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Cotton Mattress Pad Cover - Athena

Size: Twin

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Product Description

100% Cotton Mattress Pad Cover | Athena

 Mattress PadFeatures

✔ 100% Cotton 320 Thread Count

✔ Eco-Friendly✔ 15" or 38 cm Deep Pocket

✔ Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial✔ Silky Soft Comfort

✔ All-Season Use✔ Breathable

✔ Made in China


  • Twin Size: 39"X 75" + 15" (99 cm X 190 cm + 38cm)
  • Twin Ex Size: 39"X 80" + 15" (99 cm X 203 cm + 38cm)
  • Double Size: 54" X 75" + 15" (137 cm X 190 cm + 38cm)
  • Queen Size: 60" X 80" +15" (152 cm X 203 cm + 38cm)
  • King Size: 78" X 80" + 15"(198 cm X 203 cm + 38cm)

Experience superior comfort with our Premium Cotton Mattress Pad, crafted with a 100% cotton cover and a luxurious 320 thread count. This mattress pad is filled with pure cotton fibers, ensuring not only comfort but also breathability and durability. Perfect for year-round use, it accommodates mattresses up to 15 inches (38 cm) thick and is made with pride in China, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern luxury.

Benefits of Cotton Mattress Pads Cotton, known for its softness and natural breathability, offers an unbeatable combination of comfort and practicality. Its moisture-wicking properties ensure a dry and comfortable sleep environment, ideal for any season. Hypoallergenic by nature, cotton is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. The high 320 thread count of the cover enhances the luxurious feel, making it a premium choice for quality bedding.

Difference Between Mattress Pads and Mattress Toppers It's common to confuse mattress pads with mattress toppers, as both add extra comfort to your bed. However, mattress pads like ours are thinner and primarily designed to protect your mattress from wear and stains, much like a fitted sheet. They subtly enhance comfort without significantly changing the mattress's feel. On the other hand, mattress toppers are thicker and aimed at providing additional cushioning and support, ideal for those looking to enhance the firmness or softness of their existing mattress.

Care Instructions for Your Cotton Mattress Pad Caring for your cotton mattress pad is straightforward: it is fully machine washable. Wash in cold water with a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low to keep your pad fresh and clean. Regular laundering extends the life and preserves the quality of your cotton mattress pad.


In the Box:

1x Cotton Mattress Pad Cover

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Marty Schaefer
Beware. . . Cover not 100% bamboo as advertised.

The bottom of the cover is clearly polyester. So it does not offer the legitimate breathability and cooling of 100% bamboo. I thought I was buying something unique from this site but this topper is unbranded elsewhere, including bed bath and beyond and wayfair, where the wayfair description clearly states the bottom of the cover is polyester.

100% bamboo for real !

Thank you for this mattress pad. It's really soft and fresh. Help to stay cool all the night. We really like it !!!

Thanks Israel Morin Tremblay for your honest review. The 100% bamboo mattress pad is one of the best mattress pad we are selling currently. It's all season Friendly which means you can use this whole year easily.
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Angela Fengler
Bamboo mattress pad


Jess Logan
Not just another mattress pad!

The mattress I am currently using has grown old with me and I now feel that the mattress isn’t giving enough support while sleeping. Plus, the comfort level is also decreased. So, I was looking for a mattress pad that can enhance comfort as well as give better support.
I jumped onto the internet to find a good quality mattress topper and the very first product came in front is this bamboo mattress topper. What! Yes, I was also wondering if it would be the right solution. As this is made of bamboo fiber, how would it react in terms of support and comfort?
I called the customer service of Down Under Bedding and they gave a whole lot of information about this bamboo mattress topper. I was totally convinced and decided to buy this for the experiment. It reached at fairly good packaging and necessary care instructions were there.
After started using it, I felt that my bed is no longer heating up more than necessary. The bamboo mattress topper was regulating the temperature with its high breathability. The result was a dry and cool sleeping ground which I was missing for so long. Thanks to the mattress topper.
The moisture control of this mattress topper is excellent. As bamboo has natural antibacterial protection, this mattress topper provides a healthy sleeping surface. Regardless of the season, this mattress topper was always ready to give me the ultimate comfort.
Though I think this mattress topper has a cheaper look than its competitors, it is still a pretty good deal at this price point. Down Under Bedding has done a great job on this product to make it look better and perform better. If other products of them are as good as this, I am definitely going to them from now on.

Lisa Jones
Silky soft but not washable?

It’s well made and silky soft like anything made of 100% bamboo. I’m switching to bamboo because cotton is such a toxic crop and is horrible for the environment - and most places have a bamboo combination not 100% bamboo so bravo to this company. Girl in customer service said she would wash on permanent press cycle even though says dry or spot clean. And I’ll hang it out to dry naturally but I DO plan on washing it every time I change sheets. It’s a lovey product, fingers crossed it holds up to laundering!

Hi Lisa - It's true many times manufacturers and importers tend to put 'do not machine' wash to protect themselves incase some goes wrong as I have washed many successful bedding and linens at at commercial laundry mat since larger since machines allow larger items to be washed. That said there is not guarantee all linens can be washed. Good luck.
Thank You for being a VIP customer. 100% Bamboo bedding is perfect for alternative healthy sleep in the all year long . Check out the benefits of wool bedding at this link: https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news