bedding's premium wool duvet is made of 100% Natural finest quality wool. The wool duvet inside a 100% Cotton cover halts the spread of dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens to banish nighttime coughs and sniffles. It also maintains an even body temperature, inviting deeper, healthier rest. 

Why Choose A Wool Duvet With A Cotton Cover?

As we mentioned, wool has a natural ability to absorb moisture. Not only does this help regulate your body’s temperature and humidity, but also relieves your body of thermal stress to ensure a deep, comfortable sleep throughout the night. Choosing a duvet cover made of breathable 100% Cotton could help maintain an even body temperature and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Is It Easy To Care For Wool Bedding? And is my Wool duvet Machine Washable?

Wool bedding can last longer if cared for properly. Just like any other bedding accessory, we recommend you check the manufacturer's label for wash and care instructions.  

The best way to keep your duvet comforter clean for longer is to add a duvet cover to it. This added layer of protection to your wool blanket would help you keep it clean and fresh for longer, and you can simply toss the duvet cover in the washer.

If you need a deeper clean for your duvet, then check the label and follow the wash and care instructions. Most wool duvets are machine washable, but if they are not, then we recommend you wash them in a commercial size laundromat only! Since this bedding soaks a lot of water.

Checkout out our blog on How To Wash Wool Filled Bedding. 

Tips In Choosing The Best Wool Bedding

Something More Natural

Yes, wool is a natural fiber in itself, but it does undergo a lot of cleaning and chemical processes. You might also find that some wool bedding has a mix of both natural and synthetic fibers. Always check the composition of your product before making a purchase!

Go For Something That Has Been Washed Thoroughly

As you may know by now, Wool undergoes a lot of treatments to become machine washable. This is not a bad thing! Wool needs to be carefully treated and cleaned to remove odor and dust. Mostly all wool is washed twice to thrice to achieve the best results!

Get A Protector Or Cover

This is the most important thing you can do to protect your wool bedding. Not only does it protect your bedding from dust mites, germs, and spills, but also makes it last longer.

When purchasing a good quality cover for your duvet, you should consider one with natural fibers such as cotton; this helps maximize the performance of your wool filling. You may also want to consider one with a higher thread count and good stitching material.   

mattress topper

Wool Mattress Toppers

Down Under Bedding mattress topper is fully machine washable. We recommend you always use a front load washing machine for the best results. And use a delicate/ gentle cycle for washing with cold water.

To keep your mattress pad fresh and clean for longer, we recommend you regularly flip the topper on the bed. If it does not need deep cleaning, we advise you to let it out in the sun for a while so that the wool’s natural antibacterial properties can act. You could also simply spot clean the minor areas of your mattress topper, the topper that requires attention. 

Wool fact

Why Choose Down Under Bedding’s Australian Wool Duvet The Best?

Down Under Australian Washable Wool Duvet Comforter makes for the perfect warm and cozy bedding material. We understand that everyone sleeps differently, and the key to a good night’s sleep is choosing the bedding that’s right for you. That is why our wool quilt ensures to keep you warm and dry without any overheating issues.  

Our duvet is easily machine washable……which makes it a perfect addition to your home, especially if you have kids or pets. All you have to do is simply toss it in the laundry, just like your clothes. And it will be clean and fresh like before. Of course. Do make sure the wool duvet you have is machine washable. Always check the manufacturer’s label for care instructions. Washing it in the machine - is not something you can do with a down duvet comforter.

Need I say more about wool? I know you are already an expert after so much reading.

Wool is your go-to option for being chemical-free, hypoallergenic, natural, and also breathable. If you want to take full advantage of your wool bedding, go with a 100% organic wool fill option rather than one mixed with the synthetic blend.

Back to counting sheep……1….39…64…… Goodnight.


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