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Renew Made from Recycled Plastic Duvet Comforter | Down Under Bedding

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Size: Queen
Product Description


  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Warm and Durable
  • SmartFil Technology
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Machine Washable

The RENEW Duvet brings you all the comfort and warmth you desire but is made from synthetic polyester fibers that are derived from 100% recycled materials. All those plastic bottles in a landfill have been repurposed into this perfect comforter! A whole new level of eco-friendly, this blanket helps to clean up the planet. The ultimate way to save the Earth staying warm and cozy while you do it. Join DOWN UNDER BEDDING in going Green today! This duvet is made in China.

Recycled Polyester Cleans the Ocean and Planet

Keeping plastic out of the oceans and landfills is vital. Plastic waste is becoming one of the biggest global problems. By 2050, the oceans could contain more plastic waste than actual fish.

Recycled polyester provides a second chance at life and extended use for plastic waste that is not biodegradable that would instead end up in the ocean and landfills. The major initiative for recycled polyester isn’t to recycle plastic; instead, it is to find a way to clean up the oceans.

SmartFil Technology

This is the technology of transforming plastic into a high-performance polyester fiber. The process begins by collecting plastic bottles from landfills, washing and sterilizing them, sorting them, then separating and compressing them into bales. These bales are then chopped into small flakes, heated, extruded, cooled, and chopped up into tiny pellets. These pellets are then heated and spun to create excellent fibers that resemble soft threads.

This eco-friendly duvet is something you can genuinely feel good about using. It is a great solution to help tackle the waste that is piling up on the planet. Why not recycle and use plastic that has been thrown away and repurposed into something useful, like your bedding?

Care Instructions:

This duvet is machine washable and dryer friendly. Use cold water and set the washing cycle to ‘gentle.’ Use a mild detergent, and DO NOT bleach. Tumble dry on a ‘low heat’ setting. Do not iron.


  • Queen: 90" X 90" or 228.6 cm X 228.6 cm
  • King: 90" X 103" or 228.6 cm X 261.6 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clark Johnston
Save the planet from the comfort of your duvet!

From cold drink bottles to packaging materials, I throw a lot of plastic every day. I wasn’t aware of the danger of plastic waste ever before. Honestly, we are very dependent on plastic nowadays. It is quite difficult to stop using plastic at once until we have a better solution.
But what we can do is reduce the amount of plastic waste. I never thought to work with volunteers to collect plastic waste. Many of you might do the same. Then what can we do to save the planet? Down Under Bedding has this great opportunity to play your role in reducing plastic waste.
Before I get to the comfort and durability of this duvet comforter, let me inform you that this is completely made of recycled plastic. Yes! I was also wondering when I have first seen this duvet comforter on their website. How can plastic be used to make such a thing that we want to wrap around us while sleeping!
Here is the answer. The plastic waste collected from landfills goes under a long process to be turned into a fine fiber that is used to make this duvet comforter. Compared to cotton, this fiber is much lighter and stronger.
As a result, you will experience a durable duvet comforter that doesn’t compromise in comfort. Whatever the season is, you will always feel the warmth and coziness of this duvet comforter made of recycled plastic. This way, I am being a part of the green planet movement, from the very comfort of my duvet.
If you want to do the same, I will highly recommend this duvet comforter from Down Under Bedding. Also, I have to mention the customer service of them which gave me the ultimate satisfaction. I have never made such a good decision before.

<p>Hello Clark - Thank You for helping to save the planet. Reduce the use of plastic everywhere.

Go plastic free

I'm so excited to be using a product that's helping the environment and sustainability. There's too much plastic being used everywhere with over 95% the most items which are supposed to be recycled have not or cannot for various reasons.
I'm glad the inside is made up of recycled plastics which is been turned into polyester. Overall comforter or feels like a normal one but not very puffy. It's not expensive and the cotton cover ticking on the top feels decent but I'm not going to say it's as nice as my favourite 800 Loft goose down duvet.
Still I'm very happy with my purchase. I plan to use it more in the spring and summer when it's not so cold. I haven't tried washing it yet but I'm just happy to be making a difference. One water bottle at a time. I'm happy Down Under Bedding has new great new Innovative products.

Hello Janis - Thanks for the great review, and dangers of plastic to our environment. Down Under Bedding is pleased to introduced the launch of Renew made from a new technology that turns re-cycled plastics into polyester for textiles. Thank You for being a VIP customer.