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The Best Pillows For Every Sleeping Position - How's Yours?

Did you ever wonder why are there so many options for pillows available out there? Or maybe you are up in the middle of the night googling for the best pillow for side sleepers.

As we grow up we realize that even though a pillow's basic purpose is to support our head and neck while we sleep, that is not all it does. The right pillow can make all the difference in your sleep during the night as well as in your life throughout the day.

Did you ever notice we humans spend one-third of our life sleeping!! Yes, a good night’s sleep is vital for every person but so is making sure you get a comfortable sound sleep.


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How do you like to sleep? Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper or do you like to switch between the three?? This is one of the questions you should be asking yourself when pillow shopping because it could help you make the right decision when choosing the perfect pillow.  

Regardless of whether you like to sleep on your side, back or stomach, it is important that you keep your neck and back in the proper alignment in order to get a better good night’s sleep. Keeping your spine in line is very important as it is one of the factors that determine your health.

Experts and doctors recommend that you take a pillow that helps keep your neck and back in alignment; your neck should be parallel to your mattress and at the same time adapt to the position you sleep in whether it’s the neck, back, stomach, or all three.

What Kind of Pillow is Right for Me?

If you are a side sleeper you might want to choose a pillow that is firmer and thicker. Whereas if you are a stomach or back sleeper you may want to choose a pillow that is thinner.

It is totally understandable that you may prefer a particular fill or you may have a budgetary concern when shopping for your pillow, but you should not base your opinion on just getting a good pillow based on a higher price; the more expensive pillow does not always mean the best. The best should be the one that feels the best, one that you feel comfortable sleeping on!

Let’s get right to understand what is the best pillow based on your sleeping position!!

Best pillows for sleeping position

Pillow Talk 101

Your sleeping position is a major factor when deciding the best kind of pillow for you. Does not matter which country you sleep in, you can find the right pillow for you wherever you like!

Did you know?

More than 70 percent of people sleep on their sides. Even though most people are likely to toss and turn to change their sleeping positions throughout the night, very few like to sleep on their backs or stomach.

Irrespective of how you sleep, let's see which is the best pillow based on your sleeping position!!   

best pillow for side sleepers

Pillows for Side Sleepers

Hello to side sleepers, like Moi! We do consist of more than half of the people who sleep on their sides. Won’t lie I can never decide which side is better and keep tossing and turning all night!

A thicker and higher pillow is recommended for side sleepers as it can adequately support the neck and the head while keeping your shoulders in an aligned position. You could also keep a rolled towel or small round pillow under the neck for additional support.

Adding additional support between the knees also helps support the spine.

Another way you could invest in a good side pillow is to get a body pillow; these are as big as the length of your body and also firmer than a traditional pillow.

Latex Pillows

These pillows offer medium support from one side and firmer support from the other. Isn’t this great? This is a very low and not a big puffy pillow. It is perfect for both side and back sleepers. It helps give ideal support to your head and neck. And this also has a ventilated advanced airflow design to make your night more comfortable.

Natural Bamboo Pillow

A Natural Bamboo filled bed pillow is ideal for people who like the puffy pillow that is perfect for being in between firm and medium support. These pillows are also great texture-wise, as they tend to be silky soft. If you are into eco-friendly lifestyle trends, these are just the perfect pillows for you to help hit those sustainability goals for years to come.

However, a study conducted by spine-health.com mentions some participants reported cervical stiffness after waking up from sleeping on feather pillows. Feather and down-filled pillows tend to be very soft and can easily get flattened from the middle; this could make you feel uncomfortable. May also wake some people up in the middle of the night! So, it is better to be sure of what you prefer before making a purchase!

best pillows back sleepers

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

When sleeping on your back, your pillow should be able to support your spine as a natural curvature with adequate support under your neck, head, and back. For back sleepers, experts suggest you go for a pillow with a lower height.

Back sleepers prefer something more flat and soft that can provide you additional support while also enabling you to have a comfortable sleep. If you are someone who experiences neck or back pain, then sleeping on your back or side is recommended.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Bed Pillows are the best choices. Since our sleep position is such a personal choice think about the way you sleep to help you decide.

One of the best pillows to prevent neck pain in back sleepers for side sleepers is theMLILY Tundra Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow is made with a layer of cooling gel technology designed to absorb heat and produce a cool sensation for a refreshing and comfortable pillow temperature. This added gel sheet manages and regulates body temperature and adjusts to your custom needs, providing the optimum and most comfortable sleeping environment.

Along with that cervical pillows; also made using memory foam can contribute to spinal alignment and reduce neck pain.

Feather Pillow

These pillows can easily conform to the shape of your neck, but they can also flatten easily and might need to be more often- you’ll likely want to swap out your feather pillows every year or so.

Feather Down Pillow are great neck supporters that is perfect for back sleepers.

Tip: If you are using a feather or down-filled pillow you may want to fluff it up every morning while making your bed.

Wool Pillows

Another one of the best pillows to prevent neck pain for back sleepers is the Down Under Washable Wool Bed Pillow. This pillow contains removable wool so all you have to do is open it up and adjust its firmness level. Ta-Da!!

I am already in love with this pillow. Not only is it adjustable to my comfort level but is also easily washable.

As for someone with small kids in the house, washable bedding is a blessing!!

Wool’s natural and breathable abilities help keep it fresh for a long time while also wicking away moisture for a better sleeping environment at all times.

What is The Best Pillow Position for Back Sleepers?

We carry many memory pillows to prevent neck pain in back sleepers.  This pillow comes with cooling gel technology that helps absorb and dissipate heat from your pillow; this in turn helps keep you cool during the night.

If you are a back sleeper looking for a premium quality pillow for neck pain, you can grab the affordable MLILY TUNDRA Pillow and begin enjoying safe, blissful, and comfortable sleep.

Many people also like to use a small rounded pillow to support their neck while laying on a flat pillow. And some like to add a pillow under your knee to help support the lower back.

best pillow for stomach sleepers

What is The Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers?

This is one of the least preferred options out there as it puts a lot of stress on the neck and back. But needless to say, some people find this a comfortable position to sleep in and we are here to recommend a better pillow to improve your make your good night’s sleep.  

Goose-down pillows come at different support levels but Goose-down always becomes flat a pancake in the morning needs to be shaken to loft up again but nothing beats the softness of Goose-down. If you love a dreamy soft fluffy pillow, then this is your go-to option!

How to Position a Pillow for Sleeping?

You can position your pillow the way you prefer. Here at Down Under Bedding, we understand that Everybody Sleeps Differently, which is why we have something for everyone.

All-rounder…..Do you toss and turn around a lot throughout the night?

If you answered Yes! Then this one is for you.
Most people tend to move around all the time in different sleep positions and that is why we recommend the Washable Wool Pillow where you can open up the inside to adjust the firm-level you need. This pillow is proudly Made in Canada and YES you can wash this wool pillow. 

best down pillow

For a complete guide on Choosing the Best Luxury Down pillows; check out our blog on it.

Regardless of how you like to sleep, whether, on your back, neck, or stomach, it is essential that you get a good night’s sleep during the night so that you can wake up well-rested. It is totally fine to switch your sleeping positions once in a while but remember to avoid sleeping on your stomach too often.

If you are comfortable with the pillow choice you have then you should not worry, but if you do feel that you are waking up in pain and unrested then there is a need to be concerned.

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Alex Plant

Alex Plant

September 10, 2022

Thank you for a great article there are so many different types of pillows.
I carry three or four different ones so I can experiment throughout the night. If you sleep on your stomach and sides, you want something very thin and flat, like pure duck down with no feathers inside. If you’re big and heavy and you need support because you sleep on your back most of the night, stick with something denser like memory foam or a hybrid type of pillow can everybody sleeps differently

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