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Hush Vegan 2 in 1 Adjustable Pillow

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Product Description

Hush Vegan 2 in 1 Adjustable Pillow:

The Hush Pillow is our newest addition to our Sleep Essentials collection.

After 13 months of deep research and development into the latest sleep tech, we are proud to reveal our last iteration. 

The Hush Pillow is fully adjustable, which means it works for any sleeper (side, back, stomach), and even comes with a FREE Hush Travel Pillow, including putting the extra "fluff."

We developed a custom hybrid of shredded memory foam and vegan down (shredded microfiber) for the filling. This allows your head to relax into a feathery dream while still being gently supported by the memory foam.

The removable and easy-to-wash bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and made with anti-face-wrinkle technology. Providing a safe and soft touch for your face all night long.

This is a pillow that knows you and that you'll take everywhere. Use the included Travel Pillow on the plane, in the car, or on the train.

Specs and Benefits:

  • The perforated Bamboo Cover is cool to the touchand ultra-breathable with constant airflow.

  • Hush foam and faux down hybrid mean the pillow is soft yet supportive and never loses its "oomph."

  • 100% antibacterial bamboo cover protects your skin from harmful toxins stored and built up in regular pillows (even after just one use).

  • OEKO-TEX certified. Made with ethically sourced fibers that are organic and hypoallergenic.

  • Pillow is Standard Size with a smaller FREE Travel Pillow included.

Why Hush Pillow?

Hush products are engineered in Canada and scientifically proven to deliver more significant health benefits. All the research is done with love and care to ensure you get the smoothest, most restful sleep possible. The Hush foam is designed to never go flat or lumpy; the pillow keeps its shape no matter what kind of sleeper you are!

As Seen on Dragons Den!

Hush co-founders Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak appeared on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den, asking for an investment to improve their R&D department to further the science-backed beneficial effects of Hush. They received offers of investment from every single Dragon and walked away with an incredible deal to help them achieve their vision! 

Why Vegan?

  • Veganism is a way of life for millions worldwide, promoting sustainability, health, and animal cruelty-free products.

  • By purchasing a vegan pillow, you can sleep with a clear conscience, knowing there are no animal products in your pillow, and dream those sweet dreams. 

  • The vegan microfiber-down inside the pillow is organically sourced, hypoallergenic, ethically sourced, and comfortable!  

This product is made in China.


Standard: 19" X 26" or 48.2 cm X 66 cm

Travel Pillow: 10" X 14" or 25.4 cm X 35.5 cm

In the box:

1 x Hush Bamboo Removable Cover with zipper (easy to wash).

1 x Adjustable Inner Pillow with extra stuffing.

1 x FREE Hush Travel Pillow (black) to store the extra fluff and take it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Surprised me how much I like it!

I got this pillow as a replacement for my old feater-down mix pillow. I thought since I could take stuffing in or out to get just the right firmness I couldn't lose.It took a few hours for it to plump up to its full capacity and I let ti do that before trying to out. I expected to transfer some stuffing to the extra travel pillow cover provided, but I ended up being happy with it fully stuffed! Perfect for side sleeping without being suffocated by a softer pillow, but still comfortably "giving". I may try it with less stuffing in the future, but hhighly recommend it for any softness you prefer. The packaging was fun to open - little messages along the way :-) and of course Down Under has some of the most attentive communication I've ever seen from a company.

Hello Karen - We appreciate your honest review & thank You for support.
Everybody's sleep is different and unique. We hope you are sleeping better with your new pillow.
Please check out our wonderful Sleep Blog:
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484 or 905 624 5854 for any questions

Joshua Zack
Hush pillow to push comfort to the next level!

Since I am using this pillow, the comfort level has been increased to a great extent. There are other features as well that I thought to express for the people who might be interested in this hush vegan pillow. Here you go.

• The coolest thing about this pillow is the versatility of being used by any sleeper. No matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, this vegan pillow is fully adjustable and provides ample support for all the parts of the body.
• The ultimate comfort of this pillow comes from the combination of vegan down and memory foam where the down ensures you have the perfect surface to sleep on and the memory foam conforms perfectly to support your sleeping plane so that you don’t wake up with back or neck pain.
• Perforated bamboo cover remains cool to the touch and provides high breathability to keep your sleeping surface dry and comfy. No matter how hot the surrounding is, you will always sleep on a moderate pillow that wicks out extra moisture.
• It is also antibacterial to prevent germs from being crowded on the surface that might affect you while you continue to use the pillow regularly. And the extra travel pillow coming with this package free of cost is a great addition.
• As all the materials are organically sourced, you can be sure of doing no harm to the environment with this eco-friendly vegan pillow.

• The bamboo cover seems to wrinkle after you wash it and isn’t the best preference of mine. Cotton works the best in this case but that’s not a big deal as long as you can easily remove and wash the cover.
• The quality of the memory foam could be better but what else you can expect at such a price point?

Hello Joshua - Thank you for an honest review.
These pillows can be opened up so you can adjust & customize the support that you as everyone sleeps differently. Always try to use a pillow protector on your pillows
Please check our our Sleep Blog.
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484 or 905 624 5854

New experience with vegan pillow

Wait, what! Vegan pillow? This was my first reaction when I saw this adjustable pillow on the Down Under website. This new collection reached me through a regular newsletter from Down Under Bedding and it didn’t make any sense to me? Does this pillow eat vegetables and want to save animals?
Then I remembered that pillows don’t eat vegetables, lol. Things got clarified when I got to know that no animal was harmed during the process of making this pillow, hence called a vegan pillow. Unlike any other pillow, this is made of shredded memory foam and shredded microfiber.
I have previously used memory foam pillows from Down Under Bedding and they performed very well. They used to mold according to my body shape and gave great support. So, I relied on the previous experience and decided to buy this vegan pillow.
Another thing that provoked me to buy this vegan pillow is the free travel pillow coming with the package. I sleep a lot on long journeys and it is quite convenient to carry the travel pillow rather than carrying a giant package of fiber. Often these small details make a big difference, you know.
Coming to the cover, it is made of bamboo fiber and gives a smooth and soft feel when touched. No matter how and where I use the vegan pillow, it helps me relax uninterruptedly. As the inner material of this pillow is hypoallergenic and the outer bamboo cover is naturally anti-bacterial, I can enjoy healthy sleep for a long without washing the cover.
But when it comes to washing, it is very simple to remove and wash the cover. Using this pillow gives a satisfaction kinda feeling as no animal was harmed during the process. Though I am not a vegan, I never like to unnecessarily harm anything, even if that is a small animal.
With this satisfaction and comfort, a vegan pillow can be a very good choice for anyone.

Henry - I would definitely say this best new Pillow we have seen in a while. You can open it up and take out the fill inside.
Thank you for an honest review and experience. Please visit our sleep blog for amazing tips and special exclusive offers: