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Our Story: Sleep

Down Under Bedding & Mattress was born in 1989, with a goal of enhancing the lives of people with unique natural organic sleep products. 

Today, our small family-business has grown into being the leader in alternative bedding products.

Down Under Bedding prides itself on our extraordinary selection of all-natural, organic, bio-degradable, and 100% Locally Sourced bedding products, where possible.

Our Mission: We Understand Everybody Sleeps Differently

To help our customers enjoy a perfect night’s sleep – one person and one bed at a time.

Our Products: Wool Silk, Latex, Goose Down & More

Down Under carries a wide variety of all-natural and organic bedding products, all under one roof. We strongly believe in improving the environment through the use of our environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable products. We proudly support the Canadian economy through our vast selection of 100% Canadian made products, such as our collection of duvets made by the world renowned Hutterite community of Western Canada. Down Under has always believed in providing high-quality bedding products, but we recognize that high-quality doesn’t have to mean high-prices.

Our Service: Yes You Can Call Us

Don't you just hate big impersonal companies that you cannot even call if you have a more detailed question or concerns?   For 40 years our award winning customer service keeps customers coming back

Toll-free at 1-888-624-6484 

Local 905 624 5854

10am -6pm Eastern Standard Time