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100% White Goose Down Soft Low Profile Pillow Insert

Size: Standard Pillow

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Product Description


  • Finished & Filled in Canada
  • Extra-Soft Low Profile Support
  • 100% White Goose Down 550 Loft Filling
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Good for Stomach Sleepers
  • Breathable
  • 100% Down Proof Cotton Outer Shell
  • Flat as a pancake


  • Standard Size:20" X 26" or 50.8 cm X 66 cm - 10 oz Fill Weight
  • Queen Size:20" X 30" or 50.8 cm X 76.2 cm - 13 oz Fill Weight
  • King Size:20" X 36" or 50.8 cm X 91.4 cm - 16 oz Fill Weight

This is an extremely soft pillow only for stomach or side sleepers.

Please see our return policy on pillows. You are responsible for the shipping back to us:

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Buy Local: Filled & Finished in Canada

We're proud to support the local economy through our vast selection of 100% Canadian-made products. These 100% white goose-down pillows are made in Canada. The cleaning and processing of the down used for this pillow are done in accordance with the standards by the Down Association of Canada.

Benefits of 100% Goose Down Pillow vs. Duck Down:

Goose down provides more warmth than duck down, which gives you more reasons to find that most good quality pillows/duvets have this type of down filling. The composition of the down makes them lighter and fluffier than others, adding to an airy and soft texture.Goose Down is preferred since it tends to have less odor than duck down.

No Feathers Poking Through:

We promise no feathers will poke through, and you'll get a great night's sleep with this 100% Goose Down Pillow in soft flat support.

Super Soft Low Profile 100% Goose Down Pillow for Stomach & Side Sleeper

Down and cotton, both natural materials, are also very breathable. Airflow to your head and neck while you sleep, is essential, as it helps keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Extra soft pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their stomach, as they provide support while allowing your head to sink comfortably, aligning your neck and spine.

Care Instructions:

Using a pillow protector and a pillowcase together is very important to provide your pillow with the best protection and to keep it clean. Wash your pillowcases once a week and pillow protectors at least once a month.

DO NOT MACHINE WASH this down-filled product, as this compromises its integrity and encourages filling to leak out and clump together.

You can spot-clean your pillow with water and a mild detergent. Pure down pillows become flat after use, so make sure to fluff and shake out your down-filled pillows every morning to restore shape and redistribute the down filling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lorri Watson
Love my 100% white goose down extra soft support pillow.

I have been looking for years for a good soft pillow. I suffer from severe headaches every night. Since receiving my pillow, the headaches have reduced considerably. I love how I can curl it around my head, and neck, and I sleep like a baby. Don't get up two and three times a night. I can sleep through. My pillow has changed my life. Thank you. Next time, I'll purchase the Queen size.

Hi Lori I'm glad you found that very soft pillow that you need period many customers tend to always sometimes use multiple pillows because everybody support and comfort level is different and unique. Here is a pro tip always use two pillow protectors on your pillow instead of one and then your pillowcase to keep your pillow clean and sanitary and not turn yellow.

Performs as advertised

Description is true and it's low enough to feel your mattress so if you have a firm one I'd choose the medium pillow insert with more fill weight

Thank you so much for your review as much as possible we tried to call people and let them know that is a very soft pillow but everybody's sleep is different and some people sleep with multiple pillows. We recommend people please contact us via cha, email or our toll-free telephone number or even better yet take our pillow quiz at the top of the website so you can find the right pillow since back, side and stomach sleepers are all different and unique.

john williams
awesome, could not be more pleased

I was a bit put off by having to watch a video and confirm my already confirmed order, however I understand why they do this - some people cannot read and order this unusually soft pillow by accident. I must say it was exactly what I wanted, could not be more perfect, will buy another one, and also maybe others as a gift. It is totally awesome.

John - Thank you for having the patience and understanding why we do this video. We want the customer experience to be as perfect as possible and so they know exactly what type of pillow they're getting since everybody sleeps differently and is unique. this pillow is very soft but does come back up due to the nature of the down inside. Always try to use a pillow protector on top and change your pillowcase frequently.

Eleanor Cosman

I love the softness and comfort

Thank You Eleanor - for your real review. We are glad that you love our soft down pillows, as it is one of our best selling bed linens for the last 15 years. This pillow is very thin & flat. It needs to be re-lofted and puffed up & is not suitable for back sleepers.
Can you do us a favor please? Can you give us a Google review.
Here is the link:

Ron Schwindt
It is exactly why my wife ordered

It is a very flat pillow. Big you want a little support by the next one up with more filling. You need double filling to use as a side sleeper. But very nice and soft

Hello Ron and thank you for your review.
Your feedback explains what we already know that everybody sleeps differently. In fact for goose down pillows we try to contact all our customers before shipping and let them know how thin and flat these types of pillows are in case they may have never used them before. For customers that like something firmer we are recommending our best-selling down pillow which is the Empress Pillow, I've included a link so anybody reading this can compare.