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Product Photo Tool

Use this tool to fix the images on your site.   

Your goal is that the desired image aspect is 1.0

The more serious and more pressing problem are the alt tags.  Each Image should have one alt tag.  Each alt tag should be unique to the page.  Each alt tag should be a keyword phrase that you want the page to come up for in googles SERPs.  

Image Optimization:
1. Determine 5 keyword phrases that you want the page to come up for in Googles SERPs.  For exesting pages, extract these terms from Google Search Console.
2. Assign one phrase per image
3. Rename the image file using the keyword phrase.  For Example: if the phrase is duvet cover tie, the filename should be duvet-cover-tie
4. Convert the image to webp before uploading it.  This will improve your site speed
5. Add the alt tag duvet cover tie to the image once uploaded
6. This is basic SEO and a freebie.  This should be done right for all new products at the time of upload in the future. 
7.  Wherever possible, ensure the keyword pohrase is also present on the webpage itself.
8. Your most important keywoprd phrase should be in your title and in one of the page headers also.  A different keyword phrase should be in your description. 
9. The page titles need to be no more than 60 characters each
10. The page descriptions must be no more than 160 characters each.
11.  By default, Shopify creates a url that matches the page title.  This give you no seo benefit.  Before making any page, or product live, scroll to the bottom of the editor and click edit seo.   Rename the url to the most important keyword phrase that you want the page found for using hyphens between the words like this 
Never use inderscores, capital letters, spaces, numbers or symbols in the url. 

Each group of images belongs to the same product.  The link above each set of images leads to the product editor for that page so the updates can be performed.  Only people with backend access can use the links.