How to take care of Wool filled bedding?

Did you drop something on your duvet? Or maybe you wanted to enjoy your Sunday with a pancake breakfast in bed, but then you dropped some maple syrup on your wool-filled duvet!!

Gasp! Is my wool-filled duvet even washable??

Do not worry! You have come to the right place. We can help guide you through the step by step process of washing your wool-filled bedding, be it your wool duvet comforter, bedsheet or pillow. 

Well, the first thing you should check here is if you actually need to wash your duvet, or could you just do with washing your duvet cover? 

We know you must be having a lot of questions when it comes to washing a quilt with wool batting. Can you dry clean a wool duvet or should you tumble dry it? What if you have an old duvet and how to clean old wool quilts? Do I need wool safe detergent? We hope to answer all your questions here. Keep reading!!

I am pretty sure my laundry breeds while I sleep!!

- Thought of every Mom out there




Even though wool-filled bedding is easy to care for, you should always make sure to check the manufacturer’s wash and care instructions.   

You should always read the label to confirm that the duvet comforter is washable or not. Most wool comforters are not washable as wool is not conducive to washing in its natural form. But Down Under Beddings Washable wool duvet can be easily washed.

Washing wool duvet comforters can often make people nervous. As you might have to carefully plan. We get that your duvet is precious to you as it can be a costly investment.

For some, it might be a generational hand me down which you want to preserve. As in my case- I love my wool-filled duvet my grandmother gifted me. 

And you may want to be very careful as the heat and moisture in the washer could ruin the natural fibers in your warm wool filled blanket.

But learning how to wash a comforter without ruining it doesn’t have to rocket science. Wool is naturally breathable, antibacterial, and also temperature regulating which makes it less susceptible to bacteria and dust mites.  


How often should I wash my Wool comforter?

Wool has a natural ability to self clean itself. Wool fibers are well known for their ability to remain dry for longer as they have unique moisture-absorbing properties which make it difficult for dust mites and bacteria to form in one place. This exceptional ability of wool makes it easy to care for.

But regardless of this fact, you should clean your wool-filled duvet once or twice in a year. As for pillows we suggest you clean them more regularly since they are in constant contact with your face and breath through the nose.

Yes, our duvet comforters and pillows are easily machine washable which saves you the hassle of taking it to expensive cleaners.

Pro Tip: Always use duvet coves and pillow protectors to keep your wool-filled bedding fresh and clean for longer.  

It might be easier to clean twin or double sized duvets in the washing machine but for larger ones, you may want to use a laundromat. We recommend that you use the largest size washer even at the laundromat for your duvet as it would give it more space to move around freely.


Wool facts

Is it okay to tumble dry wool duvet?

It is recommended that you do not machine dry your wool duvet comforter, rather hang it outside on a dry and warm day for naturally drying. Remember to let it fully dry from both sides and it is best to turn it around while drying for proper ventilation and sunlight.

Remember that a duvet comforter is heavy and even though it may appear to be dry, it could still be a little damp from the inside. Make sure you let it air dry for longer before putting on a duvet cover.   

Woolroom suggests that you should never tumble dry your wool duvet comforter, as it could harm the wool fibers inside, instead it is recommended that you naturally dry the duvet.

Heirloom linens have another great idea for drying your duvet and they suggest you put a damp towel for about fifteen minutes in the dryer with your duvet.  

As always make sure to check the label for instructions on cleaning for your bedding accommodations.


How to Wash wool duvet?

Before tossing your duvet into the washing machine make sure that it is machine washable.

Now once you’ve made sure of that let’s start the process of cleaning it:

  1. Start by making sure there are no rips and tears on your wool duvet. If you find any, make sure to take a sewing kit and fix them
  2. Secondly, if you find any spots make sure to hand wash that area before tossing it in the washer. Helps better clean the duvet comforter.
  3. Select the wool cycle on your washing machine, this should be the gentlest cycle on your washer. And make sure to wash with cold water or lukewarm water.
  4. Add special/ gentle wool wash to your washing cycle and we also recommend you use a front load washing machine for best results.
  5. Do not use the dryer, instead hang out your duvet comforter to dry.

Wool wash

Can I wash it by hand?

Squeaky clean wash by hand!!

You could wash your wool-filled bedding items by hand as well if you feel like exercising your upper body muscles. All you would need is- a bathtub, or a big bucket, some soap, and water.

Fill up your bucket or bathtub with cold or lukewarm water and add some detergent to it. Mix it well before adding the bedding accessory. It is best to let it soak for at least 30-40 minutes before rinsing with fresh water. Rinse it a few times till soapy water stops coming out.

Voila, it’s done!

Now time for it to dry. As mentioned before- it is always best to let your wool bedding dry naturally.  


How to take care of your Wool filled bedding items:

Wool mattresses

A wool filled mattress should be cleaned using the spot cleaning method at first. For this, you can use a soft brush to remove and dirt and fluff you see on your wool mattress.

Many websites might also mention that you can clean your mattress with a vacuum; this should be avoided in case of a wool-filled mattress because it may disturb the filling inside the mattress by making it lose.

In case of a spill on your mattress, make sure to treat the area immediately in order to prevent staining. You can use dry towels, sponge to avoid the liquid from seeping into the mattress.

It is also best to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and detergents while cleaning your mattress.   


Wool duvets

The best way to keep your duvet comforter clean for longer is to add a duvet cover to it. This added layer of protection to your wool blanket would help you keep it clean and fresh for longer and you can simply toss the duvet cover in the washer.

If you need a deeper clean for your duvet, then check the label and follow the wash and care instructions. Most wool duvets are machine washable, but if they are not then we recommend you wash it in a commercial size laundromat only! Since this bedding soaks a lot of water.

Also, use a delicate cycle for the wash and use cold water. With a small amount of soap. Do not tumble dry your duvet, but if you have to use low heat setting to maintain the ultimate quality of the wool fibers. Best is to air dry in the sun when slightly damp and avoid the use of fabric softener.


Wool pillow

Wool pillows

Yes! Even our pillows are machine was friendly. Check them out here. We recommend you use cold or lukewarm water with a bit of wool detergent. It is best to let them soak in soapy water for a bit. Then turn machine to the gentle wash cycle and let it spin before rising it with fresh water.

You could line dry your wool pillows but for faster drying, we recommend you remove the wool fill inside and let it dry separately.

It is recommended that you use a pillow protector at all times for your pillow, but if needed deep cleaning, you can simply toss our washable wool duvet it the washing machine. Since the pillow is in regular contact with your face, we recommend you wash it every 3-4 months. Regularly sleeping on pillows also results in faster build-up of moisture and germs.  

How to Take Care of Down Under Washable Organic Pillow:

This wool pillow is washable which means it saves the expenses of dry cleaning. Wash these pillows in commercial size laundromat only, as this bedding soaks a lot of water. Delicate cycle wash in cold water, use a small amount of soap and avoid fabric softener.


Wool topper washable


Mattress toppers

Wool mattress pads are usually machine washable, but before you put it for washing, it is best to check the label for the manufacturer's instructions. Down Under Bedding mattress topper is fully machine washable. We recommend you always use a front load washing machine for best results. And use a delicate/ gentle cycle for washing with cold water.

To keep your mattress pad fresh and clean for longer, we recommend you regularly turn the topper on the bed. If it does not need deep cleaning, we advise you to let it out in the sun for a while so that the wool’s natural antibacterial properties can act. You could also simply spot clean the minor areas of your mattress topper the topper that requires attention.


How to wash wool bedding

What’s the alternative to dry cleaning my Wool filled bedding?

Use a commercial-sized washing machine/ laundromat service: Another option we would highly recommend is that you use a laundromat that has a commercial-sized washing machine. The commercial-sized machines have sufficient space for your duvet to move around and help the down feather to not compress or cluster on one side of the comforter, as compared to a home laundry machine. It is still always advisable to check the label for the manufacturer’s instructions for this, as they may strictly recommend using a professional service.

Washing your duvet comforter at home: the next best, time-efficient, and budget-friendly option is to simply toss your duvet/ comforter in the washing machine at home. But the big question here is that can it be treated like regular laundry?? If you have a full-sized laundry machine then the answer is Yes, you may wash it at home. Nevertheless, if you do not have a large washing machine then head to a commercial wash site. They usually have washing machines three times the size of the ones we have at home and can wash a huge blanket easily.


Regardless of how you choose to wash your wool bedding, we just want to remind you to always check the manufacturer’s label for wash and care instructions before washing anything. A little note: washing it yourself would void the manufacturer’s warranty.