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Proguard Terry Cotton Waterproof 1PC Pillow Protector Cover

Size: Standard

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Product Description

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Terry Protection

  • Made in China

  • Bed Bug and Dust Mite Protection

  • Breathable and Waterproof Protection

  • Anti-Microbial Protection

  • 1 Piece Pillow Protector

  • Protective Zipper Closure

  • Extends Pillow Life

Zipper Closure

This pillow cover features a protective zipper closure to ensure your pillow stays trapped safely inside but is also easily removable for machine washing. This helps protect your enclosed pillow against pilling or fraying due to friction with your head during sleep. This easy-to-use zipper closure fully protects your pillow and ensures it lasts for a longer period.

Proguard Terry Cotton 1 Piece Pillow Protector

Down Under Bedding introduces the ProGuard Terry Pillow Protector, expertly designed for supreme comfort, hygiene, and the ultimate protection of your pillow. Fully protect your pillow while you sleep using this pillow cover made from natural cotton and uses advanced technology to keep your pillow safe from stains, allergens, and other bacteria. Made in China

Premium Terry Protection

This pillow cover features premium terry protection, ensuring that your pillow is protected from dust mites, bed bugs, and pet allergens. This pillow protector fabric inhibits mold, mildew, and bacteria spread. This terry protection allows you to sleep peacefully at night allergy-free and prevents stuffy nose or skin irritation.

Advanced Technology

This pillow protector is made using a particular soft plastic-free fabric to be breathable and waterproof. An integrated moisture barrier enhances the fabric's performance by keeping liquids on the surface. The advanced technology in the protector, such as the safety sheet membrane, works to fight stains, and easy spot cleanability extends the lifespan of your pillow. This protector also features anti-microbial protection that protects your pillow against odors.

Pillow Protector Dimensions:

  • Standard Size: 20" X 26" or 50.8 cm X 66 cm
  • Queen Size: 20" X 30" or 50.8 cm X 76.2 cm
  • King Size: 20" X 36" or 50.8 cm X 91.4 cm

In the Box:

1xProguard Pillow Protector

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Patricia N

After many years and many purchases, I finally found the best waterproof
Pillow Protectors at a reasonable price also. Will recommend to family and friends without hesitation

Hello Patricia thank you for being a loyal long-time customer for so many years. This pillow protector is really interesting and different. We ask you if you're interested in becoming a VIP Brand Ambassador for us and sending us some pictures or videos we would like to return the favour by sending you special discounts and samples throughout the year

Simon Cole
Safeguard your pillow!

I sweat a lot during summer, so two of the closest things to mine, my bed and pillow get dirty quickly and gradually build up a stain that isn’t removable. It degrades the look of the pillow as well as makes it unhygienic which I don’t like at all.
To be safe from these happenings, I decided to buy this cotton pillow protector from Down Under Bedding. I loved the texture of the protector at the first sight. The terry cotton protector comes in three different sizes to fit any of your pillows.
Fitting this on your pillow is quite easy, so is the removal. Use the zipper closure to put on or remove the cover. This enclosure gives your pillows protection from any unwanted humidity from building up, hence resisting the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, etc.
Coming to comfort, the terry cotton protector enhances the comfort level of whatever pillow you are using currently. Due to the waterproof characteristics, you don’t have to worry about your pillow absorbing excess moisture from the outside and becoming damp over time.
This advanced enclosure also ensures your pillow isn’t the home of bed bugs, dust mites, or allergens. It also has anti-microbial protection to keep unwanted odors away even after long usage. But I suggest you hang your pillow with the protection on the outside to get rid of any excess moisture or dampness or odor.
With all these benefits, shouldn’t you spend a few more money on something that protects such a delicate thing for your sleep? If so, sit back and relax, take a moment to consider the facts above, and give your pillow a treat with this protector.

Hello Simon - We appreciate your honest review. Everybody sleeps differently and is unique. I also use the same exact protector as this encases the whole pillow.
We encourage all customers to contact us directly for more detailed questions or concerns to find your comfort zone .Please check out our our Sleep Blog.
https://downunderbedding.com/blogs/news or call us Toll Free 1 888 624 6484 or 905 624 5854