How to prevent your Duvet from Moving Inside the Duvet Cover?

Why does your duvet move around inside the cover? Are you also left wondering what to do?...... Do I move too much at night??

Are you sleeping peacefully but then realize your duvet keeps slipping and moving from its original place? Or maybe you are here wondering what the strings in your duvet cover mean? Or maybe you are struggling to keep it in place but even after a million tries, it just isn’t staying, and now you are so frustrated that you might just be checking out our blog in the middle of the night! Are you??

Don’t worry there is a solution!! Here you will find all the reasons this happens and what you can do about it.

Some duvet covers come with ties whereas others do not. Regardless of whether your duvet cover has ties or if you are looking for ways to attach some loops to your cover, we know that a good night’s sleep accounts for the start to a good day. Sleeping well not only affects our physical and mental health but also our level of productivity during the day. Yet many of us might be tossing and turning throughout the night trying to adjust your duvet. We understand that this is something that should not stop you from getting a night of good sleep and that is why we suggest you get a cover with ties attached to it!


Every night, it’s an endless battle between sleep and the internet…

Can you relate??



duvet cover moving



Well, let’s not make it between your duvet and sleep. Solution; get duvet cover with ties or learn how to install them on your own! Coming in a few scrolls!!  

Before getting into how to fit in let’s try to understand why this happens and what can you do about it!!

Even though there are many reasons that cause the duvet and cover, to shift from its original place which we understand can be super annoying while sleeping. Don’t worry we are not going to suggest you tie shoelaces to your duvet to keep it in place….hahaha, even though that could be a short term cheap, and easy solution. But let’s focus on the long term one for now.

Firstly, make sure you are putting in the duvet the correct way with the length and width facing the right direction. If you find that the duvet is not adjacent to the length and width of the cover then try to place it in the right way otherwise it would keep slipping from its cover.

Whether you buy a duvet from bed bath and beyond, way fair, or IKEA, you would still need a duvet cover that keeps your duvet in place. As you may have noticed with your comforter, the duvet cover and down feather filled quilt keep falling off the bed, this is because it is being pulled to the ground by earth’s gravitational force. You won’t notice that the blankets don’t slip up but instead fall down. You may need to insert ties to fix this.

Another reason this might happen is that there could be a slight size difference with the manufacture’s duvet and your duvet cover, so make sure it fits properly!! Do you see it……..did this happen to you as well. Yesss!! I am not a psychic, but this is a very common issue.

But don’t worry this annoying problem can be fixed with Down Under bedding & pillow's revolutionary duvet cover ties. Did I forgot to mention…… this product is 100% hypoallergenic which means you should also check it out if you suffer from allergies then this might be what you are looking for to get a comfortable sleep.


Duvet Cover Tips, What are duvet ties?


What is a duvet cover and why do I need one in the first place?

Duvet covers can simply be understood as a cover to protect the duvet that is an outer layer for you comforter just as pillows cases are to your pillows. Since duvets and comforters are bulky and expensive, it can be hard to clean them on a regular basis. The duvet covers help give an added layer of protection to keep your comforter from getting dirty. These covers not only protect your quilt but also can help give your room a fresher new look, as they are easy to change and replace than the whole comforter itself. A well-fitted duvet cover is very important as it might determine if you are able to get a good sleep. This is when you may also want to look at purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties.   

This is when you may also want to look at purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties. 

See the Down Under Bedding Sizing guide.


Why should one purchase a duvet cover with ties?

Normally when people buy duvet cover, they simply look for subtle designs or fancy motifs, unless they acquire the problem of their duvet shifting from the comforter. This problem is more familiar to people living in cold areas because they use comforters more often obviously. But let us get back to the point….. the corner ties act as an inside button to hold the duvet/comforter in place by attaching with it in the four corners. As you might have noticed the quilt can slide around inside of the duvet cover and sometimes it gets bunched up on one end of the cover. With the help of corner ties, you can easily tie the corners of your quilt to those of your duvet/ comforter.

Another advantage is that you can easily untie the ties and put your cover in washing.

Once you have your duvet with the duvet cover corner ties, you can check the guide below to understand how to keep it in place and get yourself a gooood night comfy sleep!!!

How to use Duvet Cover Ties

Let’s go through the step by step process to make sure your cover fits your duvet/ comforter.

Step 1:

Verify the length and width of your quilt; make sure they are both same or at least the cover is bigger than the duvet inside. If you have a duvet cover already then one way you can make sure they are of the same size is by laying the duvet on top of the cover.

Step 2:

Take the duvet cover and turn it inside out.

Step 3:

Now lay your duvet on top of it

Step 4:

Fasten the duvet/ comforter to the corner ties. To do this you simply have a knot with the duvet ties insert to the end sides of your duvet. For picture graphic instructions on this step check the instruction guide below.

Step 5:

After your feel that the duvet is tightly secured to your cover, you can flip it back to the original outside in and get ready to sleep.


Can you use a duvet cover by itself



Another thing to keep in mind while looking for ways to keep your duvet to stay in place is to look for zipper closures for your duvet covers. This type of closure also helps ensure that your duvet can stay put for longer, and not fall out of your duvet cover. But to be honest, duvet ties are the best way, especially if you have a heavy king size bed and comforter. Some duvets come with the option of button closure as well, but zipper closure is a more reliable option for keeping your comforter intact in place. This also protects your duvet from getting dirty and keeps the germs out for longer.


How to use duvet ties? Check out this step if you simply want instructions on how to use duvet ties.

  1. Lay the comforter flat on top of your mattress.
  2. Take your duvet cover and turn it inside out. Grab the top corner of your duvet and attached all three ties to the loops.
  3. Flip the cover on the duvet, so it goes fully inside the cover and attached the side ties and the bottom ties to the loop.
  4. Zip/button it up! Give it a shake and a fluff until the duvet cover falls down to cover most of the comforter.


How to sew loops on duvet?

Time to stop your duvet from slipping inside the cover!

Did you by a duvet cover bigger than the size of your duvet? Oops!! Don’t you worry….as promised I will tell you how to sew ties on your duvet to prevent it from shifting aka moving inside the duvet cover.

All you need is some thread, needles, scissors, and shoelaces. You could also just use a cloth and cut it into 4 neat thin strips. Let me ask you this first. do you know how to sew?? Because you better be careful of those sharp needles!!

Now if you are ready with all the stuff and know how to sew, let’s start by cutting the shoelace into small pieces (say about 4 equal pieces), but best is to measure it as you want something that you can put across the end of your duvet. So, you should measure the corner sides of your duvet as you want the shoelace to do diagonally, (sew it in a 45 - degree angle). You can check the image below for reference. Sew the lace on all four corners of your duvet. just make sure that while sewing you stitch them to the outer cord area of your comforter. After all four corners are secured, move onto the duvet cover.




How do corner ties work on a duvet cover



A little tip I can give you while you have your sewing kit with you; to sew a design on one of the corners of the inserts, this would help you identify the direction you should turn your duvet towards.

This D-I-Y (do it yourself) technique could seem like a lot of work at first trust me once you are done with this, you would be satisfied with the way your comforter looks. Securing all the sides of your duvet will not only make your room neater but will also help you get a night of good sleep by preventing your comforter from shifting throughout the night!

The best way to do is to flip the cover inside out, and then get your needle and laces/ straps or ribbons (you can use any secure long thread here, anything you can use to tie the corners to the cover). Now sew the middle of your strap to the corner of your comforter cover and repeat this step on all four corners.

After all the sewing is done, you can simply tie the duvet straps to the corners of your duvet (you can check the step-by-step guide for that above). After following those steps, you can flip the cover back on and you are good to go sleep!!


Commercial Duvet grips and clips:

Another solution is to search google for snap-on comforter clips or even duvet grips, the purpose of this is to stop your comforter from shifting inside the cover. It is pretty simple to attach and remove.

This is also considered as one of the best ways to prevent it from slipping around from inside the cover; but I know how annoying this can be. Uggh! They keep slipping off all the time!

There are many kinds of duvet grips available in the market such as comforter clips, snap-on clips, duvet grips, and even many magnetic options. Usually known as a quick fix for stopping your duvet from falling between the cover, as it holds it in place, but you might not work as a long-term solution. Even though this is a pocket friendly and easy to use option, many people do not prefer it because the clips are made of metal. Think about it….do you really want to be woken up at night by the cold metal surface of the clip touching your hand.

Most but not all Down Under Bedding Brand duvet & comforters have built-in corner ties, to attach to the four corners of your duvet cover to help end the nightmare. 

Yes, we also carry matching duvet covers with corner tie tabs, so you don't have to sew them.
Sleep tight!!