How to choose the perfect pillow

Pillowtalk: Everybody Sleeps Differently 

1) Back Sleepers: If like firm support Memory Foam or Latex Bed Pillows are the best choices. Since our sleep position is such a personal choice think about the way you sleep to help you decide.

2) Side Sleepers: Our 100% Bamboo filled bed pillow is awesome for people that like the puffy pillow that is perfect for being in between firm and medium support. 

3) Stomach Sleepers: Goose down pillows come different support levels but Goose down always becomes flat a pancake in the morning needing to be shaken to loft up again but nothing beats the softness of Goose down

4) All Around Sleepers: Most people tend to move around all the time in different sleep positions and that is why we recommend the Washable Wool Pillow where you can open up the inside to adjust the firm level you need. Proudly Made in Canada and YES you can wash this wool pillow.