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FAQ | Essential Guide for your Luxurious Sleep Needs

Going to catch some Zzzz, but have a million bedding questions buzzing in your head! From the best selling duvet comforter to deciding the best bed sheets, or curious about the best material for hot sleepers. We got your covered! Read along, so we can help you find all the answers to your sleeping needs!

Now You can get some Sleep! Or wait, you still have the whole article to go through ahead of you!

Good Bedding accessories are an important factor when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep! So why lose sleep when you can get a super cozy one with the right choice of bedding items! Yess, whether it’s your duvet that keeps moving around all night, making you lose sleep or you are worried about going to college or another country and worried about finding the right sized bedding? Don’t stress, we have all the answers to your needs!  


The best feeling is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have hours to sleep.


Waking up in the middle of the night? Because your duvet just won’t stay in one place! And now you are stressing about how to keep duvet cover in place? Uggh….Is there a solution? Duvet cover ties come to the rescue.


how to put on duvet cover insert ties in place

Why does my duvet move around inside the cover?

Let me start by explaining why this happens, Duvets tend to move around inside the cover due to the fact that the duvet is not attached to the cover. As we toss and turn in our sleep, our duvets will also shift around inside the cover throughout the night. This can be an annoying problem, however there is an easy solution for this: using duvet cover ties! You can easily find these ties on the inside corners of your duvet cover. Or if you don’t have them on your duvet, then you can simply install it. Find instructions on how to sew loops on your duvet here. This is a little D-I-Y technique you could do to simply save you a few bucks, or if you are looking to buy some new duvet covers then why not check out some covers with duvet ties.

To use these ties, you first have to make sure you are using the right size cover for your duvet. This is incredibly important, as you want to make sure that everything fits well; not too big and not too small. You would then have to lay your duvet on a flat surface and turn your cover inside out. Then, take the top two corners of your duvet and tie it to the corresponding corners of your duvet cover. 

From here, you can then flip the cover so that the duvet is inside the cover. Then, continue attaching your duvet to the cover by tying the side ties and bottom corner ties. Easy-peasy! The last step is to close the duvet corner and give it a nice shake or fluff to make it nice and perfect. When wash day comes and you need to give your cover some cleaning, you can easily untie the cover ties, take out the cover, and put in a fresh new cover by repeating the above-mentioned steps. No more shifting duvets!


Duvet cover insert with ties king IKEA

Can I use my duvet cover without an insert?

Bet you never thought about this, but your duvet serves as a multipurpose item. You can use it as a flat sheet or even a top sheet!! Yes, you don’t need to use it as a cover just because of its name. You can simply use your cover as a blanket during both the summer and winter months. Some people prefer to use a cotton duvet cover during the summer months, and a flannel or other warm material during the winters. This saves you space, now you only need two covers or maybe even one depending on your choice.

Yaay! No need to part ways with your favorite duvet cover just because it’s summer. Because all you have to do is take out the duvet comforter (insert) and pack it away for the time being.

Some people prefer using a duvet cover simply as a sheet, and they simply slide a blanket either on top or at the bottom of the duvet cover. This also means that you have more layers when sleeping. You could simply use a duvet cover as a sheet between your body and your blanket that is the duvet comforter you are using.

Having a duvet cover also means you get to decide what type of material goes inside, you could use a thin IKEA comforter for your needs or maybe use a good quality, wool quilt from Woolrom. Or use it as it. Regardless, of how you prefer to use your duvet cover as, it offers you the simplicity to be used as-is. Did you know your giant pillowcase (pun intended) your duvet cover not only lets you accessorize your room but also saves you space? No need to find another sheet for the summers, when you can just use what is there.

To learn more about the benefits and amazing things a duvet cover can do click here.  

Can I use a down comforter without a duvet cover? Well, let’s not confuse a comforter with a duvet. as you may be familiar a duvet and comforter do have some slight differences between them. Yes…it’s not just the name that varies for each country but also depends on the purpose of each. Check out the difference between a duvet and a Comforter here.  



Flat sheet vs. Fitted sheet and how to put it

What is a flat sheet used for and why do you need one?Are higher thread count sheets better?

Flat sheet often referred to as a top sheet, is placed on top of your mattress, they can be understood as simple rectangular pieces of fabric that lie on top of your bed. When compared to fitted sheets, they have elastic corners to simply fit under your mattress- makes it easy to snug under your mattress, whereas flat sheets do not have elastic corners and can be placed on any sized mattress. Of course, if it fits!

As simple as flat sheets sound, they help protect your mattress from getting dirty, by acting as a layer of protection between your mattress and your body. They are easy to cleans and should be cleaned as often as once or twice every two weeks.  Just like your duvet covers, flat sheets can also be used as a top sheet for yourself during the summer months.

As Vero linen explains “Although Cotton Duvet Covers are easily washed, a Flat Sheet is easier to wash and place on the bed than a Duvet Cover.” This is because you are in direct contact with your sheet more often than you are with your duvet. Do you find yourself sitting on your bed often, sometimes even without using a top sheet which is your quilt, but you are sitting on your bedsheet? This gives you more reason to clean it more often.  

Now you know about the benefits and uses of a flat sheet, but when it comes to buying one you must be wondering about the thread count! Are higher thread count sheets better?

There is a lot of humor around that the higher thread count means better, but is that true? Well, thread count should not be the only factor when looking for sheets. You should also consider the fiber, weave, and yarn structure when selecting the best bedding. To answer all your thread count questions, check us out here!

Did you know?

Good quality sheets should not have thread count over 1000. This is when you should be careful.


Best bedding for hot sleepers

How can I stop myself from overheating at night?.......I sleep hot, what should I do?

Temperature plays a huge role in how well we sleep. Feeling too hot in your sleep can be caused by different factors such as inconsistent room temperature and having the wrong nightwear, mattress, or bedding, among other things. If you are constantly waking up because of excess heat, we have two great solutions for you.

First and foremost, regulating your room temperature is important-- experts agree that the ideal temperature is anywhere between 60 degrees to 67 degrees. Another fact to keep in mind is that our own body temperature changes throughout the different stages of sleep.

Of course, not everyone can control their room temperature or their own internal body temperature while they sleep, so choosing the right bedding is incredibly important if you want to stay cool throughout the night. If you are a hot sleeper, we definitely recommend choosing bedding materials that are airy and breathable to help regulate your body heat while you sleep. Here are different materials you can consider when choosing bedding products:


For hot sleepers, one material we recommend using for cool comfort is silk. A silk duvet is ideal as it is one of the most lightweight materials available. It is also highly breathable, which helps your body temperature-- meaning you no longer have to worry about sweating excessively throughout the night. If you think silk is the ideal material for you, we recommend the Down Under 100% Mulberry Silk Filled Light Weight Duvet



Bamboo bedding is also an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Like silk, bamboo is a material that is lightweight, breathable, and allows thermal regulation so you won’t have to deal with too much heat as you sleep. If you are a hot sleeper who is on the search for the ideal duvet, we recommend the Down Under 100% Bamboo Duvet-- its advantage is that it does not require a top sheet. You can also find bamboo pillows and sheets that are not only cooling and breathable but are also eco-friendly and sustainable. If this is something you are considering, feel free to check out the Down Under 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Sets. Get A Bamboo Blanket To Help Sweat Evaporate.



Do wool duvets keep you cool? You must be wondering how Wool can be something that can help you as a hot sleeper, isn’t that supposed to be something that helps keep you warm during the chilly winter months! Wool has amazing thermo-regulating properties that help keep you warm during winters and cool during summer months, as the fibers of wool can naturally adapt to the outside temperature and prevent your body from overeating. Wool has unique breathable ability which is great for all months throughout the year.


Goose Down

Is down good for hot sleepers? Goose down is associated with colder months-- but as a matter of fact, it can also be used to make lightweight duvets - light as a feather! These lightweight goose down duvets are highly breathable and can be used in the summer, as well as during the colder seasons. Our Down Under White Goose Down Summer Duvet is sure to keep you cool and comfy during warmer days, as it uses 100% top quality cotton to allow for air circulation and breathability.

Still not sure, what to do. Check out some tips for Hot sleepers here!


Bedding size guide dimensions and chart

How do I know what size bedding to get?......Confused about my bedding size?

There are many different bedding sizes available in the market, and we understand it can all get overwhelming and confusing when choosing the right size. It’s even more complicated by the fact that different countries will have different sizing! An essential tip is to measure the size of your mattress and to choose bedding that matches the size accordingly.

If you are having trouble with sizing, here’s a guide to the different sizes that we offer at Down Under:

  1. Single/Twin

The terms “Single” and “Twin” are often used interchangeably, however its dimensions usually measure at 39″ x 75″ inches, or 99 cm x 190.5 cm. This size is perfect for kids and can also fit petite adults. It can be used for small bedrooms, dens, or odd-shaped rooms that allow little space.

  1. Twin Extra Long

As the name suggests, this is a longer version of the Single/Twin bed, measuring at 39" x 80" inches or 99 cm x 203 cm. This allows extra legroom for growing kids and tall adults, making it perfect for young adolescents and college students living in dorm rooms.

  1. Double/Full 

This mattress measures at 54″ x 75″ inches, or 137 cm x 190.5 cm. It serves as an “in-between” size that falls between the Single/Twin Extra Long and the Queen size bed. It offers plenty of wide and lengthy space, making it a comfortable choice for solo adults. It is best suited for small apartments, guest bedrooms, and even dorm rooms.

  1. Queen

The classic queen bed measures at 60″ x 80″ inches or 152.5 cm x 203 cm. This is a popular bed size for couples, however, it can also be used by solo sleepers who need a lot of space. Because this is a popular size, it is easy to find a large variety of accessories such as duvet covers, fitted bed sheets, and comforters for a Queen size bed.

Need a detailed answer to all your bedding dimension needs- find them here!

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