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5 easy steps to stop your mattress from sinking

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Ever get the sinking feeling from your mattress?

Does your mattress feel like a mini crater?

This happens when you sleep in the same spot and slowing over time you will notice a cratering effect sometimes on the mattress. This is natural if you sleep in the same place all the time as the pressure is not being evenly distributed. Here is what you should do

1) Although most mattresses don't have to turned over anymore, every 6 months rotate around so your mattress  gets more even weight distribution throughout the whole mattress.

2) Check the support under the mattress from your box-spring or bed slats which might not offer the best support you need. You can check by removing the mattress from the bed and placing it on the floor to feel the support level compared to the bed.

3) Try using a mattress topper on your mattress existing mattress to give you more support. The most common type of mattress toppers include Gel Memory Foam bed toppers, Wool Mattress Pads or Featherbeds    

4) Sleep in a slightly place on the mattress like the edge. You will start getting more even pressure of your body then sleeping in the same spot all the time.

5) Considering investing in a new mattress. Most mattresses only have a certain life span of 5 to 15 years and like most things need to be replaced if you find it comfortable to use.