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Why the price of Down is up?

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Customers keep asking us why the prices of  Down & Feather duvets & pillows have been increasing so dramatically in the last few years? 

There are a variety of factors effecting the increasing demand for Down and the lower limited supply over the last 10 years. These factors include increasing local demand in China which produces over 80% of the world's down and feather supply.

Down Under Bedding for over 40 years which a global leader in hand crafted locally Made & Filled in Canada goose down & feather duvet comforters and pillows. Down Under Bedding has been able to maintain low prices due to the high volume of products we sell but we have not been immune to market place and been forced to raise prices.

In addition to keep bedding affordable Down Under Bedding has been sourcing many alternative bedding types of products such as Australian Wool and 100% Mulberry Silk filled duvet and comforters and lower price points.

Moverover Down Under Bedding has been testing  down & feather Blends like a 20%/80% mix instead of 100% down with great results. If your in the market for a all duck or goose down duvet or pillow we got you covered with Hutterite Goose Down and 850 Loft Fill 

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Here is a tip:

Down Alternative or Goose Down Alternative is a simply a marketing term for inexpensive 100% polyester fill inside.