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Queen Size Duvet Bedding Dimensions

Looking for the perfect sized bed?? The best way to know the right size for you is to know the dimensions you are looking for. But if you are like me and want the most popular stuff…..then a queen-sized bed it is!!

Did you know more than 50 percent of people in North America use a Queen-sized bed for sleeping purposes?

Now let’s be honest if you are using a Queen-sized bed, you would of course be using a queen-sized mattress, bed sheet, pillow, and duvet. Or maybe you could just go with some other bedding size item choice; Twin, Twin XL, Double/ Full, King, or even California King!!

But it that what you are supposed to be using. Why not use a bigger sized king pillow or a large comfy king-sized duvet for you awesome queen-sized bed?

It is safe to say, that since the name has "queen" in it, you could simply save the hassle of going for a different size. But let me tell you this, you could use a queen-sized duvet for a twin XL and double bed as well. And your King-sized luxurious duvet for your queen-sized bed!


“I’m going to bed” really means… “I’m going to lie in my bed and go on my phone.”

Can you relate?? I can (wink, wink!!)



Queen sized bedding dimensions


Drama Queen…….What makes the Queen Bed size so popular??

Perhaps the most popular size is the elegant queen size bed/ mattress. This is because of many reasons:

Firstly, they are considered as the standard size in almost all places be it hotel rooms, apartments, or in your home bedroom. They are perfect for single sleepers, those sleeping with a partner, or even those sharing it with you small kid. Since this is the most ideal size of bedding available out there, means more variety.

You can find this in every type, price range, color, and design. Before I forget…..it is easy to transport and shift than your kind size mattress. It also strikes a middle ground in terms of economic options. But don’t take our word for it…..it is best that you do your own research to decide the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of a Queen-sized bed:


Good for two people: This sized bed/ mattress is good enough for 2 people, but if you plan on expanding your family aka have a baby soon, then this option might not be a good pick. Which is when you may want to check out the King-sized bed.

Lots of options: As we told you, this is one of the most popular bedding choices out there, which means that it is easy to find accessories and options of your choice. Already googling for my favorite unicorn duvet cover!!! Hehe!

More space: Since this size is a whole lot bigger than a standard or double sized bed, it gives you extra legroom to sleep peacefully throughout the night!


Might be small for some: This size even though a perfect choice for many, could feel a small option for some.

Not the right size: Sizes vary by manufacturer, which is why we remind you again to check the dimensions of your bedding before making a purchase. It might be tempting looking at the variety of options available out there, also for a good price, but be sure to check the size before buying.  




Queen size mattress



Let's talk about the Majesty Queen Sized Mattress:

Drumroll, please!!

The queen size bedding mattress is the most popular bed size amongst couples. With dimensions 60″ x 80″ (inches) – 152.5 cm x 203 cm (centimeters), this mattress offers ample space for two adults to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Did I mention…..they are the most adaptable sizes out there. Or as Casper quoted “Best for couples or adults who like to sprawl out” Yes this mattress can give you ample space for two people to spread out and just chill in bed.

But regardless of whether you are a single sleeper or have to share your bed, this size is perfect for everyone. They are the most popular sizes out there which also means that you can find super cool accessories such as duvet covers, fitted bed sheets, and comforters in this size….that too within your price range.



Queen pillow



Queen Sized Pillows

Queen pillows are slightly longer than a standard pillow, which provides you with more surface area and comfort for your head. The standard measurements for this in North America are (51 x 76 cm) or 20" x 30" (inches). These pillows are perfect for all kinds of sleepers, side, back, or stomach. Their amazing ultra-soft and fluffy fill provide for ultimate comfort throughout the night.

The extra room helps provide more comfort for people who like to toss and turn throughout the night. They are specifically designed to be the perfect fit for a queen-sized bed if two of them are placed side by side but work well for twin or king-sized bed too. 

Tip: Because of them being super popular.You can find a wide variety of pillows cases, covers, inside fill loft, etc. for this sized pillow.

However, pillows should be bought, keeping in mind your personal preference. Many people prefer the extra length of a queen-sized pillow for their twin or double beds.  

Did I mention, they fit perfectly well within a standard-sized pillowcase too, depending on the amount of fill inside. Don’t take my word for it, try it out, but be sure to measure!!



Queen size pillowcase pillowcover



Queen size pillowcases

When selecting your pillowcases, you'd also be choosing a standard/queen size - and the pillowcase will fit just as nicely, just with a bit of a smaller overhang along the edge.


Queen size and standard size pillowcases are often used synonymously with one another despite the fact that a queen size a full 4 inches longer. These still fit well within a standard size pillowcase as well, although depending on the loft (to be explained) it may make it feel a bit firmer.



Queen duvet



Queen size duvet dimensions:

Not all queens sized duvets are the perfect size for a queen-sized/dimension bed. An average queen-sized duvet comforter will be the perfect fit for a double/ full bed as it would allow the duvet to hang on the sides of the bed and give your room a more professional look. Whereas a queen-sized duvet could potentially be a smaller fit for the same reasons.

As for a duvet comforter dimensions, they may vary by the manufacturer and also by the style of the duvet. So, it is best to check the size before making a purchase.

But the standard size measures about 88” x 90” or 225 cm X 230 cm. Au lit fine lines and Canadian Down and feather both have these sized listed as approximate for a queen-sized bed. Whereas the Spruce has 86 to 88 inches for width and 96 to 100 inches for the length of your warm comforter on their website. Some manufactures may also have 90 or more like the length or width for your quilt.  




Duvet cover



 Queen size duvet cover dimensions:


Changing a duvet cover is the simplest and fastest way to enhance the look of your room, but when purchasing a duvet there are some things you should keep in mind.

The best thing about duvet coversis that you can just switch covers based on your mood, and decoration of your room. Depending on your age, interest, style, and color of choice, there are millions of choices available when it comes to duvet covers.


A well-fitted duvet cover is very important as it might determine if you are able to get a good sleep. This is when you may also want to look at purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties. We have a whole blog on the importance of purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties. I can’t stress out how important it is!! You can find it here.   

A queen-sized duvet cover would generally measure somewhere between 90" X 90" inches i.e. 229 cm X 229 cm or some manufactures might also have sizes ranging from 88/89” in length or width.

When buying a duvet cover make sure it is the right size for your duvet or comforter. It is best to measure the length and width of your quilt before making a purchase, otherwise, you would notice that your duvet keeps shifting inside your blanket, which could be bothersome while sleeping.



Queen bedsheets



Queen Sized Sheets!! Fitted and Flat sheets

Moving on to Sheets!! Oh, sheets!!

I know you must be wondering if all queen-sized sheets will fit all queen beds/ mattresses?

Well, even though the label says queen size bedsheet, it could be a size bigger or small depending on your mattress.

But will they fit all queen beds?

The best way to find that out would be to measure the size of your mattress before placing an order.

As you may be aware a fitted sheet has a lined elastic band on the edges to fit tightly around your mattress, to help your mattress stay clean for longer. and three dimensions – length, width, and pocket depth (thickness of mattress), for which the sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. IN case you find that your fitted sheet keeps drifting away from the mattress, it may because it is a smaller size.    

Most fitted sheets are made to fit a standard queen-sized bed with dimensions ranging from 60” to around 80” and are around 15inches deep (the thickness of the mattress) or 152 cm x 203 cm x 38 cm.

Flat sheets are simple bed sheets that lay on top of your mattress. It is a very important part of your bedding as they not only help keep your bedding clean but also help keep you comfortable. You can find them in a variety of fabrics such to help keep you cool during summer and warm during wintertime.    

With a flat sheet, you can have more wiggle room for errors on the dimensions as they do not need to be perfectly aligned with the size. But the general dimensions for a queen-sized flat sheet range from 92” x 108” inches or 230 cm x 260 cm.    

As for a flat or stand-alone sheet, you don’t have to worry too much about the thickness of your mattress. A bit of simple advice for flat sheet: the bigger the size the better it stays tucked in! It is important to understand the length and width adjustments when it comes to buying a flat sheet. Keep in mind to align the long side of your sheet to the long side of the bed, many people don’t place their sheets in the correct way and realize that they keep coming off.




Queen duvet review



How to know if this is the right size for me?

You should take into consideration your height and your partner height (or whoever you would be sharing the bed with) when choosing the right sized bed/ mattress for your room. Along with the keep in mind the size of your room as well. The amount of space available in your room should be the biggest factor while deciding the size of the queen bed or any other sized bed you would want to purchase.

Your budget also plays a big factor in deciding what is best for you, but it is safe to say queen-sized bedding being super popular can help you find a variety of options at good prices. Do your research and let me remind you again- Measure before you buy.

Now that you know about the various options available in queen-sized bedding, hopefully, you can make an informed decision for your next mattress purchase. You may also want to have look at the various breathable and organic duvets or luxurious silk bed sheets available for your majestic queen bed.

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