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1 LB Wool Bag | Down Under Bedding

Product Description

Benefits of Wool:

  • The wool filling is thermoregulating. It keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • Wool is an eco-conscious choice as it is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable.
  • This filling is hypoallergenic. It will not trigger any allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • Wool is also flame resistant, with self-extinguishing qualities; therefore, no additional chemicals need to be added to make it so!

Extra Wool for your Wool Pillow

Yes! You can now buy extra wool filling for your pillow if you feel your pillow needs extra volume, firmness, or height; this high-quality wool bag is precisely what you are looking for.

Compatible with our Organic Australian Wool Pillow

Don't have a wool pillow but need an excuse to buy some wool? Check out our pillow and fill it with as much wool as you need!

Washable Organic Wool Bed Pillow In Canada | Down Under Bedding

In the Box:

1x 1lb Bag of wool filling

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Norman Jung
Great benefit!

The wool pillow I was using since last year now looks like an oppressed creature and makes me sad every time I go to bed. I was thinking about how to revive the pillow without changing it. The service this pillow gives is outstanding but it undergoes immense pressure of mine.
But then arises the real problem. Where would I find extra wool to give my pillow that new-like firmness and fluff. I wasn’t happy to sleep on a saggy wool pillow. One of my friends then suggested me to buy a bag of wool from Down Under Bedding.
I immediately ran to their website and found this cute little bag of wool, full of comfortable fluffiness. 1lb bag was the perfect fit for me as I wanted to save some wool for further use if required. Along with the bag wool, I got free advice from Down Under Bedding on how to fluff my pillow like new again and again.
This really helped me regaining that comfort from my pillow and it now looks like that cute fat cat that sits idle on your bed. Every time I go to bed now, I thank myself for such recycling.
This extra wool is no less in quality than the wool coming with the ready-made product. This wool has the same thermoregulating capacity which adjusts the climate during all seasons. Also, it is hypoallergenic, so I can be sure of a healthy sleeping environment.
With other characteristics like renewability, sustainability, biodegradability, etc. wool is the best material to use in your bedding. And this little bag of wool helps regardless of which brand you use. I am greatly benefited. Hope you will be the same.

Norman - We can all make a difference if we choose the correct bedding that are eco-friendly and make a difference for our environment.
The extra wool can be used not just to fill your pillow but for other items as well like stuffed animals, etc.
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