How to purchase a duvet comforter cover and care tips 2019

Duvet cover comforter corner ties tabes zipper


Here are some top duvet comforter cover tips for 2019

1) Always try to use a duvet or comforter cover to keep your duvet insert clean and sanitary. 100% cotton fabric is preferable since it softer but will wrinkle more. Be aware that "microfiber" is usually really 100% polyester which tends to pill after repeated washings.

2) When washing your duvet or comforter cover turn it inside out for best results. Some comforter covers may not be washed or might need a commercial size washing machine.   

3) Look for a duvet comforter cover with a zipper closure over a button close. Zippers tend to be more durable over buttons which tend to fall off after repeated washings similar to dress shirts

4) Look for a duvet comforter cover with corner ties or tabs to help prevent shifting of the insert inside of the cover since sizes can be slightly different.

5) The terms duvet and comforters insert are used interchangeably depending on where you live. Both a duvet or comforter is filled with a premium fiber such is goose down, Australian wool, Washable silk, etc.