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Revive Tencel Mattress Pad | Down Under Bedding

Size: Full/Double

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Product Description


  • 100% TENCEL Outer Fabric
  • Polyester Fill Inside
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Silky Soft
  • Antibacterial15" or 38.1 cm Deep Skirt
  • Plushness
  • Cool & Dry
  • Hypoallergenic


Double/Full Size: 54" X 75" or 137.1 cm X 190.5 cm

Queen Size: 60" X 80" or 152.4 cm X 203.2 cm

King Size: 78" X 80" or 198.1 cm X 203 cm

Revive Tencel Mattress Pad | Down Under Bedding

Another eco-friendly choice by DOWN UNDER BEDDING. Introducing the REVIVE mattress pad is made from cooling TENCEL top fabric, inside polyester filling which can wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

It is completely hypoallergenic, and its soft and durable TENCEL shell adds extra plushness and comfort to your bed. The perfect mattress pad for a cool and dry sleeping environment is truly the best option for hot sleepers.

The backing and 15” or 38.1 cm skirt are made from flexible polyester, and it has a stretch and fit feature that will fit up to 14" or 35.5 cm high mattress. Check one out for yourself! Another excellent all-natural alternative. 

TENCEL Fabric - What is it?

TENCEL is the brand name of the fabric. It consists of Lyocell and Modal fibers, a form of rayon. So what is rayon? It is a product that comes from breaking down cellulose fibers, generally wood pulp, by dissolving it and then spinning it into the fabric. A completely natural and eco-friendly plant-based material that is sustainably sourced and gives cotton and other materials a run for their money.

Different Kinds of TENCEL

There are generally two types of TENCEL, Lyocell, and Modal. Modal fibers have the incredible softness and provide superb comfort - with a delightful silky soft feel on the skin. Modal can be blended with other fabrics to make them feel softer.

Lyocell fibers are the more versatile form of TENCEL. They are very strong and are very good at absorbing moisture. They, too, can be combined with plenty of other materials, like cotton, wool, or silk, to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the fabric. 

TENCEL Vs. Cotton

When comparing cotton to TENCEL fabric, it has been found that TENCEL has a much softer feel than cotton while feeling like a more robust and sturdier fabric. It has also been shown to shrink less and wrinkle less than cotton. TENCEL is also more breathable than cotton. It is a more environmentally friendly option as compared to other fabrics, including cotton.

With its "closed-loop system" of production, most of the chemicals used in the production process are recovered and recycled, leaving minimal waste and very low emissions. The amount of land and water needed to produce cotton exceeds that of TENCEL, which uses less land and water than is needed for cotton.

Care Instructions: 

This product is machine washable. Use a commercial-sized washing machine with warm water and mild detergent in a ‘delicate cycle' setting. Tumble dry on a ‘low heat’ setting. It will take 2-3 dry cycles to ensure the filling is completely dry. 

Use a small amount of mild detergent and cold water for spot cleaning. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. To extend your REVIVE products' life and freshen between washes, you can air them out by hanging them outside for a few hours and avoiding direct sunlight. You can also throw them in the dryer and tumble dry for 15-20 minutes on a ‘low heat’ or ‘air only’ setting. 


In the Box:

1x Tencel Mattress Pad

Customer Reviews

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Naomie Rose
All-natural mattress pad!

This is my first time using Tencel as a bedding material. Before buying the mattress pad, I wanted to know a bit more about Tencel. The information I found was mesmerizing. Tencel is made of cellulose fiber to give it that extra strength and durability. But what about comfort?
Two types of Tencel fibers are used to make this mattress pad. Lyocell fibers are important to make this mattress pad soft and comfortable while Modal fibers act for durability. This also helps the mattress pad keep its shape even after several washes.
This layer of natural fibers wicks away the moisture and make your surrounding better for a perfect sleep even in hot summer days. These fibers are highly breathable so you don’t need to worry about the mattress pad being damp. Inside of this mattress pad is filled with polyester which is also a great material for bedding.
This filling holds the shape of the mattress pad and saves your mattress from being affected by pressure or moisture. It also ensures you have better sleep every time. As the outer shell is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, health issues from a dirty mattress pad are much less here.
I have followed all the care instructions mentioned on the packaging and the mattress pad never wrinkled compared to cotton. My previous mattress pad used to wrinkle so much after every wash. But thanks to Tencel for saving my energy and time to iron the pad.
Down Under Bedding is doing a great job. They helped me choose this Tencel mattress pad that screams quality. They also have a whole lot of products that can fit your needs. I am so happy with my shopping and highly recommend this mattress pad for those who want a better sleep on all-natural bedding.