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Bamboo Bedding: The Ultimate Guide - Down Under Bedding

Bamboo is quite a superior plant. It naturally resists mildew and mold while simultaneously fighting off odor, which is some true superhero powers if you ask me! 

It has strong absorbing powers while it wicks away any moisture at the same time. It provides excellent ventilation that helps to control humidity and regulate body temperature. This makes it the perfect material for all-season comfort! 

All those blankets in your closet that fall on you every time you open your linen closet, you know the ones! You have a blanket for every season…Well not anymore! With the bamboo duvet, due to its superpowers, you can use one duvet throughout the whole year! 

This luxurious, premium bedding is so soft and comfortable you won’t regret the switch! Make your comfort zone as soft as bamboo! This article will definitely convince you! 

The antibacterial properties of bamboo are not tampered with during the manufacturing process which makes bamboo a very clean and hygienic fabric to use in bedding.  - Purezone


Pros and Cons of bamboo sheets advantages disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bamboo Bedding

Looking to buy bamboo bedding?? But wondering if this should be your go-to option or not. Well let me start by saying bamboo bedding is known to be beneficial for your overall health; this fill is not only eco-friendly but also has amazing breathability and durability. Whether you are looking to buy bamboo sheets, bamboo duvets or duvet covers, or even a bamboo fill pillow. They could help enhance your sleeping experience.

Before deciding which bamboo bedding to buy. Have a look at the pros and cons! It’s basically the only way to make a decision - am I right? Who knows maybe you will end up changing all your bedding accessories to bamboo-filled ones. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you may find when it comes to bamboo bedding. 


Advantages of bamboo bedding



When shopping around for bedding, the number one priority on everyone’s mind is comfort. I get it! There is nothing more important than being completely and utterly in bliss of comfort when laying in bed or dreaming peacefully. Bamboo bedding is some of the most comfortable bedding you will ever use. It is so soft to the touch and keeps your body temperature regulated all night! Get an awesome sleep every time! 

Health and Wellness

Bamboo is a natural material that is hypoallergenic. Because it is made from plant-based materials, those with allergies to down feathers have a perfect alternative with bamboo bedding.

Bamboo is also dust-resistant and keeps those dust mites away. This is great news for those who are asthmatic or allergic to dust.

No more scaring away your partner with a midnight sneeze attack! Another great feature of bamboo is that it has antibacterial properties and keeps those germs away. Who wants germs hanging around in their bedding? Not me!


Bamboo can grow so easily and quickly on its ownwithout any addition of pesticides or other chemicals which makes it very safe for the environment. Because it grows so rapidly and in such large amounts make it possible to utilize it faster for production while also not overwhelming the resources. Yay! Suitable for the planet AND for you! Winning!!


Believe it or not, bamboo is moredurable than most alternative materials. I guess you’re wondering how that works. Well, bamboo fibers are one long continuous strand that stretches across the whole length of the fabric, as opposed to having a bunch of shorter fibers that are interwoven together. This means that bamboo sheets are less likely to rip or wear out than your typical cotton sheets. So even though bamboo bedding tends to be a bit more expensive, it ends up paying off because of how much longer it lasts.I told you bamboo had superpowers!

Thermo Control

For those that are hot sleepers, listen up! Bamboo is the type of material that is actually able to regulate body temperature which helps keep you cooler. It is able to wick away moisture as well, so you don’t feel sweaty during the night either. No need to sleep with one leg uncovered to keep cool. Way to go thermo control!!

Odor Resistant

Bamboo material is able to wick away moisture too while actually still having odor resistance. The antibacterial qualities of the fabric act as a deodorizer which keeps everything smelling fresher and cleaner for longer than with cotton or polyester bedding. Ahh!! Smell that?! It’s your bamboo bedding smelling fresher than ever!

Are bamboo bed sheets good?



Most of the time, bamboo bedding costs more than traditional bedding. Ouch! I know it hurts my wallet’s feelings too! Alternatives that are combined with synthetic materials can be cheaper, but this does affect the quality. Though bamboo bedding is more expensive, its durability makes it last longer than conventional polyester or cotton fabrics. They stay looking newer for longer and actually last longer over time. You end up not needing to replace your sheets as often, which ends up saving you money in the long run. Cha-ching!

Requires Gentle Care

You must take care of your bamboo bedding properly in order to make sure the quality lasts. You cannot throw them in the washer at whatever cycle, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. Yikes! Certain care instructions cannot be ignored such as always washing with COLD water, using a mild soap or detergent, always avoiding HOT water, and never adding in any bleach or fabric softener. This might mean a whole customized washing process just for your bamboo bedding. If the care instructions do mention no washing machine - then avoid it like the plague! You may ruin your perfect bamboo bedding.

Wrinkles Easily

Bamboo bedding, unfortunately, wrinkles a lot easier than its competitors. When folded up and stored for a long time or right after they come out of the wash, bamboo sheets can be superbly wrinkly. I know! Something bamboo can’t do perfectly! Never fear! Taking some extra steps can help you avoid wrinkles. You can iron your sheets at a very low temperature to get the wrinkles out or put the sheets on directly after drying to avoid wrinkles altogether. Hang drying or laying out the sheets on a flat surface to dry is a great way to prevent wrinkles as well. 

bamboo duvet

Which Is The Best Filling For A Duvet? Are Bamboo Duvets Good? 

Our bamboo duvet is made from 100% Bamboo viscose and is filled with 100% natural long-strand bamboo fibers, to provide you with the best quality there is! Bamboo is grown easily without pesticides and is able to regenerate completely through its own natural process, making it an eco-friendly option.

How cool is that?! Save the earth while you sleep too!

So you are probably wondering what on earth is viscose!! You may have also heard ‘rayon’ and ‘viscose’ used interchangeably when it comes to bamboo products. Viscose is a fiber that is made by dissolving the cellulose that is present in bamboo, which is then extruded to make fibers. Oh, Science! This is a form of fiber rayon, which is defined as a manufactured and regenerated cellulose fiber. Another term used on the market for this kind of bamboo is ‘regenerated’ bamboo.

The outer shell as well as the fibers within has a natural antibacterial property that is able to protect the bedding from bacteria. Wham! Take that bacteria! You are nothing against the bamboo’s superpowers! This duvet wicks away sweat and other moisture and adjusts to your body temperature to keep you comfortable throughout the entire night! What’s better is how silky soft this duvet is! Such a luxurious fabric! You will wake up feeling like a superstar every morning. Never lose any beauty sleep again! Add on a bamboo duvet cover for even more comfort and softness! Ahh, the choices! I love having options, don’t you?! So many great bamboo duvets cover out there! How will you ever choose just one?!

Duvet covers also help to protect your duvet and extend its quality for many years, keeping it looking new! This premium duvet is also dust-resistant, which makes it hypoallergenic too! This bedding is perfect for those who have any dust or skin allergies! Ah-choo! No more waking up in a sneezing fit! Get a bedding that finally matches your love for nature. What a comfy Earth we live in! Check out some of our reviews below! 

Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Good?

A lot of the bamboo sheets that are on the market are generally bamboo blends. It is best to look for labels and product descriptions that state “100% bamboo” because these products are more environmentally friendly with non-toxic manufacturing processes. Woo-hoo to saving the planet! What’s better, is that 100% bamboo sheets actually feel just as soft as cotton that is a higher thread count. So, 100% bamboo sheets with a 250-thread count are just as soft as cotton sheets with a 400-thread count. The softness really makes it hard to leave my bed, I must be honest!

Though 100% bamboo sheets are a bit more expensive than bamboo blends, the softness and comfort make up for it! You do end up saving some money sticking to 100% bamboo over the higher thread count cotton sheets. Every little bit helps! Try to find brands of bamboo sheets that actually have a lifetime warranty. Brands like Cariloha, though on the expensive side, do come with a lifetime quality guarantee. A larger investment at first, for sure! But it pays off knowing that if anything happens to your sheets, you are guaranteed a replacement for life. Now that’s a deal! 

Check out at our 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set.

How to care for your Bamboo Bedding

Always Read The Care Instructions! No Two Bamboo Duvets Are the Same!

Most duvets have similar tips and tricks when it comes to caring for them, but even still it is very important you do your due diligence and always read the care instructions designated to your product. 

Firstly, and most importantly for any duvet, USE A DUVET COVER!! This ensures the maximum longevity of the duvet but will also assist in keeping it clean. When using a duvet cover, all your comforter will need is a day hanging in the sun for 1-3 hours every 3-5 months to air it out. The sun is actually able to dry up all the excess moisture and body oil that is hiding within your comforter. It naturally refreshes your comforter without damage, making it smell fresh and clean and making it feel like new. 

Spot cleaning is another thing you need to know with a duvet. No need to wash the entire thing if it's just a small spot of dirt, right? I agree! Let me give you some helpful hints on the best way to spot clean your duvet! 

  1. Take a cloth and soak it in mild detergent and water then wring out the cloth to remove excess water and soap.
  2. Gently dab the spot with the cloth until the stain has been removed.
  3. Layout the duvet flat to air dry or hang it outside in the sun.

TAH-DA!!!! Magic!

Now, the most important reason to read the care instructions is when it comes to actually washing the entire comforter. Some can be placed in the washing machine, but still have certain instructions that must be followed like always using cold water, and only using the rinse cycle, with no spin cycle at all. Other duvets are not to be put into the washing machine under any circumstance! Ever!!! If this is the case but you are in desperate need to have your duvet cleaned, you will have to bring it in for dry cleaning services. If you cannot air dry your duvet you may put it in the dryer on the COOL and GENTLE cycle. Never wring out or twist your duvet.

“The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps!” - Bambu Batu

Cotton vs. Bamboo sheets

Why Choose Bamboo Over Cotton 

Softer Than Cotton

Everyone knows that Egyptian cotton is amazingly soft, but it sure is expensive! Viscose, which is the fiber that is produced from bamboo, is comparable to Egyptian cotton, feeling just as soft but costing much less. This super-soft fabric has another superpower - it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial too! Use bamboo products from your bed to your bath and beyond!

More Absorbent And Breathable Than Cotton

Moisture is everywhere!!! And moisture means mold and bacteria - yuck! Not only is the atmosphere naturally filled with moisture, but to top it off there is body sweat and oils. Bamboo is able to wick away moisture for a much drier and more comfortable sleep than cotton. It is airier and breathable too which keeps you cooler during the night, making you sweat less. Bamboo to the rescue!

Stays Fresher And Cleaner For Longer

The antimicrobial properties in bamboo are called ‘bamboo Kun’. Interesting name, right? I thought so too! Bacteria that are prone to fabrics are repelled by bamboo, and in return, the fabric stays smelling fresher for longer when compared to cotton. One big reason bamboo floor mats are popular in countries where shoes are not typically worn inside is that the bamboo actually keeps things smelling fresh. Though you should still always be washing your bedding once a week, the bamboo guarantees a fresh scent all the way until wash day. You will want to bury your face in them, trust me! I do it all the time.

Bamboo Is A Self-replenishing Resource

Bamboo is a hearty plant that is able to grow in many conditions. It is naturally resistant to pathogens and insects and grows without the use of pesticides or fertilizer. Though cotton is naturally sourced, non-organic cotton is normally grown using pesticides and fertilizer. Cotton also requires harvesting and replanting, which creates a more complicated growing process. Bamboo grows about 4 feet a day and only takes 3-4 years from seed to harvesting. Bamboo will yield 10 times more than one acre of cotton. The coolest part is that after the bamboo is harvested, it is able to replenish itself on its own. As long as the roots are left, the bamboo will usually regrow. Now that’s what I call tough!!

Bamboo Uses Less Water To Grow

Irrigation is not necessary for bamboo plants. They require a third of the amount of the water than cotton does, which makes them that much more eco-friendly. Bamboo utilizes water much more efficiently than most plants, including cotton, and it is actually able to self-sustain. That makes it a very ideal crop for farming because it requires such little maintenance and does not need much to grow. Give it up for Earth’s superhero!

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