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Bellagio 850 Loft Polish Goose Down Duvet Comforter

Size: Twin

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Product Description

The Deluxe Bellagio duvet makes a point of using the most opulent materials. The down used is among the most luxurious and has been chosen and examined by independent laboratories. We utilize a majestic white goose down that has been cleaned in Germany and is from Europe, adhering to the Down Pass standards (certified without cruelty).

The Deluxe Bianca's duvet has the most significant fill power factors available, is comfort-conscious, and always strives for perfection. Buy yourself the plushest duvet possible to make every night a spectacular experience.

NEW - In our collection, one of the most outstanding manufacturers in the world, based in Germany, makes the duvet shell from 100% cotton 500 threads finished satin, ensuring its softness, lightness, and exceptional breathability. The Deluxe Bellagio duvet results from extensive research and high-tech design, and most of its shell structures are created using a wall tile procedure. The air automatically circulates and provides unmatched calm. Each shell has four magnifiers in the corners, allowing you to hang the bedding without worrying about shifting the duvet cover. The tiles' "invisible" seams, sewn from the inside, ensure a premium and long-lasting finish. Finally, satin-finished braided piping surrounds the entire down to perfect the beauty of the duvet lightweight, soft, smooth, and breathable product. 

​Carefully packed in a durable and breathable cotton bag.


 Twin:66''x 90" - 29 oz Fill Weight

◆ Queen:88''x 92'' - 40 oz FillWeight

◆ X Queen:94''x 98'' - 48 oz Fill Weight

◆ King:106''x 92'' - 48 oz Fill Weight

◆ X King:112''x 98'' - 56 oz FillWeight


◆ European White Goose Down (850+ Fill power)

◆ Hypoallergenic

◆ 100% Sateen Cotton 500 Threads

◆ Baffle Box construction

◆ 220 gr/m2 

 Thickness 6"


Ideal for:

  People looking for softness
◆  Give your bed a super luxurious look with a very inflated down
◆  Enjoy the same down in both summer and winter
◆  Feels like sleeping in a cloud


◆ Down Pass: Traceability of materials, laboratory-controlled stuffing, and animal cruelty-free.
◆  Oeko-Tex: Hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested, toxic material-free, and safe for consumer

Care instructions

Focus on cleaning the stain rather than washing your entire bedding

Learn how to take care of your down duvet in our article here.

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