The difference between: Down vs Feathers

What is down versus feathers?

Since down is the derived from feathers is easy to be confused. Feathers are outer layers of either a the bird. The down is actually the inner part of a duck or goose keeping warm in the Winter. Since down comes from feathers it's easy to be confused. Feathers have the long stem attached 

What is the advantages of feathers?

Feathers are relatively inexpensive compared to down. So if your on a budget feathers or a down and feather blend is the way to go for that new jacket or duvet   

What is the advantages of Down?

Pure Down is a lot lighter since they don't have a long stems of the feathers. Duck or Goose down  is perfect for warmth and insulation if that is what your looking for. Down fibres are light and fluffy, and do not contain any quills. For this reason, pure down is considered to be one of the best fillings for your comforter, pillows, etc