Review: The Best Silk Duvet

Silk is soft, smooth, and elegant - it exudes luxury. Silk isn’t JUST luxurious, it is practical too. Canadian made down and feather is great, but who doesn't love the feeling of silk draping around your body. It keeps you cool and sleeping like a baby! 
When looking for a new silk duvet you might wonder which one you want. Either way you cannot go wrong since they are all silk duvets right? Well we have carefully curated and narrowed down some choices for you, so you don’t have to! Just kick back and read on, to be better informed on which luxurious duvet will be added to your bedroom.  


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“Thankfully you don’t need to wait for the worms to make silk- these duvets are ready to be slept in!”

What are Duvets

A duvet is shaped as a sort of a large bag sewn from cloth, and they can then be filled with a myriad of materials.

Duvets are typically white, and they are almost always plain, this is to retain the integrity of the Duvet cover which is there for the aesthetic, but never judge a book by its cover, it's what's inside that matters! Be it wool, down, feather or even silk all of them make for a good duvet. 

Many articles and people would be quick to use duvets and comforters interchangeably, but these two articles of bedding are far from being the same. Duvet is derived from a French word for down. Do I have your attention yet? I mean what language is sexier than French, the language of love non? Comforters on the other hand, are used synonymously and more commonly in the United States. They also refer to common blankets as well. But a duvet always subtly and sweetly cries out: class.          

Benefits of Silk

Ah Silk so smooth, luxurious and soft to the touch.  Silk is harvested from the cocoons of silkworms, they are a hypoallergenic protein fiber. Although it is not temperature regulating like wool, it does stop overheating by keeping you cool. This duvet is a perfect niche for those who are hot sleepers. Silk also naturally conforms around your body when you sleep, giving a nice fitted feel. Just like skinny jeans! Wait skinny jeans aren't in style anymore? Okay then what about bell bottoms? Okay, okay, they are nice and fitted and there is no analogy here!  

Temperature Regulating: A silk filled comforter is naturally thermoregulating. Helps keep you cool during summers and warm in winters. However, mulberry silk is even more breathable than cotton. It can wick moisture away twice as fast and reduce the humidity in your bed by 50%. You’ll stay comfortable and dry all night long with silk bedding.

Perfect for hot sleepers:  Mulberry silk bedding is surprisingly breathable and efficiently wicks your sweat away when you become too hot. As the extra water is wicked away, your body cools down because it can feel the sweat evaporating off your skin. Additionally, there’s isn’t any extra water or humidity in your bed to worsen extreme temperatures. As a result, your body is able to regulate its temperature naturally and you never overheat when you sleep under a mulberry silk comforter.

Super lightweight: Silk duvets are incredibly lightweight and flexible. Which makes it ideal to be used for duvet and pillow fills.  

Hypoallergenic: Dust mites, bacteria and mold avoid materials that do not hold moisture, so you can rest comfortably knowing you are not sleeping with unwelcome guests. so that you can sleep well with your favorite duvet.

Chemical-free: Mulberry Silk products are produced naturally and thus there is none to very little involvement of chemicals. Since the silk threads are also very soft, treating them with chemicals is not a good idea. So, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals entering your body while you sleep.

Odorless: Mulberry Silk is known to be completely and naturally free of any odor, the main reason for it being odorless is because of the natural breeding ground and diet of Silkworms.

Good for Skin: Mulberry Silk is good for your skin because firstly it is chemical-free and secondly it does not accumulate bacteria and dust. Since silk is known to prevent bacteria from forming in your bedding, there is a less chance that it would infect your skin. We all know bacteria is one of the leading causes of acne.

Durable and long-lasting: Mulberry Silk is known to have the strongest natural fiber in the world, which makes it incredibly durable. The silk fiber is compared to being stronger than steel if compared to; of the same diameter.  

Benefits of Silk, Mulberry Silk

Disadvantages of Silk

Out of all of the alternatives Silk would have to be the most expensive. Because the process of creating a silk duvet is tedious at best, the price matches that effort. Even though silk is worth the price, the price is still a factor when looking for a duvet alternative. Good quality silk has a long lifespan, but the more you wash it the shorter the lifespan gets. In addition to that Silk is also very delicate and as such any staining would be best removed at a dry cleaner; making this one high maintenance choice! Don’t let that turn you off though, cause deep down inside you know you are high maintenance yourself *wink*

Washable Oversized Silk Duvet

You and your partner both enjoy the trappings of a silk duvet but are constantly fighting over it like fans of cats and dogs fight over which one is better? Down Under Bedding provides the solution in the form of the Oversized Silk Duvet. This is a premium duvet made of long strand silk. It is surrounded with a 220 thread count mercerized cotton cover to keep it safe and clean. Can you never make up your mind? At a line in Starbucks do you get a grande or a venti? At the ice cream shop do you get chocolate or vanilla? How about a super heavy weighted blanket or a soft light weight silk duvet? Oh the choices! Okay let’s stop with drama and get to the point. This duvet is not only oversized, but heavy too! Well not as heavy as our weighted blankets (insert link) but heavy enough to satisfy the feeling of weight. Combining the luxury of silk with a heavier feel; this duvet helps you choose, NOT choose between the two! Also the cherry on top, (don’t worry if you actually eat cherries and stain your silk duvet) this duvet is washable, for easy cleaning!        


Oversized, Silk Duvet

Heavy weight silk duvet

Now with the oversized silk duvet out of the way, we can talk about the REAL heavy weight. This heavy weight silk duvet is 3 times heavier than the lightweight silk duvet, and twice as heavy as the oversized silk duvet. Again this bad boy doesn’t come nearly as heavy as our weighted blankets but it will do the trick! You can have the feeling of a warm hug from a loved one just like a weighted blanket. But you don’t have to feel too pinned down. Weighted blankets are not for everybody but, if you still need that pressure when you sleep, this heavyweight silk blanket is the one for you. This silk duvet also comes with a 300 thread count pure cotton cover which is soft to the touch and breathable  

Heavy weight, Silk Duvet

Lightweight Mulberry Silk Duvet 

Mulberry Silk: This is the highest quality, and most sought after silk available in the market. Mulberry silk is made from the cocoons of the larvae of the Mulberry silkworms reared in captivity. What makes this unique is the way it is produced! It is produced from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. Mostly used Au Lit  (French word for in bed) for your linen and bedding.
The entire production process is carefully monitored. It is also the most expensive type of silk. The silkworms are nourished and taken great care……basically pampered really well. So they can produce very high-quality silk….even their diet is supervised! (Diet plan not included with the purchase of this Duvet) 

Now if you are familiar with Duvets it is common knowledge that corner ties are all but necessary for your lavish lifestyle, to make sure you are not thrashing about trying to straighten the internal duvet with the cover like a Bull in a Spanish arena. Now corner ties are very on the nose there are 4 ties on each of the corners duh! This particular Down Under Bedding lightweight silk duvet has 8 corner ties! Yes you read correctly 8! You may be thinking that's impossible. Calling them all ‘corner’ ties may be slightly inaccurate, seeing as 4 are in the corners and the other 4 are on the sides. Technicalities aside Doubling up on the corner ties ensure that your silk duvet is extra snug in your duvet cover so you can focus on the real things: taking selfies in your luxurious silk duvet and posting it on Instagram! Silk Duvets are oh so soft and luxurious, but they are not perfect. Silk cannot keep you warm during winter, you might have to put it away for the season! Just like your tires! You do use winter tires right? Those all season ones are not good! Well now that I am finished judging your tire decisions, this silk duvet works best to be put away for the winter. When you do that, you can store it in the matching cotton bag it comes with. This bag is eco-friendly, and breathable; allowing your silk duvet to stay fresh and ready to snuggle you until the winter ends! 


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If you are in the market for a silk duvet, and have read through these three amazing options and cannot make up your mind; there are some things you should consider. All season silk is great, especially when it is wrapped in a 100% cotton cover. but silk really does specialize in keeping you cool! With that being said we highly recommend the lightweight mulberry silk duvet wholeheartedly! In the cold winter months you can store it in its eco-friendly 100% pure cotton bag and opt for something warmer like wool. All in all a silk duvet is an amazing choice for a luxurious feel, that drapes around your curves and makes you feel like royalty. No matter which one your heart goes with - you cannot go wrong.

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Until next time! 

-The Down Under Bedding Family