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Mulberry Silk: The Best Silk For Quality And Value

Soft, smooth, and luxurious- all I can think about when someone says Silk. But is it really that superior? What are the advantages of this special type of fabric and why is it so expensive? Is it really worth it?

While growing up you might have heard your mother or your grandmother say that this fabric is special because it is made from silk. The same applies to your bedding, duvets, pillowcases, and sheets woven from silk; as they are considered to be a luxurious addition to your lavish bedroom.

“Silk does to the body what diamonds do for the hand” Oscar de la Renta

Silk facts

Types of Silk Beddings

The quality of silk for your bedding matters as much as the thread count of cotton for your bedsheets. It is important to know the types of Silk available out there before making an informed decision.

But as you may have noticed, there are so many options for silk out there. So, which is better??

Charmeuse Silk

This is one of the most popular types of silk available, as it is used for your clothes, bedding items, and elegant shirts. Charmeuse is a lightweight fabric that is woven with a satin weave. It has a specific type of weaving that separates it from Mulberry Silk fabric but allows for an extra lustrous and shiny look to the front side of the garment, whereas the backside has a dull matte finish. This type of fabric is perfect for dresses, scarves, and gowns.

Mulberry Silk

This is the highest quality, and most sought-after silk available in the market. Mulberry silk is made from the cocoons of the larvae of the Mulberry silkworms reared in captivity. What makes this unique is the way it is produced! It is produced from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. Mostly usedAu Lit  (french word for in bed) for your linen and things.

The entire production process is carefully monitored. It is also the most expensive type of silk. The silkworms are nourished and taken great care of……basically pampered really well. So they can produce very high-quality silk….even their diet is supervised!

Did I mention….this particular type of silkworm has been bred in captivity for about 5,000 years!!

If you are looking for silky soft duvets or smooth silk pillowcases because you want something that will be gentle, soft, and silky against your face and hair, Mulberry silk should be your go-to choice.

Tussah Silk

Also known as Shantung, this type of silk is produced from wild silkworms which are not yet bred. This fabric might have a stiff touch to it as it is made with short and coarse fibers, yet it is still light and airy.

Habotai Silk

This silk is another fabric used for the bedding industry but is not as durable as Charmeuse Silk. It is a lightweight fabric used for sheer garments and scarves. Easily available and is a more budget-friendly option. But it loses its long-lasting capacity with each wash cycle.  

Even though there are many types of silk out there, Mulberry Silk is known to be the most luxurious and highest quality of Silk you can purchase.

Benefits of silk

Why Silk is a Good Option For Bedding Products?

The feel and touch of a silk fabric should be the topmost important factor when deciding whether it is good quality or not. Apart from being incredibly soft and smooth, it also feels great on your skin. Silk is known for being a great option for those suffering from allergies as the fabric itself resists dust and mold from forming. It is also great for your skin and hair as it helps retain moisture for longer.

Just like Canadian Down and Feather fill products, Silk is also known to be very lightweight. And if you compare it to Wool, it is only about half the weight.

But what is more amazing about silk is that it can be used throughout the year, during the hot summer months as well as during the chilly winter season, silk duvets are also great if you share a duvet with your partner. It has a natural temperature-regulating ability, which helps equalize the temperature to best suit you and your partner's needs.   

Silk is also very durable and long-lasting. So, it is totally worth an investment if you want a luxurious night’s sleep!  

Down Under Marketplace carries a lot of Silk Derived Products.

So why Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry Silk has always been considered to be the most expensive of all the silks available out there. A lot of which depends on the production process- Silkworms are taken care of really well. But apart from that, it has some amazing benefits and characteristics!

It is the smoothest and strongest fiber of Silk out there. Not to forget, it is also 100% natural, odorless, and hypoallergenic. Which makes it a great option for all the allergy sufferers out there. You might not believe this, but the Mulberry Silk Duvet is actually the perfect option for all seasons! 

Just like your silk pillowcases and sheets do not need to be switched out from summer to winter, a duvet should not have to either. Yayy….means less packing up after every season!

However, if you do get particularly hot or cold nights with yourMulberry Silk Duvet then we do recommend you purchase a different silk duvet for summer and winter. 

Always compare the fill options for your duvet when buying good quality Silk filled products, whether you are buying it from Costco or from your favorite bedding store. Make sure you get what is best for you.

Mulberry Silk


Advantages of Mulberry Silk

Temperature Regulating

A silk-filled comforter is naturally thermoregulating. Helps keep you cool during summer and warm in winter. However, mulberry silk is even more breathable than cotton. It can wick moisture away twice as fast and reduce the humidity in your bed by 50%. You’ll stay comfortable and dry all night long with silk bedding.

Perfect For Hot Sleepers

Mulberry silk bedding is surprisingly breathable and efficiently wicks your sweat away when you become too hot. As the extra water is wicked away, your body cools down because it can feel the sweat evaporating off your skin. Additionally, there isn’t any extra water or humidity in your bed to worsen extreme temperatures. As a result, your body is able to regulate its temperature naturally and you never overheat when you sleep under a mulberry silk comforter.

Super Lightweight

Silk duvets are incredibly lightweight and flexible. Which makes it ideal to be used for duvet and pillow fills.  


Dust mites, bacteria and mold avoid materials that do not hold moisture, so you can rest comfortably knowing you are not sleeping with unwelcome guests. so that you can sleep well with your favorite duvet.


Mulberry Silk products are produced naturally and thus there is none to very little involvement of chemicals. Since the silk threads are also very soft, treating them with chemicals is not a good idea. So, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals entering your body while you sleep.


Mulberry Silk is known to be completely and naturally free of any odor, the main reason for it being odorless is because of the natural breeding ground and diet of Silkworms.

Good for Skin

Mulberry Silk is good for your skin because firstly it is chemical-free and secondly it does not accumulate bacteria and dust. Since silk is known to prevent bacteria from forming in your bedding, there is less chance that it would infect your skin. We all know bacteria is one of the leading causes of acne.

Durable and long-lasting

Mulberry Silk is known to have the strongest natural fiber in the world, which makes it incredibly durable. Silk fiber is compared to being stronger than steel if compared to; the same diameter.

Down Under Review

If you are a hot sleeper and tend to wake up in the middle of the night sweating from the heat of your bedding?.......Trust me this is the option for you!!

Silk bedding saved my life…. literally!

Laura one of our customers was going through menopause and complained about waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat. We suggested her Silk duvet, and she has been happy since! Good sleep is the key to a good life. Don’t you agree!!


If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to night sweats, it is because most synthetic fibers tend to trap air, which accumulates and makes you sweaty. But Silk fabric and structure naturally allow air to flow through and regulate the temperature of your body. This prevents overheating and helps you stay cool throughout the night.

At Down Under Bedding, we understand that everyone sleeps differently, and it is important to get high-quality products, which is why ourMulberry Silk Duvet is filled with 100% pure Mulberry Silk.

Getting a silk duvet cover with your silk-filled duvet is very important if you want the ultimate comfort and all benefits of your silk bedding. A cover made from any other material would not be able to provide all the benefits you want to experience. It will also partly undermine the breathability, lightweight, and hypoallergenic nature of the silk comforter.

Care for silk products


How to Take Care of Your Mulberry Silk-Filled Products

Silk is a natural product and should be taken care of delicately. Always use a duvet cover for your duvet. They not only protect your duvet from getting dirty but also protects them from regular wear and tear.

We do not recommend that you wash your Silk filled products at home. It is always recommended that you check the manufacturer’s label for care instructions for your Silk products.

Use cold water to wash your silk-filled products and very less soap. Silk products tend to be natural and the use of chemical detergents could harm the fill.

The first piece of advice is that you use the spot-clean method; only clean the area that you feel is dirty. If you do plan to wash it in a heavy-duty machine, it is best to take it to a laundromat near you and for your duvets, you should always use the biggest machine while you are there. This gives your duvet ample space to move around and avoids clusters from forming.

Also, remember to never use any bleaching agents on your Silk duvet and products, this can damage the fibers and also shorten the lifespan of your silk bedding.

As for drying instructions; use Tumble Dry on the lowest heat possible. If you feel there is a need to air dry it, you could hang it in the sun if it is slightly damp. Do not hand under direct sunlight.


Hope this helps, if you still have any questions! Feel free to contact us and we would be glad to help you.


Have a luxurious sleep!


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