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Goose Down Is The Best Fill For Your Duvet: Top Reasons Why

Looking to add a luxurious yet warm touch to your bedroom?

While deciding on your next pillow, duvet, or comforter you might come across a variety of fills. Deciding the best type of fill for you is an important decision.

But then you find that you have a variety of options to pick from and now you cannot decide what’s best for you. Don’t worry, we got your back?

Many people don’t realize that down and feathers are often different but knowing the differences between them would help make an informed decision! 

We have made a step by step guide to help you ease the process of deciding the best duvet fill for you! Ta-da!!

Let’s begin! 

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A few items rival the premium look and feel of a great quality down comforter. Warm, ultra-soft, and decadent, this bedding instantly elevates your space and can help transform the way you sleep.

Even though the feather-filled bedding might seem to mimic some qualities of the down fill, the reality is that the two are markedly different. Today, we're shedding some light on what sets goose down apart and why it should be the go-to pick in your home.


What Is Goose Down?

The down of a goose or duck lies right beneath its outer, feather-filled covering. Most of the time, it's taken from the chest area or belly of the bird.

Compared to denser and heavier feathers, down is light and fluffy. It's also devoid of sharp quills.

Instead, every down cluster has a soft, round center called a plumule, and the fibers are not aligned or connected with one another. The clusters are round and sphere-shaped. In this way, it's similar in shape and texture to a fluffy, white dandelion.

Down pillows and bedding materials are filled with tiny clusters of down. Without any sharp quills to contend with, this material is easily malleable.

It also serves as an excellent insulator, offering plenty of warmth without adding excess weight. When used Au lit (french for in bed) with your cotton linens; Down can provide the ultimate comfort.

You might have noticed that the price of Down has soared in the past few years! Yes, it is because this premium fill has become so popular lately!

Goose down benefits

What Makes Down Products So Special!

Down bedding is preferred due to various reasons like:

  • Lightweight: Down fill is the lightest and warmest natural insulator you would find out there! Because of its unique warmth-to-weight ratio, down products are easily compressible and lightweight.
  • Resist clumping: The down feathers are so light and flexible that they can easily mold into any shape. Their naturally flexible ability also helps resist clumping to ensure steady coverage for your bedding. They are super easy to store in small places as their natural ability helps the feathers bounce back to life. Even after repeated washing, you would find that your duvet remains intact and fluffy (unless there is a small hole…..this could be a problem!!)
  • Breathable ability: Down has the natural ability to absorb our body’s moisture.  The feathers in down trap air while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring you stay warm and cozy throughout the night. Since down allows air to naturally circulate between your bedding and you, it makes for the perfect bedding option for all seasons; as it helps keep you warm in winter and cool during summer. But hey! If you are a hot sleeper, better to test it out yourself, don’t take my word for it!
  • Super duper warm: When it comes to keeping you warm and cozy, nothing compares to down-filled products. Down gets formed in small crisscross-shaped clusters, which not only help trap heat but also provide a natural breathable ability to your down-filled products.
Top reasons to buy Goose down

Assessing and Analyzing Loft

When you sit on a down cushion or slide under a down comforter, you'll notice a difference right away.

Down filling tends to be softer and will compress as you add weight to it. But it also tends to return to a normal spot. That's because the clusters possess loft and are naturally designed to return to their original shape.

Tip: This is perfect for those who want to store their Canadian Down Feather duvets in small space. I live in a small Condo! Trust me having to store this during winter is so much easier than my old bulky wool duvet.

Considered the finer and more luxurious option, goose-down pillows also carry a higher price point, as the materials used to create them are not as readily available or easy to find. A few of the other top reasons to switch to down bedding and invest in better sleep include:

  • Easily and naturally contours to your body
  • Allows natural breathability
  • Hypoallergenic for dust mite allergies
  • Naturally lightweight

Down Fill Power

The "fill power" of a down pillow refers to the size of the down clusters within it. These clusters are lighter, loftier, and more flexible than feathers. They're also warmer.

This calculation is based on the volume that an ounce of down takes up. Note that only down can have fill power and feathers do not.

The maximum fill power you can find is 850, which represents the top-quality cushion or pillow you can buy. The higher your fill power, the largest-sized clusters inside of the item. It will also feature better insulation for a better loft.

On the other hand, furniture and toys tend to have a lower fill power (around 500).

If you're looking for a fluffier pillow, opt for a higher fill power and luxury materials. While there are some manufacturers that will use a down-feather blend in their bedding, it's best to stick to premium quality goose down to ensure your best night's sleep.

Normally, any item with a fill power of at least 650 is considered a premium. Down fills under 650 are usually considered to be in the commercial realm.

Disclaimer: Fill Power is unregulated by standard and does not include any products that are produced from feathers or synthetic fill.

Fill Power should only be used for Pure Down Products; however, manufacturers misused the word and use it to define other things which should not be considered.

Longevity and Resiliency

As a general rule, goose down pillows and bedding are more resilient to regular wear. This means they will also last longer, making them well worth the initial investment.

Conversely, goose feathers are not as able to stand up to rigorous daily use.

They don't last as long and tend to create a flat sleeping surface. Also, as feathers begin to poke through and escape from your upholstery, the item that contained them becomes a little more deflated each time.

You should feel confident that you're buying pillows, sheets, and other items that are designed to pass the test of time. Check out our Down Feather Chamber Bed Pillow for an example of a luxurious, down-filled bedding that you'll get plenty of use out of.

Down vs feather

So, What Should I Buy?

If you are still confused, have a look at the points below that could help you decide between down and feather options for your duvet comforter fill, and check out our Goose Down Vs. Duck Down Bedding: Which Is Better For You blog to learn more!

What are The Other Options……Feathers?

The feathers on a goose or duck serve as their protective outer covering. These keep the waterfowl dry. They also help them fly and repel water.

Feathers are easy to recognize due to their long, sharp quill. They are uniform in makeup and densely packed. Hair-like strands radiate outward from the quill, creating a fan shape.

When manufacturers use feathers in their fill, they take this material from the bird's backs and wings. While it can be fine for cushions or decorative pillows, feather filling doesn't fare as well in bedding. After all, your bed linens are used on a daily basis and will experience plenty of wear and tear over the years.

As such, you need a filling that's both durable and soft. Unfortunately, feather quills can begin to break through the ticking of your fabric over time, creating a poking hazard. While a thick pillowcase or cushion protector can help shield you from these unwanted pricks, they aren't impenetrable.

Moreover, feathers tend to flatten over time. When stuffed into a pillow shell, their quills tend to align with one another. In time, this makes the item appear flatter.

The main reason some people might choose feather-fill bedding is that it is more affordable than goose down! But can the awesome features beat our Canada Goose (duvet made in Canada with down products).

What Should I Consider Deciding Between Down and Feather?

  • Flexible: Down is known for having wonderful elasticity, which means that even if you compress it, it comes back to its original shape very soon.
  • Compressible: As compared to other non-natural fibers, down has a more compressible nature which means that it is easy to pack it into a small space. This ability of down can be felt when we store away our winter jackets and find them in the same shape next year.   
  • Light: Down has the great advantage of being super light in terms of its weight as compared to feathers. I know you must be thinking about your super lightweight Canadian winter jacket right now!! Yes, a duvet can also be that light.
  • Durable/ long-lasting: If handled with the right amount of care, down bedding lasts can last for very long. Even feather materials can last long provided taken care of.
  • Breathable: A good down duvet should allow air to pass through the material.
  • Ecological impact: Feathers and down are both natural materials since they are found on birds mostly ducks, geese, and waterfowl. As you may know, there are many ethical concerns regarding down as a product, it is difficult to keep a track of how they are being treated before down is taken from the birds.  
  • Price: Down bedding items are much more expensive than feather since they have a longer lifespan and also provide for a fluffier experience. Feather bedding on the other hand is the ultimate budget-friendly option.
Feather pillow

Shop Our Selection of Premium Goose Down Bedding

When comparing goose down and feathers, there really isn't a contest at all.

Down is infinitely more durable, great-wearing, and warmer than feathers. While it might require an initial investment, it's one that will pay for itself for years down the road.

Are you looking for the best-quality down-filled mattresses, duvets, and pillows? If so, you came to the right spot.

We offer a wide selection of goose-down bedding, designed to provide the ultimate in comfort. Feel free to shop our full online selection and contact us if you have any questions.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what you would like to purchase, but keep in mind to check the fill power and determine the quality of your bedding items before you make a purchase.

Keep in mind some goose down products that are made offshore are not cleaned and sanitized to Canadian standards and thus potentially result in sleeping with more dust mites, allergens & toxins. 

Canadian down duvet comforters are considered to be one of the utmost qualities in the market. It is always significant to take note that items of such nature can be misleading when exported from other countries and you also buy from a reputed source.      

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