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Genuine Leather Tool Pouch Belt for Men

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Product Description

Professional Handy Mans or Womans Tool Pouch with Easy Tool Access.

This Tool Pouch Belt is perfect for professional construction workers or for performing any DIY tasks at home or work. This pouch has a curved design to provide maximum comfort and ease of use while ongoing any heavy task. The best accessory for engineers, framers, painters, mechanics, electricians, gardeners, HVAC repairs, etc.

10 Pockets and 2 Hammer Holder Hooks:

This Pouch comes with ten different sizes of pockets and 2 heavy-duty hooks to carry any kind of tools. The 2 hangers on the tool bag are sturdy enough to hold a Heavy-Duty Hammer without harming the person wearing it. This was designed to withstand hard work and abuse, so it is riveted to provide extra strength.

The main pocket is well designed to carry tools like a knife, screwdrivers, wire cutters, wrench, axe, drills, nails, wire stripper pliers, a claw hammer, a level, cordless power toolsets, and more.  It has enough depth to keep your tools from falling out when you bend also.   

100% Genuine Leather Tool Pouch:

The Down Under 100% Genuine Leather Tool Belt is specifically designed for your favorite tools with lots of extra room. Ergonomic design eases up performing tasks and ensures the health and safety of the consumer.

Heat & Flame Resistant:

The quality of the Leather used to design the product is top of the line to withstand extreme pressure and damage caused by any tools as they are put in and taken out of it. Also, the product's surface is heat and flame-resistant.

Dimensions for the Tool Pouch Belt without any unit or stored object inside are: 12.5 X 11 X 3 Inches or 32 X 28 X 7.5 cm

Made in India

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
coty lake
Impressive leather pouch to hold all of my tools!! Great quality! Would be a great gift.

Excited about my new leather pouch I just got. It is better than I was expecting! It has plenty of room for many tools that I could use while doing house projects around my house. I always need so many different tools. Of course, I lay them down then can't find them. This is a convenient way to put everything back into the pouch, so everything is there while I'm trying to complete whatever task I need to around my house.
There is plenty of room to put everything you may need to do a project. As soon as I opened the plastic, I could smell the leather. It is such impressive quality and would be great for a gift.
It has 2 hammer holders and 10 pockets. It is heavy duty and I believe it will last a while with how well made it is. The stitching it has is really nice and done well.

Thank you for reaching out to us with a great review Coty. Contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns