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Empress White Down 2-Pack Face Pillows With 400TC Protectors

Size: Standard

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Product Description


✔ Natural
✔ 100% Down Pillow with Pillow Protector
✔ Breathable
✔ 600 Loft White Duck Down Filled
✔ Soft Comfortable Support
✔ Filled & Finished in Canada
✔ Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant
✔ 400 TC 100% Cotton Single-Ply Pillow Protector


Standard: 20" X 26" or 50.8 cm X 66 cm - 18 oz Fill Weight

Queen: 20" X 30" or 50.8 cm X 76.2 cm - 21 oz Fill Weight

King: 20" X 36" or 50.8 cm X 91.44 cm - 25 oz Fill Weight

In the box:

1 X Empress Down Pillow

1 X Cotton Pillow Protector

Benefits of 100% Down versus Feathers:

Temperature Regulator: 100% Down has the best insulation properties. Therefore, it can help regulate temperature. Keeping your head cool in summer and warm in cold chilly nights. These pillows can last up to many years.

Soft Support: Down pillows provide comfortable soft support for your head & neck. It helps to align your neck and spine. On the other hand, Feathers will poke out at you at night, and feathers tend to be expensive compared to 100% down.

Proudly Filled & Finished in Canada:

Down Under Bedding Empress Pillow is filled with 100% white duck down. The 600 loft power gives this pillow premium fluffiness, whose inner filaments trap warm air inside. It provides the ultimate warmth and coolness as this pillow breathes easily and allows airflow around the head and neck, so you do not overheat. 

The outer shell of this pillow is made of 100% cotton offering great protection for the down filling. The cleaning and processing of the down used for this pillow are done in accordance with the standards established by the RDS (Responsible Down Standard). This pillow is filled & finished in Canada.

What is the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)?

The Down Under Bedding Empress White Face Down Pillow is certified and filled according to the standards of RDS. The Responsible Down Standard aims to ensure that down comes from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.
The incentive is to practice respectful and humane treatment of ducks. You can have confidence that the down products carrying the RDS logo are 100% certified.

White Down Pillow + Cotton Pillow Protector Free

The pillow comes with a pillow protector. The pure cotton shell is durable and securely keeps the down safely inside your pillow. The down is highly manipulative and adjustable to fit your unique comfort needs. The package also consists of 1 100% cotton 400 thread count cotton pillow protector that is supremely soft and helps keep your pillow clean and protected.

400TC 100% Cotton Pillow Protector

The cotton pillow protector features a Nylon Zipper Closure to ensure your pillow stays trapped safely inside but is also easily removable for machine washing. This helps protect your enclosed down pillow against pilling or fraying due to friction with your head during sleep. Your pillow is also protected from bacteria, stains, and other allergens that absorb into pillow fabrics. The 400 thread count ensures that your pillow protector is incredibly durable and will make your pillow last for a longer period.

Care Instructions:

Always use the pillow protector provided to you and a pillowcase to ensure the ultimate protection. The pillow protector is machine washable. 

DO NOT WASH this down-filled pillow, as it can compromise its integrity and encourage the filling to leak and clump together. You can spot-clean your pillow using water and a little bit of mild detergent. To freshen up your pillow, leave it in the sun on a dry day for a few hours. Down pillows tend to flatten out throughout the night. Always remember to fluff your pillow in the morning after use to help redistribute the down and to restore the pillow's shape. 

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Customer Reviews

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Empress White Duck Down Pillow 2-pack

These pillows are awesome, exactly what I wanted plus protective covers included!

Hi JET - I'm glad you found your perfect pillow. Many customers tend to always sometimes use multiple pillows because everybody's support & comfort level is different and unique. Here is a pro tip always use two pillow protectors on your pillow instead of one to keep your pillow clean and sanitary & not turn all yellow.
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Marlene Rome

Great pillows

Hello Marlene - Thank You for your real life review.
We are glad that you love soft 100% down pillows, as these are one of our best selling pillows for stomach & side sleepers.
Can you do us a favor please? Can you give us a Google review.
Here is the link:

Just Duckee

Oh man these arrived today and they are sweet. Thank you downunder you did not disappoint cheers

Thank you Down Under Customer - for your feedback We are glad that you love our 2 Pack - Empress down pillows as they are they our best selling down pillows for the last 5 years.
Down Under Bedding and known for providing better sleep and comfort from the past nearly 40 years.
Can do use a favour please? Can you give us a Google review.
Here is the link:

Robert Mitchnick
Empress White Duck Down Pillow 2-pack

I ordered these pillows based on the goose down pillows I purchased from Down Under previously. I was somewhat surprised by the firmness of the pillows although I didn't expect duck down to be as fluffy as goose down. However, this may also be due to a certain percentage of feathers, which by law, they are allowed to use as fill as well. Nonetheless, these are much more comfortable than 'down surround' pillows which have been made in the past 15 years or so. The inclusion of the pillow protectors was a bonus. The pillows should soften somewhat with use.

Thanks Robert Mitchnick for sharing your valuable feedback. I am glad that you love our Empress White Duck Down Pillow 2-pack. This Pillow is filled with 100% white duck down. The 600 loft power gives this pillow premium fluffiness whose inner filaments trap warm air inside

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S Chloeybelle
Comfortable to sleep on

This was my second purchase from Down Under Bedding. Choosing from a bunch of available options was a tough job. I started scrolling through their website and took a detailed look at some pillows that were within my budget.
Though the Washable Adjustable Wool Bed Pillow (Visit it here https://downunderbedding.com/collections/pillows-all/products/down-under-made-in-canada-100-organic-washable-wool-pillow) was very affordable, it didn’t impress me enough to buy.
The Down Feather Chamber Bed Pillow (https://downunderbedding.com/collections/pillows-all/products/down-under-filled-in-canada-hungarian-down-feather-chamber-bed-pillow-with-side-gusset) was also good, but I wanted to settle for something more premium.
Finally, I got the Empress White Down Pillow pack. There were two pillows in this pack, which was perfect for my partner and me. Down Under Bedding says down has the best insulation properties, and I feel that every time I sleep on this pillow.
With a loft power of 600, the pillow is very cosy. The loft power is greater than the previously mentioned Down Feather Chamber Bed Pillow. Another great thing is, I got two pillow protectors free with the package.
Those pillow protectors are made of 400 TC cotton, so very durable. As I love binge-watching on the bed, chips and popcorns are always around me. And the pillows would get easily dirty if there were no protectors.
When the protectors get dirty, nylon zipper closure comes in handy to remove the protectors and machine wash them. Though the pillow gets flattened after sleeping on it the whole night, fluffing brings the original shape of the pillow back.
This was a very good deal for me. Getting two such down pillows at $200 along with two pillow protectors, isn’t it great? Cheers, Down Under! You have got another repeat customer.