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Down Duvets and Comforters, You'll love in 2022 – Down Under Bedding

Down Under Bedding and Mattresses, Jasper Hutterite Duvet was ranked No 1 by Ezvid Wiki in the 2020s Nine Best Goose Down Comforters 


Down Under Bedding and Mattresses, Jasper Hutterite Duvet was ranked No 1 by Ezvid Wiki in 2020's Nine Best Goose Down Comforters


We are excited to announce that our Down Under Jasper Hutterite Duvet Comforter was recently ranked No. 1 for top-selling products in Ezvid Wiki’s list of the nine best Goose Down Comforters for 2022.

The team of developers, writers, artists, and designers at Ezvid Wiki spent twenty-five hours of research, to compile the best goose Down duvets in 2020 for you. They are the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, providing useful, unbiased information to masses of people around the world. Our top-selling Jasper duvet was featured in their video Wiki guide. Newly published, in their bedding category, is a broad-ranging and comprehensive look at goose down comforter options available to consumers in the United States. Check us out on Ezvid’s wiki page here: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-goose-down-comforters 

Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world's first video wiki and is now among the top 3,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers, 325 million views since founding, and informed over $250 million in purchasing decisions to date.

Now you can imagine how excited we were when we first got the news!!


Down Under Best selling duvet 2020


Our President, Tony Sagar stated “At Down Under Bedding and Mattress we understand that everyone sleeps differently and that is why our Down Under Jasper Hutterite was designed in Canada with extensive research and use of high-quality products. We want our customers to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night and wanted to come up with a product that has all-in-one features. Our goose down duvet is super light-weight, hypoallergenic, has a cotton cover with thread count of 500, and also includes corner ties insert.”

He also added that “we are very appreciative of Ezvid Wiki's selection of the best Goose Down Duvet Comforters of 2020 and hope to provide you with the ultimate comfort of a good night’s sleep with our all-in-one Jasper duvet.”


Ezvid wiki’s page has been updated over 16 times since being first published in 2016, and after careful consideration of the best down insulates to keep you warm during cold winter months; they choose our Jasper Down Under Jasper Hutterite Duvet Comforter to top the list. Their thorough search for the warmest down comforter includes looking at hypoallergenic, high-quality, thread counts and weight options for you to get a good peaceful sleep throughout the night.

 So, what makes our duvet so special:

Down Under Bedding’s Jasper Hutterite duvet is proudly handcrafted in a traditional artisanal style, which extensive research to meet all your needs. Our best-selling duvet is a product of over 40 years of experience and customer gratification approval. After all, it is certified and tested by the Down Association of Canada. Yes, Canada…. I know you might be thinking about a cold country with a lot of snow! If we can be satisfied with this wonderful product in our harsh winter weather, then nothing like it!!

Our Jasper duvet comforter is filled in Canada to the high standards of the Down Association of Canada with 850 loft Hutterite white goose down. Making it one of the softest, most luxurious down clusters in the world. This down duvet is 100% hypoallergenic, allowing most people to use it. Proudly filled in Canada with the world-famous Hutterite white goose down, each ounce of down has nearly 2 million filaments that interlock and overlap to form a soft cushion. The Jasper is filled with large down plumes from fully grown geese to ensure superior softness loft & breathability. Our Jasper duvet can be used for all four seasons if you feel comfortable to do so. As it provides exceptional insulation even during winter months while continuing to be lightweight.

 This duvet comes certified with Yellow tag to ensure the finest quality of goose down in your comforter/duvet. Items marked with this yellow tag certify that they contain Canadian White Goose Down, from Mature Geese that were raised by the Feather Industries in Western Canada. Their Down and Feather products are lab tested and come with the top-quality assurance that matches with the international quality standards for Down products.

Our products are made with 100% goose down feather blends to ensure proper insulation throughout. Goose down is different from duck down as they have higher filling power as compared to duck down with the same percentage of fill ability.    

The outer layer of the duvet is made with 100% cotton to ensure softness and smoothness throughout the night. As it goes to thread count, this outer cotton layer is made with thread count of 500. The use of natural materials makes it perfect for people with allergies. We want you to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night!


Sleep like a baby Down Under Duvet Comforter


Hypoallergenic duvets are best for those susceptible to allergies, these duvets come with a natural ability to protect you from dust mites, some germs, and mold. Even though they look and feel just like any other traditional duvet, they serve a greater purpose of protecting those prone to allergies. They may be built a little differently from the inside; which is why the type of fill is important in this case. Keep in mind, the washing instructions might be different for this duvet than your regular duvet. Scroll down to check those!!  

This Jasper down duvet is 100% hypoallergenic, allowing most people to use it. Being an 850 loft makes the Jasper the highest rated down duvet in the market. Loft rating is similar to thread count; the higher the number, the better the quality. Kindly note that goose down products that are made offshore are not cleaned and sanitized to Canadian standards, and thus potentially result in sleeping with more dust mites’ allergens & toxins.


Did we mention!! Our Jasper Hutterite Goose Down Blanket comes with built-in corner ties. No more hassle of tossing and turning to keep your duvet in the cover at night. Normally, when people buy duvet cover, they simply look for subtle designs or fancy motifs, unless they acquire the problem of their duvet shifting from the comforter. This issue is more familiar to people living in cold areas because they use comforters more often, obviously. But let us get back to the point…… The corner ties act as an inside button to hold the duvet/comforter in place by attaching with it in the four corners. As you might have noticed, the quilt can slide around inside the duvet cover, and occasionally, it gets bunched up on one end of the cover. Thanks to corner ties, you can easily tie the corners of your quilt to those of your duvet/ comforter.


Down Under Bedding’s Jasper Hutterite duvet is exclusively available to customers in Canada and the USA.


This eco-conscious down duvet comforter doubles as a gift of comfort. Now that is worth sharing!! The Jasper duvet is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Why not check it out here. Give it as a present for special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, and also birthdays.

Down Under Bedding customer review


Who are we:

Down Under Bedding and Mattress has been in business for almost 40 years. We were born in 1989 with a goal of enhancing the lives of people with unique natural organic sleep products. Today, our small family business has grown into being the leader in alternative bedding products. We pride ourselves on our thoughtful selection of all-natural, organic, and locally sourced bedding products because we understand that everybody sleeps differently.

Down Under carries a wide variety of all-natural and organic bedding products, all under one roof. We strongly believe in improving the environment through the use of our environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. We proudly support the Canadian economy through our vast selection of 100% Canadian made products, such as our collection of duvets made by the world-renowned Hutterite community of Western Canada. Down Under has always believed in providing high-quality bedding products, but we recognize that high-quality doesn’t have to mean high prices. Have a look at some of our best-selling products here.





Luxuriously soft duvet for a good night's sleep



How to take care of your down duvet?

The nature of stuffing inside the duvet determines whether you can wash it or not. It is always recommended checking the label for care instructions for your bedding items.  We understand that you may not wash your down duvet as often because of its bulkiness. And we suggest you regularly wash your duvet cover for best longer protection against dust mites and germs to your duvet/ comforter. We recommend washing it more than one to two times a year. When it comes to cleaning your down duvet, you have two options; dry- cleaning and machine wash. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that get absorbed in your down fibers, such as carcinogen; which tends to stay in your down feathers for a while and leaves a residue which you may breathe-, not a healthy arrangement. We would propose you use a laundromat instead of home laundry, this is because of its size. Laundromats are usually three times the size of a household machine and provide the duvet/ comforter with ample space to move during the wash cycle.  

Tip: hypoallergenic duvets/ comforters may be machine washed on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.

When washing a down comforter at home, keep in mind the following:

  • Check the water temperature- for a down duvet, we recommend washing it in cold water as it helps prevent shrinking.
  • Use gentle liquid detergent for both down and wool duvets/ comforters.
  • We would recommend you to NOT use fabric softeners or any heavy-duty detergents for your down comforter
  • Wash you down on a gentle/ delicate cycle

When using the dryer: try to remove the duvet every 30 minutes or so and shake it up the long side (this would help prevent fluffs and clumps to cluster on one side). Keep repeating the process until your down duvet is completely dry. Avoid direct sunlight if you plan to dry it outside. It is advisable to let it in the air for a while but do not dry under the sun, and never use line drying due to the risk of dampness and clumps from forming.  Always let it cool for a while after taking it out of the dryer and putting a cover on!


Do have a look at our blog on how to wash duvet cover!  


Down Under Bedding and Mattress recognizes the need for a bedding item that meets all your needs; it is eco-logical and also long-lasting. We are dedicated to supporting our customers with unique natural artisanal bedding items. And stand by our motto: Everybody sleeps differently.



We are here if you require us; to answer all your questions.

Reach out to us at: 1-888-624-6484 

Local: 905 624 5854

10 am -6 pm Eastern Standard Time 


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