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Renew Made From Recycled Plastic Mattress Pad | Down Under Bedding

Size: Twin/Single

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Product Description


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • SmartFil Technology
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • Full mattress coverage

Renew Made From Recycled Plastic Mattress Pad 

All the comfort and coverage you look for in a mattress pad, but with one extraordinary feature! It is made from 100% recycled material. DOWN UNDER BEDDING is passionate and committed to doing its part in saving the planet. By using recycled plastic, the ability to make comfortable bedding while cleaning up the earth cannot feel better! Join the green movement with this mattress pad. Protect your mattress and protect the planet. 

Why Choose Recycled Polyester?

First and foremost, it is recycled and recyclable again! Polyester can be recycled numerous times without losing quality and can be turned into a material that is still comparable to virgin polyester every time. With plenty of polyesters already out there to be recycled, this will lower the demand for virgin polyester.

Unlike virgin polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material. This is the same material that is used in clear plastic water bottles. Recycling it and creating fabric prevents it from ending up in landfills and oceans.

Using recycled polyester will help reduce the dependence on petroleum as the raw material for fabric production. Using PET bottles for this process instead will drastically reduce landfills and will, in turn, reduce soil contamination, as well as air and water pollution. It also requires less energy than needed to produce virgin polyester.

SmartFil Technology

This is the technology of transforming plastic into a high-performance polyester fiber. The process begins by collecting plastic bottles from landfills, washing and sterilizing them, sorting them, then separating and compressing them into bailes. These bailes are then chopped into small flakes, heated, extruded, cooled, and chopped up into tiny pellets. These pellets are then heated and spun to create very fine fibers that resemble soft threads. 

This eco-friendly mattress pad is made in China, and the material is something you can genuinely feel good about using. It is a great solution to help tackle the waste that is piling up on the planet. Why not recycle and use plastic thrown away to repurpose it into something useful, like your bedding? 

Care Instructions:

The most convenient thing about this mattress pad is that it is machine washable and dryer friendly. To wash it, use cold water only and choose the ‘gentle’ cycle. Use a mild detergent, and DO NOT use bleach. For drying, tumble dry on ‘low heat.’ Do not iron the mattress pad.


  • Twin/Single Size: 39"X 75" or 99 cm X 190.5 cm
  • Double/Full Size: 54" X 75" or 137.1 cm X 190.5 cm
  • Queen Size: 60" X 80" or 152.4 cm X 203.2 cm
  • King Size: 78" X 80" or 198.1 cm X 203 cm


In the Box:

1x Mattress Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
melanie hartmann
Save your mattress, save the nature too!

As an environmental activist, I try to be as kind to nature as possible most of the time. But often some cases arise when I need to use those shitty materials that are undegradable, do the most harm to the environment. I always felt sorry for such deeds.
My mattress was also taking immense pressure exerted by me and my partner. I thought to be more kind to the mattress and gift it with a mattress pad. Where could I find the perfect mattress pad that will suit my needs and do no harm to the environment?
The answer was Down Under Bedding. They added this contemporary mattress made completely out of recycled plastic. We throw hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles every day even without feeling sorry. And here, Down Under Bedding is collecting those shits from seas and landfills to turn them into something usable and recyclable. Such deed, much wow!
Not only the undegradable plastic waste turns into something useful but also the total process drastically reduces air and water pollution. This has a great impact on treating global warming. As this process uses plastic, the need for other raw materials also decreases, helping the environment to go green.
By picking one up, you are saving your mattress and the environment at the same time. How noble the idea is! I am quite impressed with this product and happily using this since I bought it. All the care instructions are mentioned on the website to save your back.
You can machine wash the mattress pad which reduces a lot of hassle. But remember, don’t dare to iron the mattress pad. As it is made of recycled plastic, you might beat the shit out of it if you iron the pad. Unless you are treating this bad, you are good to go and the mattress pad will wait to serve you for years and then be recycled into something else.

Barbara - We can all make a difference if we choose the correct bedding that are eco-friendly and make a difference for our environment
Thank you for an honest review and experience. Please visit our sleep blog for amazing tips and special exclusive offers:

Alyssa Reid
One step ahead to save the planet!

Ordinary mattress pads are no longer a good solution to save your mattress. It might save your mattress but required a lot of materials and energy to be consumed in the process. This ultimately triggers the greenhouse effect and our atmosphere is directly affected. I was thinking of a better solution for so long.
Recently I have come to know that Down Under Bedding has these mattress pads and other bedding materials from the brand Renew and everything is made of only recycled plastic. This is the same plastic we use to throw every day. Isn’t it interesting?
They collect these plastics from landfills and oceans, turn them into thin fibers and make duvet comforters, mattress pads, and toppers, etc. Everything is so well built that no one can identify whether it is natural fiber or not. Though these are made of plastic, they give the same feeling of sleeping on a soft and comfortable fiber.
Thanks to the SmartFil technology they use in this process. The result is a soft and durable fiber that can last longer than cotton and other materials. Cotton tends to wrinkle very easily but plastic fiber holds its shape even after several washes.
All these unique ideas were integrated into this mattress pad which I bought from Down Under Bedding a few days ago. Currently, I am pulling the most out of it and it seems to satisfy my needs. As there are a variety of options when it comes to size, I could choose the right size of the mattress pad and it was a big deal.
Among all the bedding items I have bought to date, this was the best decision to save my mattress and the planet simultaneously. I recommend this mattress pad for all so that everyone steps forward right now to take part in this green world movement.