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Product Description


100% Waterproof Sleeping Surface- Laminated to provide greater wetness protection than traditional mattress protectors.

Comfortable Jersey Sleep Surface - Breathable sleeping surface provides superior absorption and comfort. Quiet to sleep on. 18" deep stretch cotton skirts provide a snug, elasticized fit that stays neatly in place.

Aegis - A revolutionary active technology, which guarantees an optimal freshness and hygiene for textiles. Provides triple protection from dust mites, fungi, and bacterial growth.

This product is made in Portugal



Sleep tight with Tempur-Pedic's Tempur-Fit WaterProof and Dust-mite resistant mattress protector with Aegis technology. Jersey cotton surface makes it more soft and breathable than traditional mattress protectors. 18" deep skirt makes it the best combination with all depth mattresses including high profile mattresses. 



Tempur-pedic is most famous for its wine glass test, where a glass of red wine sits on a Tempur-pedic mattress while someone repeatedly jumps on the bed and the wine does not spill. This is the level of ingenuity and technology you are buying into when you buy Tempur-pedic. Can you believe that Tempur material is the same material used to reduce G-forces on astronauts' bodies when being launched into space? This high-quality material is good enough for an astronaut! 



  • Protects the mattress from spills and stains to ensure your investment lasts longer and keeps looking great! The waterproof lamination puts your mind to ease so you can enjoy your beverage in bed.
  • TEMPUR-FIT technology stretches and adapts to your mattress no matter the size, making a snug and comfortable fit for a snug and comfortable sleeper!
  • The Jersey sleep surface is breathable, comfortable and quiet, providing you maximum satisfaction and comfort.
  • The Aegis technology makes this mattress protector fresh and hygienic, and for when you want to wash it; it is machine safe. (Washing instructions can be found below). 

Washing Instructions - Machine wash up to 60 C. Tumble dry at low and normal temperature. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. DO NOT IRON. DO NOT BLEACH.



  • Twin: 38" X 75" +18" or 69.5cm X 190.5cm +46cm
  • Twin-XL: 38" X 80" +18" or 69.5cm X 203cm +46cm
  • Double: 54" X 75" +18" or 137cm x 190.5cm +46cm
  • Queen: 60" X 80" +18" or 152cm X 203cm +46cm
  • King: 76" X 80" +18" or 193cm X 203cm +46cm


1x TEMPUR-PEDIC, TEMPUR-FIT Mattress protector.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron R.
Great service!

Ordered the Tempur-Pedic waterproof mattress protector for our new mattress after speaking with Customer Service. Very helpful, and very responsive! Was impressed with their quick turn-around on my order, which arrived here in the U.S. in rapid time. For sure, I will order from Down Under again. So pleased that I have found another great Canadian company to work with. You can count on them!

Hey Ron
we are thankful that you call our sleep experts for purchase suggestion. we always suggest that because everyone sleep differently it's good to take advice before purchase.

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Luz Munoz
Good for great price

I love the costumer services,
the good quality of products

Hi Luz
We are glad that you love our customer services. We are well known brand for producing Good Quality products. Keep Loving! Keep Shopping!

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James Oliver
Save your mattress from flooding!

Well, a mattress protector is a crucial accessory for bedding. Have you ever spilled your tea or drink on the bed? If it is so, then you might know how difficult it is to clean the mattress if there is no protector. Over time, mattresses become damp and stinky which disrupts sleep quite often and affects us mentally and physically.
To get rid of this problem, I bought this TEMPUR-PEDIC mattress protector from Down Under Bedding. For my bedding solutions, I rely on them. They are in this business since I was a kid. I love their quality and customer service. Let’s get back to the mattress protector.
The very first thing I noticed on this mattress protector is the smooth sleeping surface with a stretched skirt to cover the mattress properly. This ensures that the protector stays in place no matter how hard me and my partner fight on the bed. Organizing the edges of the mattress protector regularly is a pain for me.
Then comes the comfort of the jersey cotton surface that allows me to sleep uninterruptedly all night long. The main attraction would be the waterproof surface that prevents the mattress from being wet due to spilling liquids, excessive moisture, etc.
I read on their website that this mattress protector is built with Aegis technology. I don’t know what the heck is this but they said it gives better antibacterial protection against dust, mite, fungi, etc. This should also go to the positive side of this mattress protector.
I might not remember some other minor features of this mattress protector which you can find on their website. What I remember is this mattress protector has saved my mattress several times from stains. Considering the price point, I think this is a pretty good deal.

Damien Belanger
No damp mattress again!

After chilling with friends one night, I was sleeping deep on the very next morning. Being unable to wake me up, my wife threw a jug of water on me! I got wet and so did my mattress. Though there was a high-quality sheet on the mattress, it got damp.
I don’t how many of you fight this way but why would I take the risk of ruining my mattress over and over again! This led me to buy a mattress protector that will be the guardian angel for my mattresses. I was scrolling for a waterproof mattress protector and this was the product I have chosen.
The protector proved its credibility the next time when I spilled my drink on the bed while having a good time with my wife. But the amazing thing was the liquid didn’t reach my mattress. Even there was no sign of stain on the mattress and it was so satisfying.
After that, I have tested the mattress protector intentionally several times by pouring different liquids but every time it performed its duty perfectly. This is where money brings satisfaction. When I was buying this protector, I wasn’t sure about the satisfaction but still spend my money. After getting to know the performance of this protector, I got the desired satisfaction and can now proudly say that my choice was right.
Not going to the features of this protector as you will find everything on the website and product packaging. But one thing should definitely be mentioned here and that is the amazing service of Down Under Bedding.
As a Canadian company, they are providing quality bedding service for a long time. I know there are more happy customers like me and it is probably the biggest achievement of Down Under Bedding.

Hello Damien - Thanks for the detailed review. Everyone sleeps differently. Tempur-pedic is the best brand to protector your Tempur or existing mattress to keep it clean. We ask everyone reading this to visit us at this link for special offers and reviews: