Made in Canada


Canada is where we are famous for our down filled products due the colder weather. Most important this duvet in Made and Filled in Canada we our products adhere to the strict standards of the Canadian Down Association where member products are routinely tested to insure that meet important quality standards for Canada and United States. Most down and feather filled products are usually Made in China and are not tested thus not subject to the same level of quality and transparency. 

We have tested offshore Made in China down and feather products and have found it to mislabelled and not cleaned properly thus potentially exposing you to sleeping with toxins or dust mites. 

It's always better to purchase locally made and sourced goose down products to get the best level of quality and transparency and that has been the mission at Down Under Bedding Brand for nearly 40 years. 

All Season means this down comforter insert only comes in 1 weight which the best for all year use for most people 35oz fill weight but it has the best grade of White Canadian Hutterite Goose Down a 850 Loft means it will stay puffy and full and not go flat like a 550 Loft duvet