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Down Feather Chamber Bed Pillow in Canada | Down Under Bedding

Size: Standard

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Product Description

Canadian Down and Feather Pillow


  • White Waterfowl Feather Core Filling
  • Finished & Filled in Canada
  • White Duck Down Outer Pocket Filling
  • Thermal Regulation
  • 260 TC 100% Combed Cotton Outer Shell
  • Eco-Friendly

Get the benefits of both feather and down!

The ultimate low profile pillow!The perfect medium support comes from the feathers, combined with the side gussets filled with down, which gives the pillow added thickness and extra softness while ensuring the pillow holds its shape.

The down and feather combination aligns the spine to give the sleeper better neck and head support.

Down Feather Pillow Care Instructions:

Do not wash this pillow. Spot cleaning is recommended with warm water and mild detergent. Always use a pillow protector in addition to a pillowcase to ensure your pillow’s quality and longevity.

To keep the down evenly distributed, and restore the shape of the pillow when it becomes flat, fluff and shake it every morning after use. Freshen the pillow by airing it out in the sun on a dry day for a few hours to help disinfect the down and feather filling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Diane Proulx

pillow was to soft for my liking

Dragana Vojinovic


Dragana - Thank you for an honest review and being a VIP customer. Please visit our sleep blog for amazing tips and special exclusive offers. We invite any potential customers reading to please call us Toll Free at 1 888 624 6484 or Locally 905 624 5854 if you have anymore detailed questions. Merry Christmas

Rebecca Chapman
Perfect pillow

Once upon a time I found the perfect pillow in the UK. But when we moved back to the US, we left the pillows behind. Had I known how difficult it would be to find a pillow that good, I would have paid the extra to bring them. But finally, I have found the new perfect pillow. Good loft and softness, no odor or pokey feathers. Worth every penny. And my interactions with customer service (on a different issue) couldn't have been better. Very responsive and helpful. I have alredy recommended this pillow and store to my family and friends. Don't waste your money on cheap pillows any longer. Trust that the chamber pillow will be worth every penny!

Hello Rebecca - Thanks for sharing your honest experience about the Chamber pillow.

Unfortunately everybody does sleep differently that's why we do recommend people contact us and read the reviews to find your own support and comfort that they prefer in a bed pillow.

We ask everyone reading this to visit us at this link for special offers and reviews: https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news

trevor mueller
to much fill in centre

good pillow just to much fill for the feathers

Hello Trevor - Unfortunately sleep is such a personal consideration as everyone's needs and comfort is different. If you have ever used a pure down pillow you will know how flat they become like a 'pancake' as we joking say about all 100% natural down pillows. Down Under Bedding is committed to customer service and we ask that you contact us to exchange the pillow for something more suitable.
We ask anyone reading this review to contact us before purchase of a pillow for product recommendations based on the way you sleep and your needs as down pillows are inherently soft and everyone sleeps differently.

Karen Sheahan
Amazing! We are ordering more

We bought a pillow for my daughter and duvet. We loved these so much that we are ordered ourselves the same pillows and will be purchasing a duvet as well. The quality was beyond what we expected and the comfort was luxurious. We have looked at bedding at many stores and these products don't even compare they are far better quality of fill and comfort. The construction of the seams are so robust we will never worry about the fill coming out. Looking forward to a duvet and might even order a couple more pillows we are so satisfied with our purchase and recommend this company.

Karen - Glad we were able to help out. Down Under Bedding has 30 Day Sleep Guarantee and is great source for alternative healthy sleep solutions. Check out the benefits of different bedding at this link: https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news