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Everything You Need To Know To Buy The Best Bedding In 2023

Have you been looking for ways to spruce things up in your bedroom? Like, what is the best quality bedding? The best way to do that is by investing in good-quality fabric materials for your sheets, duvet covers, and comforters. But with so much variety in the market, it can be confusing to pick the best option. Thread count, fill power, down weight, durability …..and the list goes on. 

Did you ever realize that you spend more than one-third of your life in your bed? Wow…. Interesting isn’t it. Anyway…. Let’s get back to the point, spending so much time in your bed also means having the comfort that you desire. Having a great mattress, duvet and pillow can undesirably affect the quality of your sleep if you do not have good material for the outer covering of those. But with so many options out there, it can be a difficult choice to make.

We get it! It can be very overwhelming but finding the perfect choice that makes you feel comfortable as well as matches your needs can be a tough choice. Luckily, we have made the ultimate list of things you would want to look for when buying your bedding! 

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Finding the perfect material for your bedding would help bring you comfort along with a good night’s sleep, but what is the best material remains one of the most asked questions. Now let’s dive into what some of the most popular choices are out there!

As you may be familiar with, most of the materials for bedding are available in either natural or synthetic options. Just like anything else, they come with their advantages and downsides.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers: What’s the Difference?

Natural fibers are made from natural materials, that are spun into threads, and yarns to be later knit or woven into fabric materials. Natural Fibers are classified into two main categories, plant-based, and animal-based. They are mostly derived from sustainable and renewable sources, which makes them environmentally friendly. Yayy! Save the planet while you sleep peacefully! Most natural fibers are also hypoallergenic which makes them ideal for those suffering from allergies. Also safe for newborns!

Synthetic fibers are made from man-made products that are mostly chemically produced, such as rayon, polyester, and acrylic. These fibers are extracted using a chemical process and are generally cheaper and easily produced as compared to natural fibers. These man-made artificial fibers are exceptionally durable and long-lasting which is great for many people. Mostly preferred for outdoor clothing fabrics.

What Is The Best Material For Bed Sheets?

Talk to any interior designer and they’ll tell you the same thing – no expense should be spared when it comes to choosing a bed and bed linens. - Luxdeco

Let’s start by talking about how to pick the best sheets!

The look of our rooms especially our bed linens and covers plays a major role in affecting our quality of sleep, which is why you should look for good quality bedding materials.

Most bed sheet material falls into three categories that arecotton, silk, andlinen.

Fiber Quality

Make a note! You would want to check the fiber content of your fabric first. Fiber determines what material your bed linens are constructed from. This should be your priority when looking at the best materials for your bedding. The quality of fiber is important for various factors as it helps determine the softness, weight, and also durability of your bedding.

Most bed sheet materials fall between these three categories cotton, silk, and linen.


According to the experts at MasterClass.com:

"Cotton is a staple fiber produced from the cotton plant, part of the genus Gossypium and the family Malvaceae.

Cotton is a staple fiber, which means it is composed of different varying lengths of material. Cotton fabric is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants. The part of the cotton plant that becomes the fabric is the part that grows in the boll, the encasing for the fluffy cotton fibers. Cotton is a soft and fluffy material that is spun and woven to create a durable fabric."

This is one of the most widely used fibers today. No surprise about it! Cotton is one of the most comfortable and breathable fabric materials for your bedding choice. It is incredibly soft to touch, easy to care for, and also long-lasting.Cotton linens are one of the most popular choices for bedding because of their natural breathing abilities. Cotton has amazing absorbent properties that help wick moisture away from your body, allowing air to circulate through the fabric, which helps heat escape naturally through your body, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Types of cotton for bed sheets linens duvet covers comforter

Types of Cotton


This is one of the Softest and finest qualities of cotton available, as it’s made from an extra-long staple giving it a very soft and durable touch. Pima has long- fibers which are great for bed sheets.


Not as soft and durable as Pima, as it’s made from short cotton fibers. But what’s countless about this type of cotton is that it is very affordable and one of the most common.


Egyptian cotton is one of the highest qualities of cotton staples, also known as the most luxurious variety. This is preferred by many as it’s made from the highest quality cotton staple (extra-long) and gives your sheets a soft and breathable ability.

High end silk bedding sheets mulberry Elle silk


Soft, luxurious, and silky- the top three things which come to the mind when we refer to silk bedding. Can you just imagine yourself in those silk sheets! Silk is a luxurious, soft fabric that feels smooth on the skin. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and resists mold, fungi, and other allergens from forming. Silk sheets are great for keeping you warm during the chilly winter months and cool during the summer. It absorbs less moisture than any other fabric, which is great for those with dry skin. Another reason to buy Silk bedding. This might be your go-to option for the most popular bedding choice material that keeps you cool. You might be wondering about the best quality silk sheets, so let's understand the types of Silk bedding available out there.

Silk bedding is usually found in two types, Tussah and Mulberry Silk

Type of Silk

Tussah Silk

Tussah Silk also known as raw silk or Silk in its natural state is used for making bed sheets, duvet covers, and more. On the first touch, it might feel stiff as it is made with short coarse fibers. This type of silk is produced from wild silkworms which are not yet bred. One advantage of Tussah Silk is that it does not wrinkle easily. Also, this quality of silk is easily and cheaply available and is different from Mulberry Silk.

Mulberry Silk:

This is one of the highest qualities of Silk available out there. These silk sheets have a reputation for being super luxurious and can last you long if taken care of properly. Mulberry silk is made from the cocoons of the larvae of the Mulberry silkworms that are reared in captivity; it is formed from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. Mulberry Silk is known to contain protein fibers that are healthy for your hair and skin. It is also hypoallergenic giving you another great reason to purchase it.     

Thread count fabrics and why does it matter quotes Sleepopolis

Thread Count Alone is Not Enough

You must have heard about soft cotton bed sheets with high thread count! But let this not be the only factor when deciding the best bed sheets. The first decision before looking at the fill is looking at the fiber content of your sheets. Thread count matters, but the highest isn't always the best.

But what is thread count? The term "thread count" describes how many strands or threads there are in one square inch of cloth, including both horizontal and vertical threads. It shows how tightly the fabric is woven. Although it is a rough gauge of fabric softness, this number does not always indicate higher quality.

Checking for the thread count and wondering, what’s the good thread count for sheets? Well, a higher thread count should not the only factor when looking at good-quality bed sheets. Though usually, this is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about bed sheets, the truth is it does not matter as much.   

Finding the best luxurious material for your sheets should not be so challenging. Wouldn’t it be so great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle-free……and three sizes smaller??

If you're still curious what thread count is all about, check out our Everything You Need to Know About Bedding Thread Count blog.

what is the best material fill duvet comforter wool bamboo down Elle

The Best Duvet Comforter Materials

What best material for your duvet comforter tends to be your own choice. However, we've also listed some of the most popular materials used for your warm duvets.


This is one of the most common choices, especially for people who sleep in cold countries. When it comes to duck there are two types, duck down and goose down with both are equally good, but depends on your preference and needs. 

Down works exceptionally well for keeping you warm during a chilly wintry night. Really! Nothing compares to keeping you warm as a down-filled product. Down is also super lightweight and compressible. The sayingas light as a feather should be changed to as light as down

Another great thing about down feather is that it resists clumping; down feathers are so light and flexible that they can easily mold into any shape and form, which also makes them easy to store.

Check out this Goose Down All-Season Duvet from Down Under Bedding.


Wool is another popular material used for your duvet comforters. Its unique temperature-regulating abilities help keep you warm during winters and cool during summers. A great choice too, if you and your partner are people living on opposite sides of the thermostat! You know what I mean! 

Wool is a natural fiber and is also hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory. You can also use them for your child’s bedding. You’ll be able to sleep in peace knowing your baby is safe. Wool fiber has naturally hypoallergenic which helps keep dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens away. Another great thing about Down Under Bedding’s Wool Duvet is that they are machine washable too.

Cotton and Silk fillings are great fill options for your duvet comforters just like they are for your bed sheets. Some people may be allergic to wool but can go for a Silk filled comforter, which provides similar benefits as wool. Cotton on the other hand is super effective in absorbing moisture and sweat from your body while keeping you cool during the night. A great option for people residing in warm climatic regions.


Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits that bamboo has to offer but let me warn you. Once you use bamboo sheets, you might fall in love with it. Yes! It is that awesome! Bamboo bedding is super luxurious, and soft and can provide you comfort throughout the year.

Just like natural wool, this 100% bamboo-filled duvet has temperature-regulating abilities that help wick moisture away from your body, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. The only drawback of bamboo-filled bedding is that it cannot be washed.

Best pillow fill sleeping position Wool feather silk pillow

Choosing the Perfect Pillow Filling and Cover

Who doesn’t love to sleep on a fluffy comfy pillow, right? But that is not the only thing you need to look for in a pillow.Choosing the right pillow could help you not only get a comfortable sleep but also help mitigate body pain. Whereas picking out the wrong one could simply make things worse.

The first thing you need to decide on is the right material! Ask yourself about your sleep position. Which position you sleep in determines the fill of pillow you should look for.

If you are a side sleeper you may want to go for something thicker and firmer such as latex, down, or even a natural bamboo pillow. As a side sleeper, it is important that your neck and head are aligned with your spine, which is why a thicker pillow is recommended. Check out Down Under Bedding's White Goose Down High Profile Firm Pillow that is perfect of side sleepers.   

But if you prefer sleeping on your back, you may want to choose a pillow that is fairly low in position, while also being flat and soft. An example of this is the 100% Goose Down Soft Low Profile Pillow from Down Under Bedding. Experts suggest you go for a pillow that helps support your neck, head, and lower back. Memory foam, feather-filled, and silk-filled pillows do the best job for this. Wool-filled pillows are another great choice for back sleepers.   

Well, if you are one of the few people who like to sleep on their stomachs, then you may want to go for something softer and thinner. Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of stress on your neck, shoulders, and back, which is why you should get the right pillow to support the spine. One of the most favorable choices is down-filled pillows like the Goose Down Medium Profile Pillow

Popular Pillow Fillings

Feather Filled Pillows

These consist of duck down, goose down, or feather fill; and are amongst the most popular choice of pillow fills. Feathers are one of the fluffiest and lightest materials out there, which gives a very soft and fluffy look to your pillow. The only drawback of this pillow is that it easily molds your head in the way and may also cause your head to sink in the pillow. Or may get as flat as a pancake! But you can easily fluff it up back to normal.

Want to know more about feather filled pillows? Check out our Choosing The Best Luxury Down Pillow article.

Wool Filled Pillow

Well, can a Wool filled pillow helps you sleep better? Wool filled pillows are super durable and can last you years without losing their shape. Most wool pillows can also be adjusted according to your comfort level and they're washable too! Take a look at Down Under Bedding Washable Wool Pillow.

Silk Filled Pillow

This is one of the most popular pillows. Silk filled pillow serve as a great option for all position sleepers. They are also a great option for hot sleepers as silk helps wicks away moisture from your body, helping you stay dry and comfy during the night.

The Best Bedding for a Good Night's Sleep

The final choice comes to your personal needs, but some options you might want to look at could be the climate, your washing habits, and last but not least your personal preference. Climate sometimes overpowers your personal choice if you are residing in a warm area, you might go for a down or wool-filled product. But if you live in a warm country then you may opt for some cooler fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. Washing your bedding items also plays a huge role; as you need to be able to take care of your bedding products. If you love Silk bedding but don’t have time to clean it then you should not purchase it. Your own needs a.k.a Personal preference is another factor that plays an important role in deciding what you like vs. what your needs are. You may be a hot sleeper and your partner could be one who always feels cold. I can relate!! Can you? This is when you may want to look at wool, because of its amazing temperature-regulating ability.

Hope this helps!

Have a good night!!


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