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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Duvet Cover

Spilled something on duvet, breakfast in bed....duvet cover is the answer!

Are you planning to give your room a makeover? Or just to protect your duvet from clumsy kids or playful pets? Or maybe you discovered that your blanket has a cover on top and wondering what it does?...... Well, all the answers point to (drumroll please) a Duvet Cover!!

Check out our complete guide on why a duvet cover is important!

Also, we’ve listed some important points to keep in mind when buying a cover for your duvet. We will also share with you how to put a cover on your comforter/ duvet!!

It’s 2023 you ‘all, we will remember this time for a long long time, and also would remember spending a lot of time in our room. Whether it is just for now that you are listening to music in your bed, maybe watching Netflix, or even just browsing for a new cover to revamp the look of your room. There are some things you should know before buying a new cover for your comfy, cozy blanket.

Since we are talking about spending time in your room, may I break it to you that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping? Yes….can you believe it!!

Benefits of a duvet cover

What Is A Duvet Cover And Why You Should Get One

Duvet covers can simply be understood as a cover to protect your duvet from dust, stains, and spills. But that’s not it…..duvet cover has a lot of other benefits. Simply put just duvet covers act as the outer layer of protection for your duvet just as pillowcases are for your pillows. The terms duvet and comforters insert are used interchangeably depending on where you live. Both a duvet and comforter are filled with warm materials to provide you comfort through the night and even though a duvet cover has the name duvet in it, it can also be used on your comforter.

Since duvets and comforters are bulky and expensive, it can be hard to clean them on a regular basis, and that is when duvet covers ease you of the hassle of regular cleaning. Since a duvet cover is just an additional layer attached to your duvet, it is easy to remove and clean. Duvet covers are easily cleaned and also easy to store as compared to a whole duvet. A new duvet cover is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the look of your room. Whether you have a duvet or a comforter you can still use a duvet cover to protect it from getting dirty. Duvet covers are designed to protect your duvets from spills, stains, and dirt while also doubling as a convenient way to change the décor of your room.

Take a look at our Duvet Covers Collection

These covers not only protect your quilt but also can help give your room a fresher new look, as they are easy to change and replace than the whole duvet/ comforter itself.  Duvet covers are the perfect accessories for your room. If you get bored, or simply have a new favorite color, all you got to do is buy a new cover; way cheaper than buying a whole new duvet. The duvet cover also allows you to re-furnish your bedroom with the simple shift of a cover. Whether you have a duvet or even a comforter, you can simply get a new cover and give your room a whole new fresh look!! Isn’t that awesome!!

The best thing about duvet covers is that you can just switch covers based on your mood, and decoration of your room. Depending on your age, interest, style, and color of choice, there are millions of choices available when it comes to duvet covers.

A little tip: If your duvet/ comforter is getting old or thinner or even if you notice it has started to pill; all you have to do is get a duvet cover on top. This saves you money and time!!  

A well-fitted duvet cover is very important as it might determine if you are able to get a good sleep. This is when you may also want to look at purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties. We have a whole blog on the importance of purchasing a duvet cover with insert ties. I can’t stress out how important it is!! 

When buying a duvet cover make sure it is the right size for your duvet or comforter. It is best to measure the length and width of your quilt before making a purchase, otherwise, you would notice that your duvet keeps shifting inside your blanket, which could be bothersome while sleeping.

Why does my duvet cover keep shifting inside the duvet

Pros Of Using A Duvet Cover

Ease Of Cleaning

Duvets covers are easy to care for! Duh, their main purpose is to keep the duvet from getting dirty and to avoid washing the whole bulky thing. So they easily come off from the duvet or comforter. You can simply toss the cover in the washing and put your mind to ease. Do remember, to always check the manufacturer’s label for cleaning instructions for your duvet cover. Imagine dropping breadcrumbs on your white duvet and having to clean the whole thing. Most duvets and comforters are also not to be washed in-home laundry; this is when covers come in handy. As they say:

"It is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent!!" - Ezra Taft Benson

Mix and Match

This is why I love duvets; you can always buy a new cover to match your room. Imagine getting your room painted and being stuck with an old boring color or comforter.YOLO! Live a little and take advantage of having a duvet where you can simply mix and match your cover. They are inexpensive and easy to store, so grab a bunch of you all and switch them up according to your mood.  

Let me tell you a little secret: I always put a new cover on my duvet wherever my friends are over and now they think my detergent is great. Nah! I have a bunch of covers and keep switching them up.

There is a whole lot of variety when it comes to duvet covers, whether it is for your baby girl who likes unicorns or your Grandpa whose favorite color is yellow! Or maybe you developed a liking for traditional motifs, you can find a duvet for every personality!!


You can just get a new cover without having to spend so much on getting a new duvet or comforter.  You can always take the cover off and simply wash it! I know what’s coming to your mind…..Yes! you can always buy a new colorful cover for it and enhance the look of your room. Isn’t that just great!! I’m already excited!!

Often Sold In Sets

Isn’t this great! You can have matching pillowcases, bedsheets, and duvets. Most places sell duvets covers in sets with other bedding materials. Check out this Damask Stripe Duvet Cover Set | 450TC by Down Under Bedding and Mattress.  

Use As-Is

Maybe you live in a cold country, where summer just comes for 2-3 months, and now you are wondering if there is any other way to use your duvet. Yess! There is! Take your duvet out of the cover and just use the cover as a lightweight sheet for yourself. This saves you the time, money, and space of storing another sheet for the summer months.  

Disadvantages of using a duvet cover?

Downsides Of Using A Duvet Cover

Additional Weight Duvets

A duvet cover could add weight to your duvet which might not be favored by some people. The texture does add a decorative appeal to your duvet but also adds weight. We recommend using duvet covers with sheet-weight fabrics that are both long-lasting and washable.

The Duvet Keeps Moving

We have mentioned this quite a few times now!! You may find that your duvet keeps moving inside the cover and could disturb you during your sleep. But the good news coz there is a solution to this! Use duvet ties! 

Read our How To Prevent Your Duvet From Moving In The Duvet Cover? blog to get rid of this problem.

Changing Covers Could Be A Nightmare

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! If you have a big king-size duvet, better to call a friend for help.


Another addition to your bedding items means spending more money. Consider yourself warned!

Finding The Right Size Would Be A Challenge

It is not easy to find some specific sizes especially if you have a king-size duvet. Different manufacturers could use different measurements for a king-size duvet. it is always best to measure your duvet before getting a duvet cover.

Top reasons to use a duvet cover

Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Duvet Cover

  • Always try to use a duvet or comforter cover to keep your duvet insert clean and sanitary. Many people prefer using 100% cotton fabric as it provides a softer feel, but keep in mind it also is more prone to wrinkles. Also, be aware that "microfiber" is usually 100% polyester and it tends to pill after repeated washings.
  • When washing your duvet or comforter cover it is always recommended that you turn it inside out for best results. Take note to always check the label for the manufacturer’s instructions on washing your duvet cover as well as a duvet. Some comforter covers may not be washed or might need a commercial-sized washing machine.   
  • Look for a duvet comforter cover with a zipper closure over a button closing. Zippers tend to be more durable over buttons which tend to fall off after repeated washings similar to dress shirts.
  • Look for a duvet comforter cover with corner ties or tabs to help prevent shifting of the insert inside of the cover since sizes can be slightly different. Check out our video on why your duvet move around inside the cover.

Take note of these points and it will save you a lot of hassle!!

Run with your warm duvet/  comforter

Even though duvets are designed to protect your duvet and comforter from getting dirty, they double up to add a splash of color to your room. If you are unsure of which duvet cover to buy, we suggest you ask yourself a few questions. Are you a solid color or pattern person? Also, do you get bored easily? If you do then go for a neutral color, something that matches your bedroom. Whether you are interested in softer tones, patterns, or floral designs, you can find your perfect duvet cover at Down Under Bedding and Mattress. Darker colors are perfect for the modern urban room. Whereas colorful duvets with animals and cartoon designs are great for kids.

The best is to mix and match colors according to your liking. Aside from the colors, make sure to get the correct size for your duvet and get a duet cover with insert ties. Also, covers can easily be zipped up or buttoned from the side, this not only helps keep the shape of your duvet intact but also keep the dirt and germs outside for longer.

Hope we made your choice a little easier. Now you can run away with your duvet wherever you would like, just make sure to add a duvet cover.

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February 28, 2024

I’m glad you found the information on duvet covers helpful! Not all duvet covers come with ties. Duvet covers may feature different types of closures and securing mechanisms, including buttons, zippers, snaps, or ties.

Linda Joy-Richards

Linda Joy-Richards

February 28, 2024

Thank you for the info on duvet covers. Very helpful. Do all duvet covers come with ties?

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