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What Is The Queen Size Pillow Dimensions?

Just like your mattress, pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your personal preferences. Some people enjoy sleeping with big fluffy pillows, while some like to sleep on a small cushiony pillow and some don’t even like to sleep on a pillow.

Do you remember the last time you bought a new pillow? Maybe it has been a long time since you bought a pillow or maybe this is your first time, pillow shopping! Or you might be looking for the difference between queen size and standard pillow. Don’t worry, you came to the right place, we have created the perfect guide to end your pillow hunt!

Imagine you are in another country and want to sleep, but you miss your pillow and can’t sleep. Now you are wondering and searching the web for different pillow sizes, dimensions, and fill but you are left confused with the wide variety out there.

We often pay a lot of attention when shopping for a mattress, but not as much when going pillow shopping. Why is it? Your mattress definitely is a big investment, when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your loved one. But when it comes to determining your sleep quality, pillows are equally important. Choosing the right-sized pillow is very important not only for a good night’s sleep but also for your overall health. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with neck pain, back pain, or shoulder problems, your pillow could be a red flag, and high time that you get one that meets your needs.

But which one is right and how to select the perfect pillow size and structure?Hold on…..answers coming in a few scrolls!! 

Pillow sizes and dimensions- standard, queen, king

While choosing the right pillow for yourself, it is important to ask yourself whether you like to sleep on a large pillow, or if would you prefer a small one with more volume.

You may notice that some pillows offer more comfort than others because of the nature of the filling inside them. First, let me introduce you to the sizing and dimensions available when buying pillows.

Even though there are various sizes when it comes to the pillow, there is still a standard acceptable size used within the bedding industry to help you in your search for the perfect pillow.

Just like bed sheets, pillowcases also follow the same rules to help provide a more acceptable look.

Pillow Sizes And Dimensions

Standard pillow size and dimesnions

Standard Pillows

Standard pillows are the most common type of pillows, measuring (51 x 66 cm) or 20" x 26" (inches). Standard size is the perfect compact option for people who like to sleep without much tossing and turning. This size is often bought with twin or double beds because they sit across perfectly a small-sized bed. A standard pillow can be found very commonly because of its fairly acceptable dimensions that fit everyone from growing kids to adults. 

Downunder Bedding's Standard Sized White Goose Down Pillow is the best option for you. This pillow has a high profile firm support that's perfect for side sleepers. So, if you like to toss and turn while sleeping or have neck or back pain issues, we would recommend you go for a bigger size such as a queen or king-size pillow. But if you simply prefer sleeping on your back, stomach, or on one side throughout the night then this would be the perfect fit for you.  

The only downside of this size is that the fill could drift to the ends making it less fluffy over time. We recommend you keep fluffing it up from time to time to maintain its life for longer. Also finding the right-sized pillowcase for this size could be a problem…but do not worry we have a solution for that!

Another advantage of this size is that it can be easily used in a standard or even queen-sized pillow cover. So, you don’t have to worry if you can’t find a standard pillowcase, coz all you got to do is simply take the general/queen-size case and put your standard-sized pillow inside, now you are ready to go! Doesn’t this give you one more reason to love this size even more!! 

Queen size pillow dimensions

Queen Pillows

Queen pillow dimensions are slightly longer than a standard pillow, which provides you with more surface area and comfort for your head. The standard measurements for this in North America are (51 x 76 cm) or 20" x 30" (inches). These pillows are perfect for all kinds of sleepers, side, back, or stomach. Their amazing ultra-soft and fluffy fill provide ultimate comfort throughout the night.

Downunder Bedding's Queen-Sized Goose Down Soft Profile Pillow is the best option for you. This pillow has an extra soft support that's perfect for stomach sleepers. This gives you the extra room helps provide more comfort for people who like to toss and turn throughout the night. They are specifically designed to be the perfect fit for a queen-sized bed if two of them are placed side by side but work well for twin or king-sized beds too.

Tip: Because of them being super popular. Yes, feeling like a queen!! You can find a wide variety of pillow cases, covers, inside fill loft, etc. for this sized pillow.

However, pillows should be bought, keeping in mind your personal preference. Many people prefer the extra length of a queen-sized pillow for their twin or double beds.  Did I mention, they fit perfectly well within a standard-sized pillowcase too, depending on the amount of fill inside. Don’t take my word for it, try it out, but be sure to measure!! 

King Size pillows

King Pillows

King pillows have an extra-long measurement of (51 x 92 cm) or 20" x 36" (inches), which can make you feel like a King! Yes, keep two of them side by side and even if you toss and turn at night, you could still sleep comfortably. They are perfect for a standard king-sized bed, not only do they help with the aesthetics of your room but also the perfect length and width for this large king-sized mattress.

Even though they are specifically designed for the extra width of your king or California-sized bedding, but are also a great addition to a queen, twin, or small bed for people who like to sleep with big pillows. Helps provide ample support to your neck and back throughout the night. The king-sized pillows are perfect for people with broad shoulders or people who like to sleep on extra fluffy pillows.

King-sized pillows help provide extra support as compared to your standard or queen pillow. But still many prefer sleeping on queen-sized or standard pillows. In this case, you may want to choose a king-sized pillow for decorative purposes. Check out our King-Sized White Goose Down Pillow.

So, if you prefer sleeping with a small king-sized pillow but want to add a more full, cozy feel to your bedroom, then buy a set of king, queen, and European square pillows. And use your comfy king pillows as an extra headrest or a backrest while sitting on your bed.

The only downside of sleeping with this pillow size is that many people find the extra measurements and material too much to sleep with, in this case, we recommend you could just use it for decorative purposes. 

European size pillow dimensions

European Pillow

A European pillow also known as a euro pillow or euro sham is a square-shaped pillow. These are most commonly used for décor purposes on beds, sofas, and couches. The traditional measurement for this size is (66 x 66 cm) or 26" x 26" (inches).

Not only are they perfect for accessorizing your bed, but also are great for providing you with back and neck support for watching Netflix or getting some reading done while in bed!!

Did I mention, these pillows can be found in every color and design you could imagine. So, get ready to glam up your room with your favorite Disney character, your best quote (some places also let you print your choice of design on this size of pillow), or even a simple design that you love. Some European pillows can be found as having a design on one side, while just a plain solid color on the other side; this lets you have more choice by switching it up alternatively.  

Tip: Be sure to buy a good quality fluffy pillow from a reputed manufacturer otherwise you would find that your euro pillow is getting flat. 

Difference between standard and queen size pillow

Q and A: All You Need To Know About Pillow Sizing!

You might have an idea about the specifics regarding the pros and cons of pillow sizing standards. Not only do they help you provide a sense of comfort while sleeping but also play an important role in your health. If you are still confused about the wide variety of sizing standards or want to get a better idea, have a look at the list of Q and A’s below:

Difference between Standard and Queen Pillows?

A standard pillow is the smallest size of a sleeping pillow with measurements of (51 x 76 cm) or 20" x 30" (inches), whereas a queen pillow is slightly longer and often the most common choice when shopping for pillows. Queen-size pillows measure (51 x 76 cm) or 20" x 30" (inches). Some people like the compactness that a standard pillow provides while others like the luxurious feel of a larger size.

Tip: Smaller sizes might save you a few bucks, get for the long run get something that you would provide comfort while sleeping.

Is Standard And Queen Size The Same?

Many people mistake a standard pillow for a queen-sized pillow because they appear to be very similar in size. The only difference is that a queen-sized pillow is slightly longer than a standard pillow, which can help provide you with some additional comfort. Another advantage of this size is that you can find a huge variety of pillow covers/ pillowcases and regardless of what size of cover you buy, both these sizes can fit into them. 

What Are The Dimensions Of Queen Size Pillows?

Queen-sized pillows are usually a little bit longer than regular standard pillows. The ideal queen pillow dimensions followed across North America are (51 x 76 cm) or 20" width x 30" length (inches). Because of their extra length, they are perfect for displaying across your Queen-sized bed or even a double-sized bed.

Queen size pillow dimensions- sleep country

So, Which One Should I Buy?

Ultimately, the decision would be yours. Be sure to ask yourself your purpose and need for the kind of pillow you choose. Whether it is simply for decorative purposes or for sleeping comfortably, also do check your bedding and mattress size when buying the perfect pillow for your needs.

Many people simply buy pillows to match their bedding size, but this should not be the case, it is important to pay attention to your sleeping needs and posture at night. A king-size pillow may not be a good choice for everyone just like standard pillow measurements could be too small for some. If you simply cannot decide the best is to go for somewhere in the middle that is for a queen-sized pillow.

Remember, that sizes could vary across countries and also through different manufacturers, so we recommend you measure or check for specific sizing by each company when shopping for pillows.  

Give your room a new look by mixing and matching much of different sizes and pillow covers. I personally love mixing my pillow sizes, but the bigger-sized king, and queen pillows near the back of the headboard of your bed and then lay smaller sizes such as Euro pillows to the front to get a fresh pattern look for your room. Hope you have fun mixing and matching them up.

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