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Proguard Waterproof Mattress Encasement | Down Under Bedding

Size: Twin

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Product Description

Features and Benefits:

  • Total Mattress Protection

  • Made in China

  • Bed bug and Dust Mite Protection

  • Breathable and Waterproof Protection

  • Allergen-Free

  • Anti-Microbial Protection

  • Stain-Resistant and Spot Cleanable

  • Protective Zipper Closure

  • Extends Mattress Life

Proguard Mattress Encasement

Down Under Bedding introduces the ProGuard Mattress Encasement made to ensure top quality hygiene and the ultimate protection for your mattress. This encasement fully covers your entire mattress and keeps it secure using a zipper closure. It is expertly designed with advanced technology to keep your mattress safe and free from stains, allergens, and other bacteria. This premium encasement ensures that you and your partner sleep peacefully at night with guaranteed comfort and protection. Made in China

Total Encasement Protection

This mattress encasement features a protective zipper closure to ensure your mattress is trapped safely inside and is protected from dust mites, bed bugs, and pet allergens. The encasement has a built-in safety sheet membrane that wraps completely around your mattress for total protection. The easy-to-use zipper closure ensures that your mattress lasts for a longer period of time. 

Advanced Technology

This mattress encasement is made using special fabric to be highly breathable and waterproof. An integrated moisture barrier enhances the fabric's performance by keeping liquids on the surface. The mattress cover fabric is stain-resistant and inhibits the spread of mold, mildew, and bacteria. In addition, this Mattress encasement also features anti-microbial protection that protects your pillow against odors.



  • Twin Size: 39"X 75" or (99 cm X 190 cm )

  • Double Size: 54" X 75" or (137 cm X 190 cm )

  • Queen Size: 60" X 80" or (152 cm X 203 cm )

  • King Size: 78" X 80" or (198 cm X 203 cm )

  • Twin Extra Long: 39" X 80" or (99 cm X 203 cm)



1x Proguard Mattress Encasement

Customer Reviews

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Sara Willow
Give an extra life to your mattress!

Changing mattresses frequently can be a hectic job. From the budget allotment to the final selection, everything takes a lot of time and hassle. How if you can give your mattress an extended lifespan by spending a few bucks for its safety?
I am using Proguard Mattress Encasement from Down Under Bedding. Ask me why and I am going to give you the answers below.
No matter how careful I remain, often some tea, coffee, or other liquids spill on to my bed while I am binge watching Netflix or some other things. As soon as the liquid reaches the mattress, it makes the mattress wet that reduces the lifetime. It also stains the mattress, washing which is a real hassle. But the encasement is stain resistant and can be cleaned easily.
The encasement saves the mattress from bed bugs and dust mites so that the mattress lasts longer and you get a comfortable sleep every time. It also keeps your mattress free from various allergens.
It is highly breathable and keeps your sleeping environment cool during hot summer.
Cleaning the encasement is easy. You can either spot clean any stain on it or remove the whole case with zipper closure.
I almost forgot to mention that this encasement is waterproof. So, no damp mattress from the next time.
With all these benefits, there is no reason to avoid the encasement. It might cost you a few bucks but will ensure long-lasting safety for your mattress. And if the mattress you are sleeping on is in neat condition, you will sleep much better than you would on a dirty and damp mattress. And just think how healthy the sleeping environment will be to keep you in a good mood all day long!

Hello Sara - We appreciate your honest review. Everybody sleeps differently and is unique. I also use the same exact protector as this encases the whole as opposed to most mattress pads which only go on top like a fitted bed sheet .
We encourage all customers to contact us directly for more detailed questions or concerns to find your comfort zone .Please check out our our Sleep Blog.
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484 or 905 624 5854