Review: Top Best Selling Duvet Comforters on Amazon

Most people argue that a good night’s sleep is determined by the quality of your mattress. Others may say it has to do with the number of hours you sleep in a night. Or perhaps you think it depends on a well-balanced diet. But let’s not overlook the fact that the quality of your duvet could also make a huge difference!! What you cover yourself with really does impact the quality of sleep you get. Bet you never thought of that!

A quality comforter/duvet can not only improve your sleep but also assist in giving your bedroom a more luxurious look. No more drabby blankets. Get yourself the premium comfort you deserve with the best- selling duvets out there! You should be looking for a duvet that is durable, soft, and warm. There are plenty of fillings and shells to choose from! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle into their cozy duvet in bed after a long day while binging Netflix? Ahh! Best way to relax in my opinion! Almost as good as a freshly decorated Spruce tree in my living room on Christmas Day! Imagine cuddling up with your duvet then?! Don’t forget the hot cocoa! With marshmallows, please!

But perhaps coziness is not the only thing on your mind. There are plenty of other factors that you may consider when deciding which duvet is perfect for you! Maybe your child suffers from allergies and you are looking for a filling that is hypoallergenic, or maybe you want to make a purchase that is eco-friendly and completely matches your very natural and organic lifestyle. Also depending on where you live, you may need something that is extra warm or more lightweight! Who knew looking for the best duvet would be this complicated?! But don’t fret, this article is the perfect guide that will surely lead you to your perfect comforter. Let me welcome you to Dreamland, the country of sleep! You can thank me later.


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“Today has been cancelled, go back to bed.” - Sixtrees


Best Top Selling Duvet and Duvet covers Wool Bamboo Down Mulberry Silk

What qualifies as a ‘good’ duvet...

The first thing you want to consider when shopping for your duvet is the thread count of the outer shell. Most duvets come with a cotton shell, but what gives you an idea of the actual softness is the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the outer shell will feel. What is a thread count you ask? Good question! The thread count reflects how many pieces of thread are contained within 1 square inch of fabric. So that means that with a higher thread count you also get the higher quality that lasts longer. A higher thread count also results in a shell that does a better job in protecting the down filling. 

The next thing you want to consider is what your duvet is actually filled with. The most popular duvet filling is down or feathers. While feathers are less expensive than pure down, they do not insulate as well. The next most popular filling is cotton, which is great for warmer climates, but is not as warm as down when sleeping in colder countries. There is also wool filling, which is a great alternative to down. Bamboo and silk are two very popular materials that are now being used as filling for duvets as well. Remember to look for things like “100%”, “Pure”, “All-Natural” and “Organic” when shopping for duvets to ensure you are being promised the best quality.

You may have noticed the term ‘fill power’ or ‘loft rating’ when shopping for duvets. But what does this mean? Well both terms basically mean the measurement of fluffliness or the fill level of your duvet. It measures how much space one ounce of down occupies in your duvet. In other words it gives you an idea of how stuffed your duvet is! And remember the general rule is, the fluffier the better! The more fill a duvet has, the higher quality it tends to be and the better insulation it provides. Here’s a general guide you can follow while shopping:


  • 400 or below = Lightweight, better for summer use or hot sleepers
  • 400 to 600 = All season, can be used year-round
  • 600 to 800 = For cooler weather, or if you get cold easily when sleeping
  • 800 + = For extremely cold weather or when you require extra warmth


Now do not confuse ‘fill power’ with ‘fill weight’, another term I am sure you have been seeing while on the hunt for the perfect duvet. The difference is that ‘fill weight’ actually represents the total weight of filling within your duvet, generally expressed in ounces. So this is the overall weight of your duvet basically. The real trick to finding the perfect duvet is getting the right balance of ‘fill power’ or the fluffiness versus the right balance of ‘fill weight’ a.k.a the overall weight of the down in your duvet. You need to find that happy medium where you are perfectly tempered, not too hot and not too cold!

Another thing you want to consider when shopping for your duvet is the actual construction. This is important because however your duvet is constructed reflects how your filling will stay in place and how everything will hold together over time. Here are the different types of duvet constructions you will see and what they mean:

  • Baffled Box: This type of construction is typically the warmest and is used on the highest quality duvets. How it works is there are small pieces of fabric holding the filling in place within each compartment of the duvet. These duvets typically have a ‘checkerboard’ like pattern. This construction allows for maximum loft or ‘fill power’. The fluffiest ever!
  • Quilt Stitching: These duvets have a similar checkerboard pattern as seen with the baffled box, but here there are no extra pieces of fabric reinforced to help secure the filling. You will pay less with this kind of duvet construction which is completely suitable for those duvets with a lower loft or ‘fill power’. 
  • Channel: Duvets constructed like this will only have seams going parallel along the duvet. This creates a more linear pattern, with long channels, instead of a checkerboard pattern. This type of construction holds the filling in place relatively well but allows for some shifting.
  • Gusset: This kind of duvet has an extra layer of fabric built into it, while also featuring baffled box construction as well. This gives your duvet the ultimate height and allows for more loft or fill power. You will pay the most for this kind of construction, but it does offer the most insulation. 


Our Top Ranking Duvets 

Our top duvets available on Amazon are made from a variety of materials. Whatever kind of sleeper you are or whatever material you may prefer, Down Under has it for you! You may find our products more readily available on the Canadian Amazon marketplace, but we are working hard to get our US marketplace just as accessible, so stay tuned!! All the top ranking duvets are available on both the US and Canadian Amazon websites so you are in luck! Read on to find out more about our top duvets as well as direct links to where you can find them! We also provide some direct links to our review pages! People love us! See for yourself! 


Down Under has two top-down duvets, the Jasper Hutterite Duvet and White Down Hungarian Duvet. The cleaning and processing of the down for both of these duvets are done according to the standards put in place by the Down Association of Canada.


Best Down Duvet 2020

Jasper Hutterite Duvet:

Let’s begin with the Jasper Hutterite Duvet. This is our most premium duvet and has even been ranked #1 by reviewer Ezvid Wiki in ‘2020s Nine Best Goose Down Comforters’. You can read all about this achievement here. This duvet is filled in Canada with 850 loft goose down, which is the highest rating you can get on the market! The outside shell is made with 100% cotton with a thread count of 500. Seriously the softest thing I think I have ever touched! It’ll blow your mind. The only thing you will want to do is wrap yourself right in it! Have the quality bedding of a 5-star resort right in your bedroom! 

With it’s 850 loft down fill, it has the best insulation without being heavy! You know the term light as a feather? This duvet certainly is! The advanced baffled box design not only holds the down in place, but also gives a nice even thickness throughout the whole duvet. It is so fluffy! You don’t need a heavy comforter to keep warm. The fluffier the better - because a fluffy duvet has more air pockets to trap heat. All the warmth without the weight, and made with THE most premium materials. True bliss! Buy yours now on Amazon Canada or US!

Promising review: “Excellent duvet. Very light but provides a lot of warmth without getting too warm. The squared baffles are also very effective in keeping the down in place. And it's great to support a Canadian product.” - Kim W.



Pure Goose Down Duvet Canada Walmart


White Down Duvet:

Another popular choice is the White Down Hungarian Duvet. It is another one of Down Under’s most luxurious comforters. It offers soft, fluffy, and gentle comfort. This duvet is filled in Canada with 550 lofts white duck down, and the outer shell is made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 289. Unbelievably soft to the touch! 

The duvet comes with corner loops in order to easily tie your duvet cover into position. The use of baffled box construction ensures that the filling stays in place and remains fluffy and evenly distributed. This duvet provides you with all-season comfort. It regulates temperature well and is weighted perfectly. Get yours on Amazon Canada or the US. Don’t forget to check out the reviews! 


Another Satisfied Customer: “We love our duvet and my husband and I are always joking about buying more so we can have one in every room. We look forward to sleeping with our new duvet because it is so toasty warm and light. We would give it a 10 out of 10!!!!” - Leonard Lipp


Silk Duvet reviews best selling on Amazon Mulberry Silk Comforter

Light Weight Silk Duvet:

Next up is the duvet that is even LIGHTER than our down comforters. That’s right! Lighter than a feather! Introducing the Lightweight Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet. Say you aren’t the biggest fan of down but still are looking for a superbly lightweight duvet. Well, this one's for you. The filling is made from long strand Mulberry silk threads, which are hypoallergenic. Always a huge bonus! It’s completely washable too! 


Silk gives you warmth in the winter but also provides a much lighter and cooler experience in the summer. This makes the duvet perfect for all-season comfort. The shell is also quite soft, made from 300 thread count 100% combed cotton. You can find this ultra-light duvet on the Amazon Canada or US page! Check out what the people are saying about their silk duvet here!


Promising Review: I have been waking up mornings soaking wet and sweaty. I accepted it that was just going to be my new normal. Read about silk and saw one in Costco. I wreaked our old comforter needed to buy a new one and decided to take a leap and try one. I absolutely LOVE it. It has helped so much that I no longer wake up sweaty, it is just comfortable. Thank you! - Brenda Driessen-Criss


Wool Filled Duvet Down Under Australian Review

Wool Duvet:

Last but certainly not least is the Australian Wool Washable Duvet. That’s right! Washable! It’s right in the title and everything so you know it’s safe! This another eco-friendly option if you are someone who doesn’t mind animal products. No fluffy sheep are harmed in the making of this duvet! It is completely cruelty-free! Promise! The sheep get a haircut twice a year and this hair is processed into wool fibers, to create the filing of this amazingly versatile duvet. It is completely natural and chemical-free! 

The shell is made from 100% cotton which makes this blanket very breathable. A cool fact about wool is that it has thermo-regulation, which means it is able to adjust the temperature accordingly inside the blanket based on the surrounding temperatures. It gets warmer in the winter and cools down in the summer! The definition of all-season comfort. Better yet, wool is also hypoallergenic, dust resistant, and fire resistant! What can this duvet not do?! Buy one for yourself! Available on the Canadian and the US marketplace!

Happy customers make us happy: I have had a wool duvet for the last 10 years and loved it. My Husband suffers from asthma, hayfever and eczema so have always avoided down filled duvets. Having recently moved from Australia to the US, I thought woollen duvets would be popular in store like they are back home in Oz. Alas they are not and after much hunting on the Internet I came across this duvet. Wow, we definitely were not disappointed in the quality of this product. It is warm without becoming too over heated. It is nice and lofty as well so gives that luxury look and feel. I know that the concept of a woollen duvet may seem a little odd to some, but I would highly recommend giving it a go as you will not be disappointed. - Melissa Z



Bamboo Bedding Duvet Canada

Natural Bamboo Duvet:

Now introducing to you our completely plant-based duvet! Bamboo to the rescue. This self regenerating plant is ultra strong and completely unharming to the environment. What a perfect material to turn into a fabric! The shell of the duvet is made from 100% bamboo viscose, which is said to be twice as soft as cotton! Inside, the filling is made from long strand natural bamboo fibres. 

Not only is bamboo a very strong and outlasting fabric, but it also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. This makes it one of the healthiest blankets on the market! And so eco-friendly! A duvet that is perfect for those who have bad allergies or are prone to getting sick and for those living a very natural and organic lifestyle. The blanket will also keep you warm in the winter but is lightweight enough to still use in the summer. Get your planet-saving bamboo duvet on Amazon!

Promising Review: I sleep very warm as such I don't like chemicals in materials on me while I sleep, this bamboo duvet breathes nicely in the warmer days now and worked great in the winter. It is a bit of a kick in the wallet compared to what some people may want to pay but it's worth it in my opinion 5/5 - Jared


Best duvets on Amazon for hot sleepers environmentally friendly warn down


A comparison to other top duvets on Amazon

Buffy Comforter

This blanket is an interesting twist on eco-friendly. It can be compared to the Down Under bamboo duvet in that it comes from plant-based and recycled materials. Instead of bamboo, this comforter has a eucalyptus fiber shell, which like bamboo is said to be softer than cotton. It is filled with 100% recycled materials. The company states that each duvet keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills. It also mentions that eucalyptus has hypoallergenic properties much like bamboo. 


Though both choices are very eco-friendly, with the Buffy Comforter, though the inner material is recycled, it is still synthetic. This means it will not last as long as some natural fibers can and the quality would diminish a bit faster over time with synthetic materials. This is why the bamboo option from Down Under is a great alternative, it is still 100% eco-friendly, made completely from plant-based materials, but is also completely natural and organic!


Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Siberian Goose Down Comforter

This duvet is comparable to our down duvets, in price and quality. This blanket has a goose down filling and a 100% Egyptian cotton shell. It features a 750-loft rating, which is a bit better than the Down Under Hungarian Duvet but is no match for the Jasper Hutterite Down Duvet. Even though both comforters are made with a goose down filling, Down Under has a slight edge, with its hire loft rating. This means better overall down placement with better thermal properties. 


Gray Eagle Bedding Co. All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

So what is down alternative? It’s basically a microfibre or another synthetic material that feels and acts very similar to real down. Say you want the feeling of down but not the actual animal product. Maybe you are allergic to down and feathers. Down alternatives can mimic the feel of a down duvet that you are looking for. 


This duvet comes with a microfibre shell, which is said to be very soft but does not beat the softness and quality of cotton or bamboo. This duvet is a bit pricey for a synthetic alternative. If you are looking for an alternative to down, Down Under has options that give you more bang for your buck and are actually made out of natural fibers, like our bamboo duvet!


Natural Home Australian Sheep Wool Duvet

This seems to be a popular choice when it comes to wool fill duvets. Again very similar in quality and materials as with the Down Under Wool Duvet, featuring an Australian Wool filling with a 100% cotton outer shell. They do seem to be at par in regard to price range as well, however upon looking through Amazon, this brand seems to have limited supply and sizes, which gives Down Under an advantage. 


They do claim to be eco-friendly but are not 100% clear on the cruelty-free procedures, which of course cannot give you the assurance you are looking for while shopping online. Be sure to confirm that the processes used for the collection of wool are always humane.


LilySilk 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet

This duvet seems pretty similar on paper to Down Under’s Silk Duvet. It also has a 100% cotton shell with a long-strand mulberry silk filling, but one big advantage to the Down Under Silk Duvet is that it comes in at a lower price range. When shopping for a silk duvet, the things you are typically focusing on are if they are lightweight, long-lasting, breathable, give you all-season comfort, and are chemical-free. You also want to be sure that the duvet is soft! 


The Amazon page for the LilySilk duvet is not clear as to what thread count the outer shell is, but you can feel confident and know what level of softness to expect with Down Under’s 300 thread count cotton shell! You do get all the same features in both duvets but spend just a little bit less with Down Under! Bring on the savings!


Linenspa Lightweight All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Here we have another down alternative that is also super lightweight. This duvet is made from primarily synthetic materials but comes at a much more affordable price. If you are not looking to spend too much, then you may like a choice like this but there are significant drawbacks in quality when you do decide to go for something at a lower price range. There is always a compromise. 


Though this blanket initially does it’s job, eventually, over time these synthetic fibers wear and tear, decreasing the effectiveness of the duvet. This would likely happen much more quickly with synthetic fibers than with natural fibers. You would likely need to buy a new blanket much sooner when paying less as compared to spending a bit more, and the blanket lasting a lot longer. It definitely pays off! With our bamboo and wool duvets, you get natural fibers that are eco-friendly but last much much longer than synthetic fibers. 


Don’t forget your duvet cover!

Down Under has some beautiful choices of duvet covers to accompany your new duvet. This helps to keep your bedding looking new and keeps everything clean. Duvet covers are easier to care for and are washable, so you don’t have to stress about getting your pearly white duvet dirty. There are multiple pages of duvet covers to scroll through on our website! All the options just for you. Check them out here, what are you waiting for! Your next favorite duvet cover is a click away.


Why buy a duvet cover with us instead of somewhere else? Well… First off, when buying your new duvet from Down Under, why not just throw in a set of sheets too! It makes it that much easier as you can get it all in one place, in one cart, in one purchase! Our duvet covers come in all sorts of fabrics and price ranges as well so they can suit anyone’s style at any budget.