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All Around Natural Silk Pillow

Size: Standard

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Lily Lee
Nice qiality

Quality good but find it too overfilled - be good if can remove a little filling

Hello Lily - Thank You for your real life review.
We glad you pointed out the thick gusset which will tend to flatten out over time, as these are one of our best selling pillows for back sleepers.
Can you do us a favor please? Can you give us a Google review.
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Alli Meere
Wow, what a great pillow.

I used to wake up 5 or more times in the night because I’m a hot sleeper. I also woke up with a sore neck. My neck pain is gone and I only wake up in the night every now and then!! Yay!

Thanks Alli for your valuable feedback
It's great that you choose our All Around Natural Silk Pillow because it's perfect for hot sleeper.

Silk and cotton naturally draw moisture away, control humidity and are both very breathable. Together they are able to regulate body temperature by ventilating and decreasing the heat around your neck and shoulders. They are both eco-friendly materials. Silk naturally has thermal regulation, so not only does it ventilate, it also cools down if the sleeping environment becomes too hot but then warms up as soon as the environment becomes too cold.

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Joan Patricia Parris

Just love my new pillows, no more neck pain in the morning and no more feathers flying around I should of done it years ago!

Hello Joan - We appreciate your honest review. Everybody sleeps differently and is unique. We encourage all customers to contact us directly for more detailed questions or concerns to find your comfort zone .Please check out our our Sleep Blog.
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484 or 905 624 5854

Luz Munoz
amazing pillow

The pillow has good quality materials it is good and confi, I like my silk pillow

Hello Luz - Thank you for an honest review and being a VIP customer as many people tend to sleep hot.. Please visit our sleep blog for amazing tips and special exclusive offers as everyone does indeed sleep differently.
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484

Nina Spitsyna

All Around Natural Silk Pillow

Hello Nina - Thanks for the honest review. Everyone sleeps differently. Silk bedding like pillows, duvets, are gaining in popularity as people come to realize the health benefits of Mulberry Silk. We ask everyone reading this review to please visit us at this link below for special offers and discounts: