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The Perfect 100% Leather Apron for Woodworking with Tool Pockets

Color: Dark Brown

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Product Description

Hand Them A Handy Gift:

If you looking for a high-quality work apron for yourself or friends/family, the search ends here. This fantastic quality genuine full-grain leather apron suits all your needs whether you are a woodworker, blacksmith, or any heavy job worker, 6 Multi-Utility pockets can hold all kinds of tools and keep you safe at the same time.

Multi Usage Gear:

This work and kitchen apron can be used for all outdoor work to protect your clothes and look stylish at the same time and works for all kinds of jobs like carpenter, blacksmith, butcher, mechanic, welding, handyman, gunsmith, and all kinds of heavy job worker for men and women.

Heat & Flame Resistant:

Worried about your clothes when you work? This genuine leather apron is heat and fire-resistant. A durable leather apron protects clothes from splatters and hot grease and is safe for welding or any fire-related work, unlike traditional canvas aprons.

Easy and Practical Cross Back Strap Design with Tool Pockets:

Unlike traditional aprons, this genuine leather apron has a cross-back design which makes it more comfortable and will help reduce the pressure on your neck and can be worn for several hours without neck or back pain. Tool pockets for safely carrying work accessories like hammers, knives, phones, pens, tongs, gloves, axe, or any kind of kitchen and work tools for your convenience and safety.

Adjustable Universal Size:

This heavy-duty leather apron can be adjusted from size Medium to XXL for all body types and gender. This apron has a universal size and uses a stylish leather look for both men and women, no matter where you use it.


Spot clean recommended, In cleaning leather aprons, water should be avoided in general. Ideally, you just need a little bit of lukewarm water. Do not wash directly with water. You need to know that a normal detergent or fabric cleaning ruins the quality and durability of leather. So, if you have been doing this, stop. To begin cleaning, be sure you have the necessary materials: moisturizing bath soap or a mild detergent, leather conditioner, and cleaning rags.

The next thing you need to know is that leather should not be washed regularly. Instead, you should only do it once in a while or semi-regularly like twice or thrice a month.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for!! My only ‘issue’ is with having to buckle the wrap around lower strap - a bit awkward 🙁

coty lake
Great for a handyman to save time trying to find where they set their tools

What a great product. Got this in the mail and you can tell it is a real genuine leather apron. It is one hundred percent real leather, and you can tell. The material is amazing. You can smell the leather. It is pure quality.

This would definitely be a great wow gift. When I opened this I was taken back by the impressive quality. The pictures do not do it justice at all of how nice it really is. This would be a great gift for all kinds of people.

My wife said she would enjoy one of these for her gardening in the spring. It would help keep her clothes clean and with all of the pockets she can put her different tools in the holders as well. Along with her different packets of seeds that she always plants in the spring. She would definitely benefit from one of these as well. She always keeps her phone with her, and she could keep that in one of the pockets as well. She is constantly sitting her phone down on a rock or wherever she can while she is in the flower bed.

This product is what I would call a time saver. The reason I say this is because it would save time running back and forth to get extra tools and trying to find stuff over and over. Also, it would help keep things organized in the different pockets. I lay tools down all over the place and I am constantly spending so much time trying to find my tools it just simply wears me out.

I personally am planning on using this while I am doing different types of housework because I am always needing so many different tools. I always have to go back and forth to my toolbox and up and down the ladder. Going up and down the ladder is very exhausting just to get tools. With this product I can easily use all the holders and pockets. It will definitely make my life so much easier. I would also be able to accomplish so much with this handy apron.

Another great thing about this product is it is not something that you should have to replace any time soon since the quality of the entire apron is such good quality. The leather is not stiff at all which makes it way more comfortable to wear and move around in. This apron would look nice on anyone and definitely something they can be proud of while wearing it.

Thank you for reaching out to us with a great review Coty. Contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Fantastic Leather Apron

I purchased this apron for a gift and I am glad that I did! The workmanship on this apron is amazing. It has plenty of pockets for your tools, even your cell phone. I know that this gift is going to get a lot of use. As you can use it for many different types of work. Cooking, grilling, carpentry, and even farming. This is a 5 Star product. You will not regret getting this apron.

Hi Lydia - Thank You - for your real life review. We are glad that like the 100% Leather Work Apron as it is one of our best selling new products we launched this year.
Can you please give us a Google review ? Pictures are always welcome. Hopefully you will be sleeping better too now with the new pillow. Thank You
Here is the link:

Perfect for the handyman

Just received two of these well made, top quality leather aprons. The design is smart and will last for years and years. I can't imagine anyone who won't treasure this leather apron for years to come. Stitching is even, leather is high quality, and it is very comfortable for hours of use. Thank you for making such a thoughtful product.

Hello Staywell - Thank You for your real life review.
We are glad that you love soft but durable 100% patched leather aprons. Handy for the Handyman or Cook even.
Can you do us a favor please? Can you give us a Google review.
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