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500TC 100% Cotton Sheet Set Light Grey

Size: Queen Sheet Set

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Product Description


  • Ultra-Soft and Comfortable
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Durable/Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all Climates
  • 100% Cotton
  • 500 Thread Count
  • Light Grey Color
  • Made in Cambodia



  • Twin/Single Fitted: 39" X 75" + 15" or 99cm X 190.5cm + 38cm

  • Twin/Single Flat: 68" X 96" or 172.7cm X 244cm

  • Double/Full Fitted: 54" X 75" + 16" or 137cm X 191cm + 41cm

  • Double/Full Flat: 84" X 96" or 213cm X 244cm

  • Queen Fitted: 60" X 80" + 16" or 152cm X 203cm + 41cm

  • Queen Flat: 90" X 102" or 229cm X 259cm

  • King Fitted: 78" X 80" + 16" or 198cm X 203cm + 41cm

  • Queen Pillow Cases: 20" X 30" or 50.8cm X 76cm

  • King Pillow Cases: 20" X 36" or 50.8cm X 91.4cm

Light Grey Color

A good day always starts with a good sleep the night before. So why not indulge yourself in this set of the finest 100% Cotton sheets from DOWN UNDER BEDDING that provides a perfect balance of luxury and comfort?

These high-quality sheets are breathable, durable, and feel soft against your skin, making for an enjoyable night's rest and having you feel refreshed in the morning.

Cotton vs. Synthetic fabrics

Cotton is a natural fiber, is more breathable than other synthetic fabrics, and is better equipped to regulate body temperature in different climates. The natural properties of cotton make it softer on the skin and less likely to cause irritability or itchiness compared to chemically infused fabrics.

100% cotton sheets last longer because they are stronger and more durable than other synthetic fabrics, meaningless pilling or fraying due to friction.

Perfect for All Climates

Pure cotton sheets are more breathable than other synthetic linen fabrics and so regulate the body's temperature in different climates. Cotton sheets keep the body cool during the summer by absorbing heat as you sleep and leaving the body dry to allow for easier cooling.

In addition, cotton bedding during the winter climate absorbs and retains your body's heat, keeping you warm throughout your sleep.

What You Get

1 Flat Sheet + 1 Fitted Sheet + 2 Pillowcases in (King | Queen | Double Sizes)

1 Flat Sheet + 1 Fitted Sheet + 1 Pillowcases in (Twin Size)

Care Instructions

  • Machine-wash DELICATE.
  • Mild Detergent.
  • Wash in COLD WATER.
  • Dry on GENTLE CYCLE.
  • Do NOT bleach.
  • Iron on LOW if needed.

Quality Guarantee

Made from 100% Cotton, woven in single-ply yarns with a 500-thread count. A 500-thread count increases sheet breathability, making it ideal for warm climates or winter months. Cotton's natural qualities ensure easy maintenance of bedding.

NOTE: "microfiber" is simply a marketing term to avoid saying the material is 100% polyester which is very lightweight & prone to pilling after repeated washings. Always look for 100% Cotton.

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Zachary
Light grey cotton sheet for deep sleep!

What do you look for in a great sheet? I usually go for 100% cotton sheets with a sober color to be comfortable and match my personality at the same time. Sheets are often mistaken for being just necessities where they add a lot of luxury to the appearance of your bedroom.
This was my main reason behind choosing this light grey cotton sheet set from Down Under Bedding who has made their name in the bedding industry with great exposure. I have previously used other bedding materials from them and come back this time for this pure cotton sheet set.
Here are a few answers to the questions that people ask me whenever they come home and see this sheet set. I hope you will also find these answers help to choose the right sheet for your bed.
Q. Why did you choose cotton? Is it better than synthetic?
A. To be honest, cotton sheets are 100 times better in terms of comfort than synthetic. Cotton is highly breathable and creates a soothing sleeping surface no matter whatever the season is. I can sleep better on a cotton sheet and it feels so soft to the touch.
Q. Is cotton durable?
A. Definitely yes. Cotton is much more durable than other fabrics and can last for years if you take care of the sheet properly. Follow the washing instructions coming with the package and the sheet will continue to serve for a long period.
Q. Is cotton suitable for all climates?
A. Cotton is simply great for any climate and weather. It gives the perfect coziness to relax or sleep during the winter and remain dry and comfortable during the summer to give you a pleasant experience.
Q. Are you satisfied with the quality of this product?
A. Yes. I am so satisfied with this product that I will buy this again.

Hello Samuel - Thank you for an honest review and being a VIP customer as many people tend to sleep hot, 100% cotton is great.
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