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Mastering The Art Of Summer Sleeping | Down Under Bedding

Are you someone who likes to sleep in the bedroom very cold and cocoon yourself with heavy blankets or do you find it hard to sleep in summer because your blankets are too warm, but without them you feel scared of the monsters under your bed!!

Shhh…..I didn’t say you have monsters under your bed….you are the only one who thought that!!

You may notice that your sleep habits change during winter and summer months; this happens due to various factors such as geographic locations, daylight savings time, summer vacations, or the holiday season!!

Let’s have a look at what causes these differences and how you improve your sleeping habits to get a peaceful sleep throughout the year!

Do you have a partner who loves to blast the AC at full at night whereas you like to sleep at room temperature? Here at Down Under Bedding and Mattress, we understand that everyone sleeps differently; some like to sleep with a pile of blankets while some with no blanket.

Not to worry - we have created a list of items that can help you get through sleeping, like a baby even during summer months.

Keep on reading to find out more!!

Sleeping with leg out monsters cover

Finding it too hot to sleep with your duvet, but too cold with the air conditioning on to sleep with just a sheet (maybe put one leg out….Wink, Wink……monster scare!!).

We understand that finding the ideal temperature and bedding can be a hassle, especially if you sleep with a partner who loves to put the AC at cold throughout or the opposite of that. That makes you wonder if there is anything you can do.

We consulted our President Tony at Down Under Bedding and came up with a list of questions and answers for you that would help you get a sound sleep during the summer months:

Since sheets are in direct contact with your skin, you’ll want to choose a material that is breathable, airy, and cool while you sleep. Sheets that are made from high-quality cotton or bamboo are the most ideal for summer.

Freshen Up Your Room On Summers

One of the easiest and fastest ways to do that is by changing your bed sheet. Your bedsheet is one of the main things in your room, not only does it help you enhance the look of your bedroom but also determines how your room would feel during the winter and summer months. The fabric used in your sheet helps regulate whether you would feel warm or cool.  

Fabrics Best For Summer

Cotton and Linen are the best choices when it comes to shopping for your summer bedding. They are both woven from natural fibers which give them natural cooling and breathable abilities, making them perfect for summer.

The most important thing you should look for in your linens is the breathability of the fabric; which is where natural fibers such as cotton and linen allow the most airflow.

Finding it hard to sleep during summer

Difference Between Cotton and Linen

Even though both cotton and linen are natural, eco-friendly fabrics there are some slight differences between them that make them unique on their own.

Cotton is a soft and fluffy material that is spun or woven to create long-lasting fabric. Softer on the touch as compared to linen. Cotton is a smoother fabric, whereas linen has a more rough, textured pattern as a result of its loose weave structure.Linen; also, a natural fiber like cotton, takes longer to harvest and longer to weave. Is more durable than cotton; because of its rigid properties.

Both cotton and linen do not conduct heat which makes them a perfect addition to your summer bedding.

Natural 100% Cotton like this 500TC 100% Cotton Sheet Set Ivory allows your sheets to breathe and absorb moisture, unlike microfiber or polyester which are not breathable materials.

Tip: They should be layered during the winter months

What Other Options Do I Have, When It Comes To Summer Bedding? 

Cotton Coverlet

Yes, also known as a duvet cover! Now you must be thinking of how perfect this option is!

Your duvet cover doubles as a summer bedding option, all you have to do is take out the duvet and shove it in the closet till the winter weather comes back to haunt us again! Giving you chills already!

A cotton coverlet is one of the perfect options as it is breathable, washable, and of course a budget-friendly option!

Ultralight duvet/comforter

This is perfect for people who like to cuddle with lots of blankets while blasting the Air conditioner throughout the night. Or maybe your partner and you are opposite when it comes to adjusting your room temperature.

What's So Special About Bamboo During The Summer Months? 

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo is one of the most popular materials for sheets because of its cooling properties this 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Sets from Down Under Bedding. 

The viscose in these sheets is 100% natural that comes from organic bamboo fiber. The end result of the composition of these sheets is a soft silky luxurious feel and the cooling effects that are important to those who suffer from hot sleeping.

Added to its benefits are its hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial qualities. A bonus is that these sheets are not only durable but easy to care for and can be damp-dried by hanging them after a light drying cycle in the dryer.

Check out our Bamboo Sheets Collection for more options.

Bamboo Duvet

When you use a bamboo duvet for your night covering, you don’t even need to worry about a top sheet. For hot sleepers, many have found that bamboo duvet has been an excellent choice for them. This type of duvet is breathable, which allows for better regulation of the body temperature. This is a type of bedding that is ideal for all seasons, even for hot sleepers. It is lightweight, so there are no issues of having to deal with bedding that is too heavy which just makes for more problems that the hot sleeper has to deal with.

Buying a high-quality duvet like the Down Under 100% Bamboo Duvet provides all the benefits that hot sleepers are looking for in bedding that is going to help them sleep cooler. This duvet is ideal for any season. It enhances a good night’s sleep with its light-weight and super soft feeling.

This particular duvet is a smart investment because it can be used all year round. It means that the hot sleeper doesn’t have to put up with heavier duvets during the cold months which would make their condition even worse.

Have a look at our summer Bamboo Products. 

Summer bedding duvet choices

I personally prefer not to sleep with the air conditioning on all night unless it is extremely hot and humid. What about you? Do you prefer sleeping with the AC on or do you just argue with your partner about the temperature??

Regardless of how you prefer sleeping, there are some choices for duvet you can consider for your summer bedding collection:

Wool Duvet

Yes, you read that right! I am suggesting wool. I know you must be thinking isn’t that supposed to keep your warm and cozy during winter months?

Wool has natural thermo-regulating properties that make sure to keep your warm and cool; the wool fibers adapt to the outside temperature. Just like this Natural Home Australian Wool Duvet that helps prevent overheating and unique breathable ability.

When selecting a summer quilt, you need to be sure it is breathable and light so that your body heat can escape naturally, making sure you sleep comfortably.

Do you sleep with a partner who is always cold or hot? Regardless, wool is your answer to this! The fibers in wool help manage the microclimate around them, which helps adjust to your and your partner's body’s temperature.  

Wool fibers manage the microclimate around them, allowing them to support each sleeper differently. While the wool fibers on the other side of your summer comforter are busy wicking away perspiration from your partner, those on your side could be creating an insulating layer to keep you snugly warm.

 Visit our Wool Duvet products to explore your options.

Silk Duvet

A silk duvet may be the ideal choice for hot sleepers. To begin with, silk is lightweight, which means that you are not going to be tossing and turning because of its weight. The extra movement would only mean you would be producing even more body heat.

A fantastic choice is the Down Under 100% Mulberry Silk Filled Light Weight Duvet Comforter. It is made with long-strand mulberry silk which is hypo-allergenic and breathable. The covering of this duvet is a single-ply 300 thread count 100% combed cover. This is quality cotton that also allows for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. It comes in five different sizes so there will be no problem with getting one that fits your bed perfectly.

Silk is classified as one of the lightest materials used in sleep bedding. It can allow your body temperature to adjust. There are some added benefits to relying on silk for a good night’s sleep because of its ability to reduce your body temperature, which means you are going to sweat less. Visit our Silk Product Selection page to learn more about your choices.

Silk is a breathable material, so it is not going to become wet from sweat. This means fewer bacteria are likely to form, which is a side effect that can come from sweating.

That’s right, sleeping hot can increase the bacteria in your bed...and nobody wants that!

Goose Down Duvet

Most people think goose down is not a good option for hot sleepers, especially during the warmer months. Modern technology has allowed for the manufacturing of white goods down duvets in a summer weight.

Just when you thought geese couldn’t be any more chill!

For hot sleepers, this particular duvet may be the best choice to use during the entire year. Its lightweight composition helps to ensure that it is not too heavy, and it can assist with temperature control.

A goose duvet that will meet all the needs of hot sleepers is the Down Under White Goose Down Summer DuvetThis duvet is made with 12# baffle boxes and durable white cording that is double stitched. The outer cover is 100% top-quality cotton. It is made specifically for warm weather use and it brings a lot of relief to hot sleepers.

Explore your possibilities by visiting our Goose Down Products.

Summer sleeping hacks and tips

Heat And Humidity

Do you ever think that ..........you rather sleep in your fridge because of all the heat and humidity??

We understand that high temperatures and humid conditions may cause, damp and sticky conditions, especially for those who do not have air conditioning in their home. For some it may be that you sleep with a partner who does not like to sleep with the air conditioning on, this is when you can switch sides or may want to check out our cool summer linens.

Don't worry if you wake up in a pool of sweat. You are not alone....this is a common condition in which people sweat at night, also known as Night Sweats!

Any Other Quick-Fix Suggestions For A Hot Summer Night?

Don’t worry we are not going to suggest you sleep in the fridge even if you feel like it.

The best cheap quick fix would be to grab an ice pack or cool compress and put it on your pressure point and other body parts and you may.  

Some ways to cool down your sleeping surface and the sleeping environment is by simply changing your bedding accessories such as linens, and duvets. Another suggestion would be to simply change your sleeping gear to cooler and breathable fabric materials. Or simply try opening a window or sleeping with a fan on.

Aside from using the proper bedding, it may be beneficial to invest in a mattress that can help hot sleepers. There are now cooling mattresses, like the Hush Iced Cooling Mattress Pillow Top that are specifically designed to help with the regulation of body temperatures. There are also mattress toppers or pads option if you're tight on a budget.

Sleep Cool in lightweight, breathable linen!

Are you a hot sleeper? If so, you should check out our blog on Chill Out! Best Sleep Tips For Hot Sleepers In 2023! 

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