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Our Story: Sleep

In 1989, Down Under Bedding & Mattress was founded with the goal of improving people's lives via distinctive, all-natural, organic sleep goods.

Our once-small family firm has now become the market leader for alternative sleeping items.

Down Under Bedding takes great satisfaction in offering an outstanding range of bedding goods that are, if possible, 100% locally sourced, all-natural, organic, and biodegradable.

Our Mission: We Understand Everybody Sleeps Differently

To help our customers enjoy a perfect night’s sleep – one person and one bed at a time.

Our Products: Goose Down, Wool, Silk,& More

Under one roof, Down Under offers a huge selection of organic and all-natural sleeping products. We firmly think that using our environmentally friendly and biodegradable products will help the environment. Through our wide range of products that are wholly created in Canada, including our assortment of duvets made by the renowned Hutterite community of Western Canada, we proudly support the Canadian economy. Down Under has always been committed to provide high-quality bedding products, but we also understand that superior craftsmanship need not be expensive.