What is the oversized extra-large California King Size?

Customers ask us the time what is the oversize extra-large California King Size?

Simply put it is the next bedding size larger then a standard king size to accommodate thicker higher contour mattresses which are 15" (38cm) to 20" (50cm) in depth.

Thus the duvet or comforter on the sides looks odd and does not hang properly on the sides of the bed. Most normal bedding hanging should be about 10" to 12" on both sides to make the bed look nice.

Regular King Duvet  88" (224cm) X 102" (260cm)

Oversized King Duvet 110" (280cm) X 100" (254cm)

What is another reason to go for the extra large size king?

If you and your partner are always pulling and hogging over the covers, fight no more. Here is a bedding size chart for all North American sizes