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Down Under Deluxe 100% Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet

Size: Twin

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Product Description


  • Soft and Durable
  • Dry Clean Only, if Necessary.
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Breathable
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Heavyweight
  • Mold and Dust Mite Resistant
  • 100% Natural Long Strand Mulberry Silk Filling
  • Good for Hot Sleepers
  • 100% Pure Cotton 300 TC Outer Shell
  • Fall/Winter-Season
  • Made in China


  • Twin/Single: 88" X 64" or 223.5 cm X 162.5 cm Fill Weight: 69 oz
  • Double/Full: 88" X 78" or 223.5 cm X 198.1 cm Fill Weight: 84 oz
  • Queen: 88" X 90" or 223.5 cm X 228.6 cm Fill Weight: 89 oz
  • King: 90" X 102" or 228.6 cm X 259 cm Fill Weight: 105 oz
  • Cal Super California King: 100" X 110" or 254 cm X 279.4 cm Fill Weight: 125 oz

This premium duvet is filled with 100% natural long strand mulberry silk and features an outer shell made of 300 thread count 100% pure cotton, which is very soft and durable. Both the shell and the silk filling make the comforter extremely breathable, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. 

The advanced box stitch pattern provides ventilation, keeps the filling in place, and gives the comforter a nice and even thickness throughout. This duvet is equipped with corner tabs so that you can easily secure your favorite duvet cover in place. This comforter is made in China. 


Why Choose Mulberry Silk?

Silk controls humidity and regulates body temperature, making this the perfect duvet for hot sleepers. It is hypoallergenic and is able to wick away moisture, which is the primary source of bacteria, dust mites, and mold build-up in your bedding. Down Under Bedding’s Deluxe Mulberry Silk Duvet provides you with a healthier, drier sleep and keeps undesired guests away. 

Though silk is great for keeping you cool during warmer months, it also has heat-insulation properties that allow you to keep warm without getting too hot. This duvet keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night during all seasons. 


Care Instructions: 

Using a duvet cover ensures the maximum longevity of your comforter and keeps it looking new. It also prevents dirt and body oil from getting onto your duvet and is much easier to clean when it does get dirty. 

DO NOT MACHINE WASH this duvet. Dry clean only, if necessary. You can spot-clean your duvet using cold water and a tiny amount of mild detergent. Allow the spot to air dry in the sun.

To maintain freshness, regularly air out your duvet by hanging it outside in the sun for a few hours. To keep the fill evenly distributed, it is recommended to shake and fluff the duvet after use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bob Garneau
Great quality at a Reasonable Price

This silk duvet has some outstanding features that eclipse others we have purchased. The ‘long-strand’ feature me as a more consistence thickness and the ‘heavy weight provides the right amount of insulation without causing ‘over-heating.’ During the warm summer months (with central air-conditioning) it provides great comfort and will likely be as good during the chillier winter nights.

Hey Bob!
we are well known example to providing great quality at a reasonable price. Our all products are proving that same words.
We are glad that you love our product hoping to see you soon
Keep loving !! Keep Shopping!!

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Olga Papadatos

Great quality

Silk Duvet is the way to go

I have exclusively purchased ALL my bedding needs from Down Under for almost 30 years. Excellent quality products and personal service. The Delux 100% mulberry silk duvet keeps me warm and content without the sweating. With my old down duvet that this silk one replaced , heat gradually built up in the wee hours of the morning with no where to go - winter and summer. Silk is warm but breathes. I sleep warm and content the full night. The silk duvet is light so moulds to the body so no cold spots. I rated 4 stars ...could easily be 5 .....but only 4 because there were only 4 corner ties (better than none as in most duvets) . My duvet cover has 8 tie locations... four available tie locations between corners on all sides plus the 4 corners. As a result with only 4 , the middle of the duvet cover pulls down. All you have under the chin is just duvet cover fabric. Makes for cold shoulders. I solved the problem by sewing my own extra 4 ties (for 8) in the midpoints on the silk duvet. (Sewing...my Mom taught her boys well). Down Under's manufacturer of this delux silk duvet could probably provide 4 more ties at no cost...took me 2 minutes to sew them in.

Thank You very much for your feedback Jim.. As a small boutique brand we are 100% committed to your satisfaction and to providing individual personalized service. For nearly 40 years our exclusive products have helped contribute to a more comfortable and restful sleep.


Very comfortable with my silk, so breathable and cool.

Thank You very much for your feedback Lola ..... As a small boutique brand we are 100% committed to your satisfaction and to providing individual personalized service. For nearly 40 years our exclusive products have helped contribute to a more comfortable and restful sleep and decor. We encourage all customers to message us directly before and even after a purchase for any questions or concern