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500TC 100% Cotton Sheet Set Ivory

Size: Queen Sheet Set

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Product Description


  • Ultra-Soft and Comfortable
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Durable/Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all Climates
  • 100% Cotton
  • 500 Thread Count
  • Ivory Color
  • Made in Cambodia



  • Twin/Single Fitted: 39" X 75" + 15" or 99cm X 190.5cm + 38cm

  • Twin/Single Flat: 68" X 96" or 172.7cm X 244cm

  • Double/Full Fitted: 54" X 75" + 16" or 137cm X 191cm + 41cm

  • Double/Full Flat: 84" X 96" or 213cm X 244cm

  • Queen Fitted: 60" X 80" + 16" or 152cm X 203cm + 41cm

  • Queen Flat: 90" X 102" or 229cm X 259cm

  • King Fitted: 78" X 80" + 16" or 198cm X 203cm + 41cm

  • Queen Pillow Cases: 20" X 30" or 50.8cm X 76cm

  • King Pillow Cases: 20” X 36” or 50.8cm X 91.4cm

Ivory Color

A good day always starts with a good night's sleep. So why not indulge yourself in this set of the finest 100% Cotton sheets from DOWN UNDER BEDDING that provides a perfect balance of luxury and comfort? These high-quality sheets are breathable, durable, and soft against your skin, making for an enjoyable night’s rest and having you feel refreshed in the morning. 

Cotton vs Synthetic fabrics

Cotton, a natural fiber, is more breathable than other synthetic fabrics and better equipped to regulate body temperature in different climates. The natural properties of cotton make it softer on the skin and less likely to cause irritability or itchiness compared to chemically infused fabrics. 100% cotton sheets last longer because they are stronger and more durable than other synthetic fabrics, meaningless pilling or fraying due to friction.

Perfect for All Climates

Pure cotton sheets are more breathable than other synthetic linen fabrics and so regulate the body’s temperature in different climates. Cotton sheets keep the body cool during the summer by absorbing heat as you sleep and leaving the body dry to allow for easier cooling. In addition, cotton bedding during the winter climate absorbs and retains your body’s heat, keeping you warm throughout your sleep. 

What You Get 

1 Flat Sheet + 1 Fitted Sheet + 2 Pillowcases  in (King | Queen | Double Sizes)

1 Flat Sheet + 1 Fitted Sheet + 1 Pillowcases in (Twin Size)

Care Instructions

  • Machine-wash DELICATE.
  • Mild Detergent.
  • Wash in COLD WATER.
  • Dry on GENTLE CYCLE.
  • Do NOT bleach.
  • Iron on LOW if needed.

Quality Guarantee

Made from 100% Cotton, woven in single-ply yarns with a 500-thread count. A 500-thread count increases sheet breathability, making it ideal for warm climates or winter months. Cotton’s natural qualities ensure easy maintenance of bedding.

NOTE: "microfiber" is simply a marketing term to avoid saying the material is 100% polyester which is very lightweight & prone to pilling after repeated washings. Always look for 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luz Munoz
Good for great price

Good quality of stuff is a number one that distinguish this store

Thanks Luz for your valuable and a honest feedback.
We appreciate that you invest your time in writing this review

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Luca Matis
Looks premium, feels premium

Cotton has always been the center of attention while buying sheets because of its high comfort, better durability, and climate regulating properties. The same goes with this Ivory cotton sheet set. It starts to look great at the first sight and continue to give better comfort throughout the sleeping period.
I had never woke up with a sweaty body and damp sheet since I have been using this cotton sheet set from Down Under Bedding. The thermoregulatory properties of cotton make me feel cool and dry in hot summer months as well as keep me warm and cozy on winter nights.
At Down Under Bedding, they have different color options. But the Ivory color option looked better to me, personal preference you know. Some might feel that the color is too dull, but to me, it is the perfect combination of brightness and contrast.
I thought to give it a try and the final result is amazing. I am now happily living with this cotton sheet set for a long while and could never be satisfied more. I don’t actually know about the thread count, but it is said to be 500TC on their website. Whatever it is, it breathes highly and makes me comfortable.
Finally, I have found something that goes with my skin as there is no itching or rash caused by the sheet. It also comes with pillowcases which are very handy. Though all the care instructions were mentioned on the website, the customer service of Down Under Bedding didn’t forget to remind me one more time.
I am trying to follow all the instructions and the sheet set looks like new even after several washes. But cotton tends to wrinkle after washing so it needs a little care with the iron to look great. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with the product and will recommend it to everyone.

Luca - I would definitely say this is some of the best 100% cotton bed linens you can find. Thank you for an honest review and experience. Please visit our sleep blog for amazing tips and special exclusive offers: