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Blue Leaves 100% Cotton Premium Duvet/Comforter Cover Set

Size: Queen

Product Description

100% Cotton Duvet/Comforter Cover Set


  • Ultra-Soft and Comfortable

  • Excellent Breathability

  • Top Fabric: 100% Cotton

  • Bottom Fabric: 100% Cotton

  • Easily accessible zipper closure

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

  • Available in Blue leaves pattern color

  • Durable/Long-lasting

  • 100% Cotton

  • Machine Washable


  • Queen Duvet Size 88" X 90" or 223.52cm X 228.6cm.

  • Queen Pillow Shams 20" X 30" or 50.8cm X 76.2cm

  • King Size 102" X 90" or 259.08cm X 228.6cm

  • King Pillow Shams 20" X 36" or 50.8cm X 91.5cm

Enjoy the night’s sleep underneath this premium quality 100% Cotton duvet/comforter Cover Set from DOWN UNDER BEDDING. The organic cotton duvet/comforter cover set fabric is supremely soft, and the added excellent design pattern makes it so inviting to sleep under. This high-end piece offers a Top Side with a blue leaves design on a grey tone pattern woven in a Jacquard fabric. In addition, the Reverse Side is a 100% Combed Cotton twill in solid grey, and the complete set includes two Pillow Shams with matching designs and 2" flange.


Special Jacquard Fabric

This duvet/comforter set was specially crafted with the blue leaves pattern and grey color incorporated into the fabric's weave. What is created is nothing short of a stunning work of art. This traditional method of fabric weaving has long been a favorite of master crafters used to create the most beautiful bedding products. Indulge yourself in world-class grandeur and comfort by laying underneath this beautiful duvet/comforter cover for a night of enjoyable sleep.


All-Natural Fabric

This duvet/Comforter cover set is made from 100% premium cotton, which ensures a very soft feel, and the cover gets softer with more washing. Cotton has natural qualities such as being hypoallergenic and anti-irritation, which make it perfect for use by most individuals. Natural cotton fibers' high breathability and superior wicking capabilities allow you to stay cozy in bed regardless of the climate. Cotton is also solid and durable, allowing it to last for extended periods.


Quality Guarantee

Made from 100% Premium Combed Cotton woven in a Jacquard fabric. Included in the set: Two (2) Pillow Shams with matching design

NOTE: "microfiber" is simply a marketing term to avoid saying the material is 100% polyester which is very lightweight & prone to pilling after repeated washings. Always look for 100% Cotton.


Machine wash in COLD WATER on a DELICATE setting. Dry on a GENTLE CYCLE. Do NOT bleach. Remove from washer PROMPTLY. Iron on MEDIUM if needed.

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Premium Blue-Grey Combination!

One thing I always noticed my duvet covers were running short. This tendency to make some ridges here and there on the duvet was quite disturbing. Not only I felt the thing but also my husband did. He even trolled me to have curves like the duvet! How insulting!
I thought I would not buy a duvet cover again but he somehow convinced me to get a new one. I started searching for duvet covers that have enough flange and quality material with cool designs at the same time. But finding such a cover wasn’t that easy.
One of my school friends then suggested to me this cotton jacquard duvet cover with a combination of two of my favorite colors, blue and grey. This combination matches so much with my interior the bed looks an awesome place to be.
Not only it looks better than ever before but also feels better. Cotton leaves no room for pilling though we are pushing the duvet cover so hard, almost beyond its limits. But it holds the same intact shape even after washing many times. Not to forget, the machine-washable feature makes it much more convenient.
As we always fight about draping the duvet cover, he is very happy to have a duvet cover with zipper closure and does the job with pleasure. Unlike the pattern on the face, the reverse side of the cover is combed cotton twill that makes us sleep earlier and better. It’s so satisfying!
We can proudly say that we have never had a better duvet cover than this before. Special thanks to the customer service of Down Under Bedding who helped us throughout the buying process. The package was just right, and the final product is still lying on our bed.

Emily - the duvet cover set has indeed the look of 5 Star hotel. Thanks for the detailed review. We asking everyone reading to visit us at this link for special offers and reviews: