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Wool Bedding: The Sleep Solution You Didn't Know You Needed

There’s not much worse than getting a baaaaaad-d night of sleep (sorry, we couldn’t resist the sheep pun :-)

That’s why we recommend wool bedding as one of our favorite materials to use for sleep products because it offers so many benefits. Your health, home, and the world around you can all be improved by using wool bedding to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Before we talk about why wool is great to use as a material for sleep products, let’s answer an important question about this natural, eco-friendly material first.

What Is Wool?

Wool is made from the hair or fur of a variety of different types of animals, which can include sheep, goats, llamas, camels, and rabbits.

The hair from these animals can be made into yarn or spun, which is then weaved into a material that can be used for many items like wool bedding. Most wool bedding in the USA and Canada is made from sheep's wool. 

Seeing someone in a rabbit-wool sweater would just be weird, right??? 

The Benefits Of Wool Bedding

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The benefits of wool bedding are many. People have used wool bedding for sleep products for centuries because it’s great for…


When anyone thinks of wool, they automatically think of warmth. It is usually the “go-to” material when a person is shopping for clothing that will be worn during the winter months. 

Wool blankets are the first choice when it comes to bed coverings, duvets, comforters, and blankets during chilly nights. Wool is so effective at creating warmth because it acts as an insulator — it can hold in the heat that the body generates.

After all, you’ve never seen a cold sheep, have you???


What comes as a surprise to many people is that wool can also keep an individual cool. It is because the fibers of the wool allow the skin to breathe. Many synthetic materials do not give this same benefit. 

When you are warm, you may tend to perspire. When this happens, if the perspiration gets trapped next to your body, it makes you feel hot and sweaty. Wool can absorb perspiration, and this creates a dry layer against the skin, making you feel cooler and far more comfortable.

Heat Regulator

With its ability to provide warmth as well as create coolness, it is recognized as a heat regulator. Wool works the same way when it is used as wool bedding as it does when it is on the animal. It can keep them warm during the winter months and protect them against the heat in the summer as it regulates the animal’s body temperature.

All Natural and Eco-Friendly

One of the most appreciated benefits of wool is that it is a natural product. Wool bedding is not a man-made synthetic that may contain many unwanted chemicals. Purchasing wool bedding products is an investment in your health and in the environment. Just make sure you’re purchasing wool that is ethically sourced. Happy animals make great wool!

Fewer Dust Mites

You have probably heard about dust mites but don’t give them much thought as they are so small you can’t see them. They are pretty much everywhere, and that includes them being present on the bedding such as the mattress, pillows, sheets, and covers.

Dust mites feed off the dead skin that is shed by humans, which makes the bed and its bedding a perfect environment for the mites. They thrive in high humidity. Wool creates a dry environment for sleeping; therefore, it is not ideal for dust mites. 

Prevent Mold Spores

Many types of bedding create and trap heat. When this happens, it creates a moist, humid environment within the bedding. This can attract spores that thrive in this type of condition. 

Wool bedding’s natural ability to regular moisture means that it is great at repelling fungal spores...and who wants to sleep with those? Yuck!

Flame Resistant

Something that is often not given much thought to a bedding product is its resistance to fire. Wool has a high ignition temperature that ranges between 570 and 600 degrees C. It takes more oxygen in the air for it to ignite.

Wool bedding is self-extinguishing and won’t melt or stick to the skin. These are important qualities that could keep you or your family safe in the unfortunate scenario where you have a house fire. 

Knowing you and your family are safe will make it easier for you to fall a-sheep...ahem...we mean, asleep :-)

The Health Benefits

Wool bedding can create a healthier atmosphere for sleeping. It is based on its ability to regulate temperature and its resistance against dust mites and spores.

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Better Sleep

Everyone needs to be comfortable when they are sleeping. Otherwise, your sleep is disturbed, and this can leave you feeling unrested when it’s time to get up. If the wrong bedding is used throughout the night, it can cause constant disruption.

You may get overheated, which can then wake you up to toss off your bedding. Then after a while, you become cool, so you wake up once again, so you can cover up. This can go on several times throughout the night. 

This can be detrimental to the overall health of a person as they are not getting the proper rest. When an individual relies on wool bedding, the heat regulation qualities of this help to eliminate the inconsistencies of feeling hot and cold.

Improved Allergies

So many people suffer from all different types of allergies. Most of these are blamed on the environment or food. If you have allergies, it may seem that they are worse at night when you go to bed. The dust mites that are present may be what is making your condition worse. Your movement in the bed causes the mites to be airborne, and they can become trapped in the lining of your nasal passage.

This is another excellent reason to replace your regular bedding with wool bedding. The fibers of the wool are not something the dust mites like for their living environment.

Fungal spores are another culprit that can affect your health. They can make respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinus problems worse. Wool bedding is an exceptional alternative bedding product with its ability to resist these types of spores.

Proper Rest = More Energy!

A lot of people who have difficulty sleeping will find all different types of issues to blame this on. But, what they may not realize is that it’s the bedding itself that is causing the problem.

Sleep that is continuously being interrupted can harm your general health. Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, and it can affect your mental stability. You may become so tired that you cannot function properly or think clearly. This has a direct effect on your daily lifestyle.

Popular Types of Wool Bedding

Several different bedding products have to be given some thought for those looking for the best night’s sleep. Fortunately, most of what is required can be found in the wool bedding category.

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Wool Mattress Pad

The mattress itself is going to provide the level of firmness that you feel is most comfortable for you. Many people will just cover the mattress with a sheet; however, a wool mattress pad, like the Australian Certified Pure Wool Fleece Mattress Pad can give you an extra level of comfort.

Mattress pads are not meant to provide extra thickness. Instead, the purpose of using a mattress pad is to provide the benefits of body heat regulation that may be disturbed by some common types of sheet fabrics or from the covering of the mattress itself. 

The wool mattress pad can be placed under the fitted bottom sheet to provide extra comfort and enhance the sleep experience.

Wool Duvet

The outer covering used during sleep is just as important as the bottom coverings. A good choice in the wool bedding category for top covers is the wool duvet. Wool duvets are great to sleep with because they have the ability to regular body heat, and resist dust mites and spores. 

There are some additional benefits to the wool duvet.

  • It can eliminate the need to use several blankets to gain the same level of warmth. This often causes an uncomfortable feeling because of the weight of several blankets. 
  • Blankets tend to slip off as a result of movement, which then wakes the individual up. A high-quality wool duvet will remain in place.
  • Blankets become bunched up, and part of the body is cold while other parts are overheated. A good wool duvet does not do this.

The wool duvet is one single component filled with wool fibers that are layered between two pieces of 100% cotton. It is lightweight and can contour to the movements of your body, so there is no fighting with bedding that is slipping each time you move. Take a look at our wool duvet  products or check out this premium washable sheepskin wool duvet in Amazon.Com

Wool Pillow

The pillow is another must-have sleep product, and luckily pillows can be stuffed with wool. Here are a few reasons to invest in a high-quality wool pillow.


Usually, when choosing a pillow, most will go for the degree of firmness, believing that is all that counts when it comes to its comfort. There is a lot more than a pillow must possess if it is going to contribute to a good night’s sleep. The material that it is stuffed with as well as its outer covering are the most important components, and not just for the degree of firmness.


Wool pillows are hypoallergenic. Just as the rest of the bedding can contribute to allergies, the same applies to the pillow…because it’s right next to your airway! The wool pillow that is stuffed with wool fibers helps to prevent the high humidity environment in that dust mites and spores thrive. 


When you choose an organic wool pillow, like our 100% Organic Asutralian Sheep Wool Pillow, you are taking your comfort to the next level. Now you are not being exposed to any of the chemicals that can be present in other pillow types. Together with the 100% Japara Cotton Cover that is soft and sensitive-skin friendly, rest assured you'll be getting the best good night rest you deserve.

How to Care for Wool Bedding

Whenever you purchase wool bedding products, make sure to read the care instructions, so you'll know the best way to keep it clean.

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We recommend washing our wool bedding at a laundromat in a heavy-duty machine, in cold water, delicate cycle, with a small amount of soap. 

Tumble dry on low heat or better yet, air dry in the sun when it's slightly damp. 

Investing in wool bedding means you are investing in both your comfort and your health, and you won’t have to count sheep to fall asleep anymore!

Look into our selection of all-natural, wool sleep products and get that rest you deserve

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